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    3rd European Tango Championship

    couple 006 - Yannick Vanhove & Liz De Vuyst of Belgium

    European Tango Salon 2012 champions

    Stage Tango Champions: Dmitry Vasin & Taisiya Finenkov of Russia
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    music in video - "Oigo Tu Voz" Ricardo Tanturi with Enrique Campos, "Pata Ancha" Osvaldo Pugliese, "Cordon de Oro" Anibal Troilo featuring Astor Piazzolla.
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    The competitors all look the same to me; no one stood out.

    The following are standards in the championships:
    1. Standing a few feet apart before dancing, as if it were a stage performance.
    2. The man's right arm embraces his partner first, then he takes her right hand in his.
    3. The woman's head is turned at a right angle.
    4. The woman's left hand is placed low on the man's back with her elbow protruding.

    And the way it's done in the milongas in BsAs:
    1. The woman walks up to the man as he reaches the edge of the floor.
    2. The man raises his left hand to take her right hand at the same time she raises her left arm to embrace him.
    3. The woman looks over the man's right shoulder to help in avoiding collisions.
    4. The woman's hand is usually on the man's left shoulder blade.

    Those who view these championship videos may get the idea that this is the way tango is being danced in the milongas of BsAs if they never had first-hand experience.
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    here's a trick question

    Where do tango salon champions go to dance?

    The milongas? No, the stage.

    {unfortunately the link that was here is no longer available}

    They go to the milongas only to perform their choreography.
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    You're right, of course, but it's not because it's called "salon" that this is, in fact, a milonga. It still is a competition (whatever one may think of it. Given the winning couple is Belgian and dances close to my native town, I have to bite my tongue).

    So those posts are still a bit of a...

  7. sixela

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    By which I mean: I also think it's not social tango, but that has little to do with absolutely every little idiosyncracy that's commonly expressed in BsAs phenotypes.

    1. Is a convention in competitions. It's different in a crowded milonga because they are crowded. But here, the dance floor has oodles of space so I'm not particularly bothered by it.

    2. Frankly, I don't give a darn about the order in which a couple negotiates an embrace, as long as it works. Points of criticism about the lack of connection are valid, but obsessing about which hand to raise first is almost as bad as the obsession some <muffled sound> dancers can have about minor quibbles.

    3. and 4. are different in different styles, and I disagree vehemently that the subset of style characterized by those two points is necessary for a dance to become a social dance. I would even hesitate to say it's "the way it's done in BsAs", but then I don't even think that there is such a thing as "THE" way it's done in BsAs (given BsAs is not The Borg, with drones connected in a Hive Mind that tells them exactly how to dance).

    Perhaps it might be the dominant style in the milongas _you_ attend, but that sample is self-selected.
  8. AndaBien

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    I agree, they all seem like perfect clones of some ideal. Where's the individual personality? Isn't that what we like about Argentine Tango?

    Given the standards, there seem no allowance for individuality.
  9. Steve Pastor

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    There have been links to the milongas that JanTango attends posted here, so that those who haven't been there can have some idea what the prevailing style is where she dances. (and of course I witnessed it myself fairly recently)

    Perhaps someone would like to start a thread, or post links to videos of recently uploaded video of current dancing at "non traditional" milongas in Buenos Aires.
  10. opendoor

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    Seems as if even milonga organizers don't care for tango as a social dance heritage...
  11. Mladenac

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    I saw better dancing on milongas that these couples. (both italian and european competitions)
    I don't feel the music watching them.
  12. jantango

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    That may be the case for some of them. A milonga is work for organizers who may have many years of social dancing experience themselves. The champions would be chosen based on dancing if there had been more milonga organizers as judges from the beginning ten years ago.

    The reason that organizers appear on a judging panel is simple: they are more familiar with social dancing than most of the members of the Association of Teachers, Dancers and Choreographers of Tango Argentino (the pool from which judges are chosen) who are retired stage performers or teachers. This gives an appearance of unbiased judging. Still, in the end, it's the association that "selects" the champions, those they feel are best prepared to teach exhibition tango in the world.

    I don't know what the judges are paid for working on the panel in qualifying, semi-final, or final rounds of the city or world competitions in salon or stage categories. Many are required. Many previous judges are not interested in doing the work.

    The prize this year in the World Tango Championships is 40,000 AP. When you consider it was 600 AP in 2002, the amount is more than keeping up with inflation in Argentina.
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    Unofficial USA Tango champs

    U.S. Tango Championship 2012 Open "Salon Style" Champions Elaine Chiu of Los Angeles, California & William Chen of Boston, Massachusetts and Amateur "Salon Style" Champions Line Desrosiers and Aldo Dissegna of Canada dance to Angel D'Argostino "Cafe Dominguez" @ the Black & White Ball held at Dancesport Dance Studios during the NYC Tango Festival. Saturday July 28, 2012. New York City.

