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    who are those coaches?
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    the OP listed the Salon & Stage category definitions & guidelines:

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    Javier Rodriguez, Gabriel Misse, Jorge Dispari, Graciela Gonzalez, Francisco Forquera -- all have judged the competition.

    This info was found on their website byranandyulianatango.com
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    With the exception of Graciela only VU folk. Is traditional social argentine tango today exclusively represented only by one style? Do other styles have no lobby in BsAs?
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    Argentine Tango Festival & USA Championship 2012

    San Francisco, California.
    USA - Salon Argentine Tango competition 2012. Winners will represent the USA in BsAs.

    for info see

    Salon Tango opening round 1:

    Salon Tango opening round 2:

    Salon Tango opening round 3:
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    It's already over. The salon winners and future US representatives are Yumiko Krupenina and Ramada Salieri from San Francisco.
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    Qualifying round 1:

    Qualifying round 2:

    Qualifying round 3:
  8. tangobro

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    Semi Finals round 1:

    Semi Finals round 2:

    Finals round 1:

    Finals round 2:
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    Thanks for posting these, TangoBro.

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    no prob
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    2012 USA Salon Style Champions Yumiko Yamane Krupenina and Ramada Salieri dance to "Nada":

  12. tangobro

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    San Francisco, California.
    USA - Stage Argentine Tango competition 2012. Winners will represent the USA in BsAs.

    for info see

    winners in the Stage Tango category, Olga Pisano & Shawn Pikus of New York City:

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    2012 City salon championships begin in Buenos Aires

    http://web.archive.org/web/20140518...le-de-la-ciudad-de-buenos-aires-2012/?lang=en has names of the couples who made the cut in the five categories for the salon competition -- tango senior, tango adult, vals, milonga, and milongueros del mundo.

    I couldn't help notice that Hebe Hernandez and Fernando Carrasco are listed in three categories for the May 13 rounds. A little bit of searching revealed they are performing on stage this Saturday in BsAs: http://web.archive.org/web/20140518...ango.com/show-de-tango-otono-porteno/?lang=en It seems the path to success for many Argentines is winning a championship title. They were members of a salon tango group choreography last year with different partners and formed by their teachers

    Here is a couple who are familiar with stage choreography competing in a salon championship. How much of their dancing in the semi-finals will be choreographed, not improvised as tango salon is in the milongas?

    I'll make an early prediction that they will place in the top ten in at least two categories.
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    Results of 2012 City salon championships

    The 10th City Tango Dance Championships took place on May 26.
    The winners in the five categories were:

    Tango Salon Adult: Fátima Vitale and Maximiliano Miguel Cristiani (prize $20,000);

    Tango Salon Senior: Manuela Requena and Héctor Donkhe (prize $20,000);

    Milonga: Fátima Vitale and Maximiliano Miguel Cristiani (prize $10,000);

    Vals: Paola Florencia Sanz and Facundo Gómez de la Cruz Palavecino (prize $10,000);
    World’s Milongueros: Naoko Tsutsumizaki and Cristian Andrés López (prize $20,000.)

    The following placed in each category:

    Tango Salon Adult: 2º) Daniela Florencia Galizia and Ariel Manzanares; 3º) María Ayelén Maldonado and Alejandro Martín Luna; 4º) Alejandra Sonia Zavala and Carlos Leonardo Vilte; 5º) Sabrina Amuchástegui and Cristian David Correa.

    Tango Salon Senior: 2º) Victoria de los Ángeles Terella y Ricardo Giménez; 3º) Marta Susana Doctorovich and Luis Anchava; 4º) Graciela Silvia Saúl and Víctor Hugo Llanos Pereyra; 5º) Silvia Mónica Dopacio (milonga organizer) and Hugo Víctor Merelez.

    Milonga: 2º) Naoko Tsutsumizaki and Cristian Andrés López; 3º) Paola Florencia Sanz and Facundo Gómez de la Cruz Palavecino; 4º) María Noel Sciuto Varela and Lucas Brenno Márquez; 5º) Rocío Daniela Vargas and Diego Alberto Martín Benítez.

    Vals: 2º) Ana Isabel Lopera Vázquez and Julio César Montoya Ardila: 3º) Daniela Florencia Galizia and Ariel Manzanares; 4º) Rocío Daniela Vargas and Diego Alberto Martín Benítez; 5º) Daniela Barría and José Luis Salvo.

    World’s Milongueros (nonresidents of BsAs) 2º) Carlina Bianchi and Samuel Scalco; 3º) Yuqueri Ana Macherel Camblor and Matías Ariel Batista; 4º) Paola Florencia Sanz y Facundo Gómez de la Cruz Palavecino; 5º) María Noel Sciuto Varela and Lucas Brenno Márquez.

    The members of the Jury were: Eduardo Arquimbau, María Nieves Rego, Julio Dupláa, Guillermina Quiroga, Olga Besio, Johana Copes and Horacio Godoy.

    Julio Duplaa is the only judge who dances in the milongas; the others dance and teach choreography for stage and exhibition.
  15. opendoor

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    Dear jan, according to which principle are the juries filled. I find some juries VU dominated, whereas in others (like this one) the escenario folks prevail. But rarely we can find mixed boards. So why?

    Another question: I find Johana Copes on the list, but not Sebastian Arce. Did he break up with his former teacher?
  16. jantango

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    The judges are selected from the Association of Teachers, Choreographers and Dancers. Each gets a turn at judging, even milonga organizers. Many have judged so many competitions. It doesn't seem to make a difference whether the judges are salon teachers or stage performers; they know tango so they are asked to judge.

    The city judging panel was mostly performers, with one token milonguero. After all the scores, the winners are SELECTED by the powers that be. It doesn't matter what scores they received. I know a dancer who was eliminated in the semi-finals because she isn't liked by the judges, which has nothing to do with her dancing.

    It's the old boys network in BsAs that decides to has paid their dues and earns the title. Usually the salon title goes to performers who aren't social dancers. They have a career in teaching with the title, but no one learns social tango with them. It's all about performing tango for exhibitions these days.

    The marketing term Villa Urquiza style has made its mark in the competitions. The judges don't like the firm embrace of the downtown milongas, and only award the title to those who conform to the standard which has been called Villa Urquiza. That's why the group of couples in the tango adult category all look the same. They have watched too many videos to make certain they dance like other salon champions. They wear their Mimi Pinzon dresses and Comme il faut shoes. It's an elegant look that is standard for all tango exhibitions at milongas and festivals.

    Sebastian Arce has never partnered Johana Copes. His partner of many years is Mariana Montes.
  17. opendoor

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    Re: The judges

    Thanks jan for your frank words on the tango carnival.

    And why dont put the milonga organizers themselves out for a more pluralistic and less artificial style of tango? They live on social dancing, not on professionals that drop in by chance or give their classes in the afternoon? Bribed?

    I know. But Sebastian once was JC Copes´ model student. So I thought he should have a turn finally?
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    OK, so I've heard enough shoe discussions to know some ladies love their Comme il faut shoes, but I had never heard of Mimi Pinzon dresses. This is what I found:



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