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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by Daphna, Sep 23, 2012.

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    She never listens to good advice. Trust me, I've known her longer than all of you.
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    Just curious if the PreChamp and Champ standard event interlaced last year? If not, how long was the break in between? Thanks!
  5. scotttocs

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    They did not, and the scheduled break in-between was an hour.

    MOS and Pre-Champ standard did interleave last year - was simply how the schedule worked out to fit everything in based on how people registered with required costume changes. {NY USA Dance has removed this page from their server and left no forwarding address}
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  6. Daphna

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    Latest updates on the MAC:
    While there wil be a practice floor at the comp, if people are interested Stepping Out Studios at 37 W 26 St. will be providing reduced floor fees for those people with registration vouchers which can be picked up at the hotel. The fees are:
    $9 for Latin

    $16 for Ballroom
    $99 unlimited practice.
    Those discounted prices apply for non-prime time: M-F 10 - 6:30pm, Sat: 10 - 1pm, Sun: 11 - 1pm.

    Even though the deadline for reserving a hotel room has passed, and the hotel has released any remaining rooms back into their pool, if you call the hotel and say you are with USA Dance, the hotel will still honor our great rate of $145/day subject to room availability. This rate will last until Jan. 7, and since this is a 3 day holiday weekend and I suspect the rooms will go quickly, please do not delay in getting your rooms.

    Finally, don't forget, the deadline for registration is this coming Mon. Jan 31. Before the New Year celebrations befuddle your mind, register for the MAC.
  7. Daphna

    Daphna Well-Known Member

    Opps, just noticed that the MAC registration deadline listed
    Opps, just noticed that the MAC registration deadline listed above says Jan. 31, and while that would be nice you'd actually be registering for MAC 2014. The deadline is Dec. 31, 2012. Also for the hotel our code is NYC please use that code when asking about hotel rooms. See you all soon.
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    Daphna: Regarding the Stepping Out Studio floor fee reduced rates, are they offered just during the week of the MAC or are they valid starting now? Thanks!
  9. Bailamosdance

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    These rates are on their website as they have been for at least a month now, so I am sure they are in effect now. as they are being advertised on their site for the general public.
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  10. scotttocs

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    In the aftermath of Sandy, we understand that a number of people have suffered horrible losses. Sandy also contributed to our delay in getting things together for the MAC.
    In order to help those kids who haven't been able practice, we will be adding Mixed-Proficiency Junior events to the MAC for the first time in a number of years so that they will still be able to enjoy the competition. (The judged competitor in Mixed Proficiency still cannot have any regular Amateur entries in the MAC)
    We will also be extending the registration deadline until January 6th.
  11. Mandicraft

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    Please note that if you are having any issues renewing or signing up for your USA Dance Membership (I know we are a little behind in approving them), you do NOT need to have your membership all set up or renewed to register for the MAC, you just need to make sure that it's all take care of before you come to compete that weekend. So if you're waiting to register because of your membership, no need to wait!
  12. dlliba10

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    We are also still looking for volunteers, so if you have four hours to spare and would like a free ticket for yourself or a friend/family member to any session of your choice, please email us at!
  13. Daphna

    Daphna Well-Known Member

    Hope that everyone is having or will be having a great New Years. Don't forget to register for the MAC before going out to party and dance. Have a great dancing 2013. See you at the MAC.
  14. Daphna

    Daphna Well-Known Member

    Remember the deadline to register for the MAC has been extended to Jan. 6. Don't delay, there won't be another extension :)
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  15. Mandicraft

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    If anyone is looking to get their hair and makeup is the information for our vendor at the MAC!
    Boyko & Co.
    Tel: 917-300-8084
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  16. scotttocs

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    I've got some TBA registrations for MAC that we've got to clean up before building the schedule next week.

    I can't hand out names - but if you were one of the ones looking, here might not be a bad place to look.

    And if you were still thinking about dancing ... there is still time to register and get on the floor!
  17. Daphna

    Daphna Well-Known Member

    Don't forget the last day of the extended registration is Sunday Jan. 6 and the last day to reserve a room (subject to availability) at our reduced rate is Mon. Jan. 7. Don't delay, do it now. There will be door-to-door shuttle service at the very cheap price of $5.00/person/ride, there will be vendors, there will be judges, there will be music and dancing all of which means that a great comp is almost upon us. Also, the VIP seats are almost all gone. Get them now and enjoy food and drink that is Zagat rated.
  18. The Newt

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    I have a somewhat off topic question about the MAC or perhaps about USA Dance in general. My partner and I are going to be competing in newcomer and bronze standard at MAC and our routine consists of full bronze patterns. Will we have a problem using a full bronze routine in newcomer? We would rather not be disqualified or placed last due to breaking the syllabus rules but have been unable to find a definite answer to our question in the USA Dance rulebook.
  19. dlliba10

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    Probably depends on what you mean by "full bronze." The USAD Rulebook has a syllabus at the end that specifies which moves are and are not allowed in Pre-Bronze/Newcomer. In Latin Cha, for example, that includes Fans, Hockey Sticks, Natural Tops, etc. If it's not listed under the Pre-Bronze header, it will probably not be allowed in Newcomer.
  20. Daphna

    Daphna Well-Known Member

    diliba10 is correct, if its not listed in Pre-Bronze/Newcomer, I'd take it out of the routine, to make life easier, you can dance your Newcomer routine in Bronze. Its about how you dance, not the number of steps you dance :)
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