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    The problem is, that social tango (still) is under-represented. How many organizers, milonga hosts, musicians, born milongueros, taxi dancers, or any other representatives of social tango actually are on board? And if so, how strong is their influence?
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    2013 Tango Salon World Champions

    This year the Tango Salon competition was billed as Tango de Pista. Besides Argentina, the most finalists were spit between Italy and the United States. The finalists from the U.S. were: Jeffrey Dominess & Delia Hou, Brian Nguyen & Yuliana Basmajyan, Laurent Lazure & Naomi Hotta.

    The World Champions are the Argentineans Jesica Arfenoni, who was a World finalist from 2010, and Maximiliano Cristiani, who was 2012 Buenos Aires City Champion.

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    I’m happy that Maxi has finally won the Championship, he truly deserved that. During his time in Hannover, he proved to be a charming dancer, excellent teacher and great friend. Just exchanged news with the old Hannover crew and we all feel touched a little bit by his new glamour.
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    "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

    Their dancing doesn't relate at all to social tango because they are the only ones on the floor. It is an exhibition, which visitors do when they come to Buenos Aires. That way videos of them are uploaded to YouTube and they become famous in the tango world.
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    were split
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    at about the 5:15 time mark Jesica & Maxi dance "Tres Esquinas" D'Agostino.

    internet chatter says they met.......on Facebook.

    Kills my imagined meeting - crowded milonga, mirada, cabeceo, discovery of a delightfully divine connection, hints of wanting to meet again...
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    If it wasn't funny it would be very sad
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    IMHO, the championship is not about social tango. It's about young couples who dance exclusively with each other, practice choreography for exhibitions, and compete in the championship. There was a handful of couples from the milongas participating in this year's tango de pista competition. Social tango hardly exists among the young generation in BsAs, and performance tango (whether called tango de salon or tango scenario) has taken over. Teachers sell what people want to buy so they have work.

    In a few years when there is no one dancing social tango in the milongas, where are the performers going to do exhibitions to sell their classes?
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    In the last two years, we had visiting “champions” in abundance and they had little impact on the dancing at all. Nobody even cared what they were really champion of. That might be different in North- and South America, but here there are two big threats towards our milongas: Investors are buying whole blocks, which results in skyrocketing rents, thus forcing dance schools more and more to the outskirts of town. On the other hand, the financial power of the normal citizen dwindles away.

    I honestly doubt that a title will be a huge help for surviving as a tango teacher in the long run. Sure it will help to attract students, but it’s not enough to make them stay. Good service, progress in their dancing skills, a welcoming community and that special “tango atmosphere” are aspects that might please the students. How this can be provided isn’t learned at competitions.

    Looking on the social dance problem, quite different aspects come to my mind. During the summer holydays I offer “mini workshops” instead of regular classes. As the special topics are announced 2 month ahead, the number of registration is a good indicator what is hot and what is not around here. This year I got pretty mixed results. For some classes we had to put up a waiting list other didn’t sold at all. Everything labeled Milonguero, dancing small, floor craft or “tango for tight spaces” was almost completely ignored.

    However, I don’t think that people refuse social dancing, as I usually incorporate the ideas and techniques of social dancing into my regular classes. There they are well appreciated, since the answer the most common problems for people who actually go out and dance (Ok, no surprise here).

    But what might be the reason? While the beauty of Stage or Salon Tango is very visible, the real beauty of Milonguero must been felt. Unfortunately the excellent dancer of the old guard are slowly passing away and not many among the new dancers have taken the time to develop their skills to convince (or rather seduce) their students of Tango milonguero. The biggest problem however is that small steps are rather unforgiving. Technically bad milonguero dancing feels awful. If a couple fumbles through a stage figure they still can feel like heroes (given all mirrors are veiled).

    If one want’s to promote the social aspects of dancing, changing the competitions might not be the best place to start. If more people would blast off their jumps, high kicks and scythe planeos at stage competitions (where they belong) they might finally be exhausted enough to behave on a real dance floor.
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    2013 Tango Escenario - World Champions
    Stage Tango

    Guido Palacios & Florencia Zárate Castilla

    although this vid is blocked in the U.S.

    you can see their last year's 7th place finish dancing the Forever Tango version of "Gallo Ciego"
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    What I noticed about them was their protruding chins and looking down at the floor.
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    Couple #322, Jesica Arfenoni and Maximiliano Cristiani, dance in competition to the 1st song of the final round "Tres Amigos" Anibal Troilo.

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    Can you say something else, too?

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