    These dancers will not represent the USA in the Argentine World Championships, but are trophy, medal, cash prize winners.


    NYC Tango Festival info:
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    WORLD DANCE CUP (aka Campeonato Mundial de Tango in BsAs)


    After a series of local and regional qualifying rounds, some national and international affiliated competitions of the Dance World Cup have already chosen their winners to compete in August 2012 in Buenos Aires.

    On the international level, these are the winners in the Tango Salón category: Jesse Ramada Cueva-Yumiko Krupenina in San Francisco (USA); Panagiotis Nikoletos-Karolina Kourtidou in Athenas (Greece); Martín-Yuka in Tokyo (Japan); Luciano Donda-Cinzia Lombardi in Rieti (Italy); Yannick Vanhove-Liz De Vuyst in the European Champioship held in Rome (Italy); José David Ospina-Diana Díaz in Bogotá (Colombia), Juan Martin Carrara-Stefania Colina in Montevideo (Uruguay), Miriam González-Carlos Andasor in Caracas (Venezuela) and Diana López-Raúl Santana in Chillán (Chile)

    While in Stage Tango, the list includes Paso Han-Peninsula Cho in Tokyo; Luciano Donda-Cinzia Lombardi in Rieti; Dmitry Vasin-Taisiya Finenkov in Rome Alexander Moncada-María Alejandra Sanchez in Bogotá and Andrea Zuñiga - Ruben Cadín Farías in Chillán.

    Similarly, winners were crowned at different Argentine affiliated competitions. In Salon Tango, they are Mariana Nieva-Federico Riquelme in Comodoro Rivadavia (Chubut); Cesar Federici-Victoria Larocca in Villa Constitución (Santa Fé); Gustavo González-Maite Pendenza in La Plata (Buenos Aires); Esteban De Gregorio-Eva Luciana Gorosito in Zona Oeste (3 de Febrero, Buenos Aires); Braulio Martos-María Victoria Pesci in San Martín de los Andes (Neuquén); Raul Fernando Choque-Julieta Questa in La Falda (Córdoba), Ricardo Rosales-Lilia Bugetti in Santa Rosa (La Pampa) Verónica Natalia Navarro-José Hernán Reynoso in Vicente Lopez (Zona Norte del Gran Buenos Aires) María Galeano-Fernando Montero Bazan in Salta, Maria Emilia Bassin-Juan Pablo Valdebenito in Mendoza, Erika Virasoro-Jorge Benvenutti in Resistencia (Chaco) and Paola Elisabeth Calisaya-Darío Martín Artunduaga in San Salvador de Jujuy.

    And in Stage Tango, the list of winners includes Silvina Mena-Nazareno Valverdi in Comodoro Rivadavia; Facundo Ruiz Diaz-Celeste Mattia in Villa Constitución; Marcos Huerta-Gina Ibarguren in La Plata; Eric Kahl-Yanina Ferro in Zona Oeste; Javier Roga-Cynthia Palacios in San Martín de los Andes; Carlos Marcelo Bossi-María Paula Casarotto in La Falda and Javier Oscar Jofre - Susana Paola Valdivia in Mendoza.
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    Venezuela Champions 2012

    Miriam González & Carlos Andasor, 2012 Tango Salon Champions of Venezuela's VI National Championship.

    "Yuyo Brujo" Juan D'Arienzo

  16. tangobro

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    Asian Tango Champions 2012 (Salon)

    Martin & Yuka Asian Tango Championship 2012 (Salon) winners:


    "Esta Noche De Luna" (Carlos Di Sarli y su Orquesta Tipica)
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    2012 Greek Champions - Salon Style

    2012 Greek Champions of Tango Salon, Panagiotis Nikoletos & Karolina Kourtidou dance before a panel of judges that includes "El Flaco Dany" Garcia to Lucio Demare "Tal Vez Será Su Voz".

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    USA Champions for 2012

    Ramada Salieri and Yumiko Krupenina (USA champions) are already on the exhibition schedule for August 28 at Parakultural in Salon Canning along with the second place winners Daniela Borgialli and Rommel Oramas. www.parakultural.com.ar

    The champions compete in the semifinals on Friday, August 24 starting at noon in the Centro de Exposiciones in Recoleta. If they make the cut, they dance in the finals on Monday, August 27 in Luna Park.

    Obtaining a ticket for Luna Park is only for those who are willing to stand in line for many hours and hope they get one of the 10,000 seats available. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one of the tv stations will broadcast the finals live as they did in 2010. Then the finals could be viewed around the world via internet.
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    Chinese television covers the opening of 2012 Festival & Mundial


    Some 500 couples have signed up for the Tango World Cup which begins with qualifying rounds in salon on Monday, August 20.

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