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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by chocolatchica, May 17, 2007.

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    Close, but that one is for dress appliques, I thought. Although I might be able to use the liquid latex to back whatever fabric the applique is made of, if I figure that out.
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    thanks for the tips on the wet hair look! I've always used gel and hairspray, but it was never shiny enough.

    For me, makeup is one of my favorite parts about comps/ showcases :) Makeup Forever sells some crazy eyelashes that you can buy at Sephora. I like using lash glue to put a few rhinestones around my eyes, and Sugarpill sells great pigments (bright, shiny, glittery, and they stay on all day). usually scavenge youtube for a few ideas for makeup and then combine a few into my own.

    as far as hairpieces go, I've used rhinestone bobby pins and corkscrews before, which add some nice sparkle.
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    i have a showcase coming up and my hair is cut into a bob about chin length (maybe a cm or 2 longer). It's too short to pull back into a bun and a backslick just makes it look weird. Does anyone have any tips to get it out of my face? I'm thinking maybe I'll do a braid lining my face to keep it back and then put in shiny pins and stuff. Or I could just hairspray it so that the bob won't move and get in my face.
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    Scully- i have made a backing used a clear silicone glue that i got at the craft store. i get a silicone mat like for baking and coat it in the silicone release liquid that you use for model making i take several layers of fine mesh fabric. I add food coloring to the glue to match my hair as it will dry slightly white opaque otherwise. take a dry wall knife or spatula type thing. smear the glue thoroughly into first layer, add 2nd and 3rd doing the same thing and then i put a thicker layer on the top smoothed out so you cant see the small squares from the mesh. if you are really good with your shapes you could add your rhinestones at this stage. I let it dry completely. it will peel right off and then you can cut and trim as desired with an exacto knife. add stones with the same silicone glue. I usually stone before cutting and leave a few small tags extending from the piece for extra bobby pins. you could probably use elmers or eyelash glue to glue it to your hair but since i have to change hair jewelry from rhythm to smooth i have never tried that.
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    Wow, latervet, thanks for the detail! Sounds like I have a summer project :)
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    My hair is very long and thick.(2in away from my hips and I'm 5'10"!) I always have a hard time with it not falling apart. How would you guys recommend making a bun that will not move?
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    HI BreAna. The look I'm describing is mostly for rhythm/latin but the cut and length of your hair has worked for this in the past (and if it is for a showcase then you could wear it for smooth or standard too). I like the look of parting off the top part of the hair from ear to ear and separating it into about 6-8 sections (depending on how thick your hair is), leaving all the back hair alone. Then take those sections and twist them while pulling them toward the back of the head and secure with either a tiny pony-tail holder or those little tiny butterfly clips. I usually stop twisting once the hair is twisted tight against the head and just let the rest of the length fall into the back hair. The clips or ponytail holders usually line up around the same place as a headband. This does a great job of getting the hair back off of the face and I think it is really cute. You can use sparkly butterfly clips or if you use the tiny elastic bands, you can add stones, etc. When it's all done, it sort of looks like a very small version of corn-rows where the hair is twisted back, but with clean, shiney, and well-groomed hair. I love this look.
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    I'm SOOOo with you on this! Hahahha. I read something about a more "natural" stage look trend for makeup, and i'm thinking, hell no. I love theatrical! Maybe that's just how i roll ;-P half the reason i do showcases (and soon my first competition) is that it's a perfect excuse to go to town on makeup and sparkle. :cool:
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    polishbloo, this thread seems to have the most detailed explanation that I can find: I'm sure there are more, if you want to take the time to search through every hair thread. I'm envious of you having all that hair to play with!

    Another thought -- I was looking around at hairstyle tutorials on youtube, and there were various bun variations, some of them being sold as the most secure. So it might be worth a search there, as well. (Didn't bookmark any of them, sorry -- I don't have enough hair to make them work myself.)
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    Thanks for this!!!
  14. BreAna

    BreAna Member color. I was once told that your hair color influences the kind of persona which you display on the competitive floor. Blonde = princess, black = mysterious, and red = flirty. Thoughts on this?

    Also, I'm considering dying my hair an auburn/red, and I'm concerned about how it will look with my dresses. My smooth gown is neon orange. dark auburn redish will clash with it unless I go for a monochromatic look, but do you think the whole "fire look" is cheesy? I'll probably get a blue-ish green-ish rhythm dress to contrast with my hair. Last year my hair was black so it looked good with anything. This year it's brown, and I'm either going blonde or red. it would be a dark red like this:
  15. Lioness

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    What a gorgeous red...that's pretty much what mine is like at the moment.

    I think red hair will go with pretty much anything. My standard dress is turquoise, and my latin dress is purple.
    I think it's more important that it matches your skin tone - different shades of red work best for cool or warm skin.
  16. Miss Silly

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    I agree with this. I don't have a lot of experience in competing in dance, but from a spectator's perspective, that red color really stands out on the floor (in a good way!!). I"ve seen red-heads wear smooth gowns that were orange, red, and even pink...and it all worked rather well. It was quite stunning, actually. Makes me jealous ;-P my hair is just black. I guess i'm mysterious....
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    I've been through most shades of red, some intentional, some more accidental. I've done fire engine red (THAT was an accident), copper, strawberry blonde, auburn, and an almost maroon deep purpley red. I went blonde (and I mean BLONDE) a few months back and it's been much easier.

    Red is fun, and it really does stand out on the floor. I had an orange dress and it didn't seem to clash with it. I do have to warn you, red dyes oxidize in the sun. The reason I stopped being a redhead (even though I loved it) was that it was very high maintenance. You have to either pay attention and wear a hat whenever you're out in the sun or use products that have a UV protector in them. The red dyes will quickly turn brassy and fade or wash out, more so if your hair is dry or damaged already.

    If you're not entirely sold on the red, and are between red and blonde, go for a strawberry blonde. If you've never been red it will give you a chance to ease into it (believe me, going that red is a shock, even when you've done red before) and it's a little easier to maintain and match to things. Red definitely has a wow factor on the floor, but a bright blonde seems to stand out just as much, and as a strawberry blonde you'd definitely be in a minority.
  18. Lioness

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    With regards to red hair maintenance, I've managed to pick up a few handy tricks.

    Use colour protecting shampoo and conditioner.
    Use a colour depositing shampoo...I use De Lorenzo Fire Red.
    Get a semi-permanent hair dye in roughly the same colour as your hair. Manic Panic, Special Effects, Affinage, PaintBox...all of those sorts of things will do. When you squeeze conditioner on your hand, put roughly 1/3 that amount of the colour in with it, mix it between your hands, and put it on your hair. Leave it in extra long.
    Wash it with the coolest water you can stand...and don't wash it often. Leave it 3 or four days between washing - i.e., when it really needs it.

    I'm lucky enough to have blonde roots, so redyeing is easy. If you have dark hair, you can either rebleach your roots before recolouring, or you can get a colour that has a lifting creme mixed in with it...often called "hilifting", or something similar. I do mine at home, but I'm sure a hairdresser would have access to something appropriate.

    If you search LounaMaroun on Youtube, she's got bright red hair, and a whole host of videos about keeping it that way.
  19. BreAna

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    I'm probably just going to have my hair lightened to blonde then...right after my comp I head back to Florida for college where I very much enjoy the sun! I don't want to have copper hair D:

    also, I've seen women put rhinestones in their hair. Is there a special glue used?
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    I've always used eyelash glue to attach stones to hair, it can be a bit of a pain to remove, but the effect is really nice.

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