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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by tangobro, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Zoopsia59

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    That wasn't my question...
  2. Zoopsia59

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    So then what did the stage and salon winners listed (Jesica y Gustavo and Gayle y Sid) actually win?
  3. Lilly_of_the_valley

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    From what I gather, they won a tango competition that called itself USA Tango Championship, held in New York in July 2011.
    The "official" USA Tango Championship took place in San Francisco in April 2011.
  4. Zoopsia59

    Zoopsia59 Well-Known Member

    OHHHHH! I thought it all took place in NYC in July during the usual NYC Tango Festival. That's why I was confused. Maybe it was because the videos/results all got mentioned together by TangoBro that I made that assumption. You can understand why that would have been confusing.
  5. Lilly_of_the_valley

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    Yeah, I know... There was also supposed to be a tango competition in Palm Springs, which 2nd (and 3 rd?) place winners of the official championship in San Francisco got a voucher to attend, but it was canceled at the last moment for the lack of participation. Imagine the confusion if that one had actually happened, too. :)
  6. jantango

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    I couldn't believe what I was hearing from an announcer on La2x4 radio on Tuesday morning when commenting about the salon competition: The competition is arranged. That's been obvious from the beginning, and it will always be that way. The festival director and/or the Association decides who will be champions, not the tally of judges scores.

    The tiebreaker between Colombia and Venezuela made for great press. A few years ago it was a very pregnant woman winning the competition. They need something to get coverage around the world.

    When Diego and Natasha won the new Milongueros of the World comp a few weeks ago, it didn't take long to discover they also happened to be the organizers of the Bogota prechampionships and festival that took place in July. If they signed up to compete in the World salon comp, why did they enter the Milongueros of the World comp as well? Because they could or because they were encouraged to do so? That win was a red flag that they were "selected" for the World salon title.
  7. opendoor

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    By the way, why must a chamionship take place in BsAs. Think there are as important places as

    • Krefeld (West Germany) where Heinrich Band lived, the inventor of the bandoneón,
    • Carlsfeld (East Germany) where the Alfred Arnold factory stood,
    • Paris (France) where Ricardo Güiraldes first introduced the Tango in Europe,
    • Havana (Cuba) where Sebastián de Yradier composed LaPaloma, though no Tango, but without LaPaloma, Tango would not have come about,

    Please add other non-argentine places important for the developement of Tango.
  8. Dave Bailey

    Dave Bailey New Member

    Finland and Uruguay are obvious possibilities.
  9. jantango

    jantango Active Member

    Why in Buenos Aires? That's where tango originated. Other countries are hosting their own championships to send representatives to the world competition.

    Finland recently hosted the Tango Summit where tango is almost the national dance.
  10. tangobro

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    sorry for any confusion. Thanks Lily, for clearing things up.
    My earlier post said:

    As seen in a previous post (#240), Brian Nguyen and Yuliana Basmajyan won the official USA championship which sends the USA representatives to compete in Argentina. The Festival & Championship info is here:

    The Festival & Championship was held in New York City in previous years. This year's New York City Festival & Championship was for cash prizes. the winners were:

    I included the link hoping that it would explain the about the Official championship - basically the official championship sent USA representatives to compete in Argentina. The New York City championship was for cash prizes & did not send competitors to Argentina this year.
  11. tangobro

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    The clip above shows the 1st song from the Colombia vs Venezuela tiebreakers round, DiSarli's "Nada".

    The following clip shows all 3 songs from the tiebreaker round:
    DiSarli "Nada", Fresedo "Tigre Viejo", Enrique Rodriguez "Llorar por una Mujer".


    and here the Salon style champions, Diego Benavidez Hernandez & Natacha Agudelo Arboleda of Colombia, dance with the camera focused on them for the 3 songs of the round.

  12. tangobro

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  13. Zoopsia59

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    That was what I had sorta subconsciously remembered, which added to my confusion. Thanks for clearing it up.
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    2011 competition winners:

    1 - Colombia
    2 - Venezuela
    3 - USA

    Do you think this is the exception that proves the rule or is there another explanation?
  17. jantango

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    This was the year to give the salon title to a foreign couple, while the stage title went to Argentines. They have to place foreigners in the competitions or they will stop coming. Then the tourism will decline and the money for the city, etc.

    The Colombian couple didn't have to come for the entire month to compete in the Mundial de Tango, but they did. They knew about the last minute Milongueros of the World competition on August 5-7. Did they have to change their plane reservations? Four days after winning the title, they were performing in two milongas.

    The USA couple have been coached by those who have input into the decision about who wins. Third place is the best place for the USA in the history of the competition.
  18. AndaBien

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    I assume that since the competition has a salon category, there must be a definition for what that is.

    Jan, is there one, and do you know what it is?
  19. jantango

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    definition of salon tango

    This is what I found in the rules for the 2009 world competition:

    1. Salon Tango (unrestricted entry for amateurs and professional dancers)

    Once a couple is formed, the partners must not separate as long as the music is playing. This means that the embrace, which is considered the tango dance position, must not be broken.

    For the position to be considered correct, the body of one of the members must be constantly held by the other by means of the embrace. In certain figures this may be flexible, but this should not continue throughout the entire piece.

    All movements must be performed within the space allowed by the couple’s embrace.

    The judges will evaluate the couple’s musicality and walking style as fundamental to the qualification.

    Within these guidelines, contestants may perform any figure commonly used, including barridas (sweeps), sacadas al piso (close to the floor), enrosques (twists), etc.

    Ganchos (leaps), saltos (jumps), trepadas (climbs) and any other typical choreographic stage tango possibility shall be completely excluded.
    Couples, as in a real dancehall, shall constantly move anti-clockwise and try to avoid remaining in the same place for too long, obstructing the normal circulation of dancers around the dance floor.

    No contestant may raise his/her legs above the knee line.


    Those competing in the salon category are more versed in choreography for exhibition than improvisation on the social floor. No one makes money as a social dancer other than taxi dancers, but many young couples do make money giving exhibitions at the milongas.

    It's no secret than the Colombian couple trained with Daniel Nacucchio and Carlos Perez; the fact is published in an interview in La Milonga Argentina magazine. This is sending a clear message to all competitors -- you have to train with the right people in BsAs if you want to win the title.

    In viewing the salon category videos, I noticed how each dance begins by walking towards a partner, embracing first rather than clasping hands, eyes closed rather than open, long steps and numerous pauses, etc. -- not the way tango has been danced for decades in the milongas. It's all about copying one style that is being marketed.
  20. AndaBien

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    Thanks for the information.

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