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    World Champions Stage Tango 2012

    Cristhian Sosa & María Noel Sciuto, of the 2 banks of the Rio de la Plata. Cristhian of Argentina & María born in Uruguay represent Buenos Aires as the World Champions of Stage Tango 2012. They performed to Astor Piazzolla with Roberto Goyeneche "El Gordo Triste".

    Tango Escenario
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    Winners in the Milonga category from the NOA subsite of the the World Tango championships:

    Champions: Soledad Gimenez & Horacio Lopez
    2nd place: Paola E. Calisaya Scaglia y Dario M. Artunduaga
    3rd place: Ana Barros y Facundo Arnedo

    dance to "El Lloron"


    Bs. As. City Champions - Milonga: Fatima Vitale & Maximiliano Miguel Cristiani.

    Juan D'Arienzo "Milonga Vieja Milonga", Franciso Canaro "Reliquias Portenas", Rodolfo Biagi "Picante":

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    They have changed the rules! a message from one of the best (female) leaders in the world, Peninsula Cho.

    We have asked again and now here is the message to you from Buenos Aires City.

    - 2 WOMEN & 2 MEN as a pair can participate
    - There is no limitation of costume. For instance, both of participants may dresses.
    - In the Choreography, participants must respect their role, a man & a women,
    from the elimination round to the final round. The pairs always have to have role
    of a man and a women, and can no be changed in the choreography.
    The jury will evaluate the dance appropriately.
    - If the results of participants are favorable, they can go to the semifinal, final &
    champions without discrimination.

    En cuanto al reglamento de Festivales del GCBA:
    - Se permiten parejas de 2 mujeres ó 2 hombres
    - Pueden utilizar indistintamente cualquier vestuario.
    - En cuanto a la coreografía, sean 2 mujeres ó 2 hombres, deben respetar desde el principio al final el rol de cada uno, o sea, siempre en una pareja debe haber un hombre y una mujer y durante toda la coreografía, quien represente al hombre ó a la mujer, no deben cambiar ese rol durante toda la coreografía, a los fines de que el jurado pueda evaluar debidamente el baile.
    - Si los resultados fueran favorables, pueden llegar a instancias de semifinales y campeones, sin discriminación.
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    (The first message for some days ago was that the same sex couples may participate but not be the winners)
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    The 2013 Campeonato de Baile de la Ciudad (city tango championships) gets underway on Sunday, May 12 through May 26.

    The 2013 Festival Buenos Aires and Dance World Cup is scheduled August 13-27.
    It was news to me that the two nights of finals at Luna Park were broadcast online. Mark your calendar for the event if you want to watch on August 26-27.
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    2013 City of Buenos Aires Semifinal - Milonga Category:

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    2013 - Bs.As. Milonga
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    2013 Bs.As. milonga Finals:
    F. Canaro
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    2013 Bs.A.s vals Finals:

    M. Calo - El Vals Sonador & J. D'Arienzo - El Aeroplano
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    2013 Bs.As. Finals - Adult Tango
    Fresedo w/ R. Ruiz - Buscandote
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    2013 - Champions City of Bs.As. Milonga Category- Jimena Hoeffner y Fernando Carrasco
    2013 - Champions City of Bs.As. Vals Category - Jimena Hoeffner y Fernando Carrasco
    2013 - Champions City of Bs.As. Tango Category - Jimena Hoeffner y Fernando Carrasco

    1st time in history - a single couple wins in all 3 categories!

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    2013 Bs.As. SemiFinals Vals
    La Tapera
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    2013 Bs.As. Semifinals Adult Tango
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    The qualifying rounds for the World Tango Championships 2013 in tango de pista took place the past two days. More than 500 couples from 37 countries are participating in this year's competition. The semifinalists who qualified are listed here. Those who won international and regional competitions also will compete in the semifinals to be held on Friday, August 23, including the winners of the city championships. The finals of the tango de pista (salon) competition are Monday, August 26 at 19 hs. BA Time. I will post the link for the LIVE webcast from Luna Park when I have it. It was available last year via internet, but I didn't know about it. There has been no announcement about it yet. All tickets for the finals were given out days ago, but the best way to see it is on the internet.
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    I did a random search of a couple in the semifinals listing -- the one from Moscow. They danced beautifully. It took seconds to see they are well connected with Natacha Poberaj. A couple can't be totally unknown by the judges and expect to make the semifinals, let alone the finals.
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    There was a very important rule added this year for the competition. If a judge had any work or personal relationship with a participant or was a teacher of a participant within six months of the competition, the judge may not score the couple. The participants and judges say who they know so that professionals on the judging panel are not judging their friends, family or students they coached for the competition. This has been a problem since the beginning. Dancers know they need to study with key teachers to place in the competition. Tito Palumbo, editor of B.A. Tango magazine, wrote about this problem in his editorials. Thanks to him the rule was implemented this year.

    This was the debut year of gay couples in the World Cup.

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    Tango Escenario - Stage Tango
    Rocio Garcia Liendo & Juan Pablo Bulich

    "La Ultima Curda" Hugo Diaz

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    I would add that follower have to wear high heels. ;)

    It is an art of dancing in high heels. :D :D :cool:
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    I cannot see what's beautiful here and how this dancing relates to social AT.

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