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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by rainerng, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. jerseydancer

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    We had tried to walk last time, and did not see much. How many miles is your waling distance definition?
  2. Mr 4 styles

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    20 minutes each way or three miles that being said all the mrs wanted was shopping!!
  3. Daphna

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    Sorry to take so long to answer, I'm usually better about this but I was stuck out of the country, on what was supposed to be a 2 day trip to Blackpool and ended up being a week long excursion and since it was supposed to be only 2 days I didn't bring my computer and so was without access to anything :(. Note to self: ALWAYS BRING YOUR COMPUTER WITH YOU! Anyway, to the various issues brought up here:
    1. Nationals 2014 & 2015 will be in Baltimore at the JW Marriott there. As someone said, moving the comp around causes many problems, not the least it becomes impossible to lock in a reasonable (as much as possible) rate at an hotel unless you sign a multi-year contract.
    2. Our greatest number of competitors is on the eastern seaboard and so, unfortunately, this means keeping it where we we have the greatest numbers.
    3. We try to have Nationals at a regional hub so that as many people as possible can fly into the city directly and not have to change planes.
    4. The venue will be changing in 2016, don't remember where it will be right now, but while on the west side of the country, if I remember correctly its not in CA. I'm looking into where it will be in 2016 and as soon as I know, I'll let you all know.
    5. Judges: we try really hard to have a solid mixture of judges from around the country at Nationals. Last year we had judges from most regions in the country and 12 different states.
    6. We advertise wherever we can afford, but just there are many people in NY who don't know that the Philharmonic is playing a Bach concerto unless they are interested in Classical music, if people aren't interested in seeing a Ballroom dance competition then they don't notice the advertisements. If anyone has any suggestions for cheap places to advertise please let me know. ​
    I think I've gotten to most of the questions/issues and if I've forgotten any please let me know and I'll attempt to answer them.
  4. rainerng

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    Thanks Daphna, that is very useful.

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