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    I think there is a misunderstanding. Peaches was talking about videos from second to last (the 1 st being stage performance). You may like the dancing or not, but it does not look dangerous by any means. Everybody is staying within the embrace, keeping their feet on the floor, and dancing in a ronda.
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    European Comp 2010

    The above YouTube links have evaporated. Following are European Tango Championship links in the category Tango Escenario - Stage Tango.






    And the winners are


    Stage Tango finalists dance with different partners
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    European Comp 2010

    1st European Tango Championship - Salon style

    Qualifying round 1 (compilation)

    Qualifying round 2 (compilation)

    ETC in Torino 2010 - Qualifying round #1 of Tango Salon





    [B][FONT=Arial][COLOR=black][B][B][COLOR=black][FONT=Arial][COLOR=black][FONT=Arial][SIZE=4][COLOR=black]ETC in Torino 2010 - Qualifying round #2 of Tango Salon [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/B][/B][/COLOR][/FONT][/B][FONT=Arial][COLOR=black]

    [B][FONT=Arial][COLOR=black][B][B][COLOR=black][FONT=Arial][COLOR=black][FONT=Arial][COLOR=black][FONT=Arial][SIZE=4][COLOR=black]ETC in Torino 2010 - Finals[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/B][/B][/COLOR][/FONT][/B][FONT=Arial][COLOR=black]
    And the winners are:
    # 60 VLADIMIR KHOREV & NATALIA PETROVA of Moscow, Russia.
    I did not find video of them at the ETC, the following are vids of them dancing in other venues:


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    I'm very appreciative when someone takes the time to gather and post edifying videos of Argentine tango ...mil gracias hermano!

    Incidently, when I am viewing traditional Arg. tango dance videos..what is most important for myself is the cadencia and compas of the couples...ie: that their whole body is dancing and not just their feet..that it looks like a dance by a dancer and not a flat footed robot...that it is an enjoyable dance that they are partaking in...secondly, I look for a creative attention to the Compas of the music...that they are playing with the compas with their feet and figures. ..and that the compas is always kept as THE most important aspect of the dance... just my own two cents.
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    lets have some fun and judge this contest...the number of each couple is evident as they pass the camera...how about a comment on each?
    IE: No. 59 raised his foot when doing the Giro showing a balance problem. score: 5 out of possible 10
    [YT]<object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/XcjPTL9v-bg&amp;hl=en_US&amp;fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/XcjPTL9v-bg&amp;hl=en_US&amp;fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="640" height="385"></embed></object>[/YT]
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    Crikey! This sort of thing shows you what a tough job judging must be. OK here are my notes :

    34 Lady moving off bended knee : decorations not on time : man's sacadas poorly timed
    26 Like the dress : walk looks good : but lots of big steps! not much musicality
    37 Floorcraft? Some interesting movement at end
    21 Floorcraft? But some very nice musicality
    52 Man's giros poor : not much musicality
    27 ditto on musicality
    67 didnt see enough
    63 looked ok : liked their double time
    62 Man moving off bended knee : crude musicality
    59 Man lifting leg : musicality?
    48 liked their musicality : looked good

    I think I would probably score couple 48 first : and , since I didnt see that much interesting musical interpretation elsewhere , couple 21 second.

    Difficult though when you only see the couples so briefly. And even harder for the judges when they cant rewind the tape :rolleyes:

    Should I ask who won?
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    It would be interesting to know which round was being seen, as the judges job changes as the rounds progress.

    In the early rounds they generally look to either promote couples to the next round or not. So it is easier in these rounds for the judges to judge more couples together.

    When you reach the final it is then about scoring couples individually and so less couples will be judged collectively.
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    Yep, judging must be a really tough job and dancing in a competition even tougher... I too, noticed the lack of musicality in a lot of the dancing...wow, soooo interesting..and with sooo much to pay attention to, the music probably comes in a poor third or fourth as a consideration of the dancers... imagine, knowing that you are being judged and wanting to 'look good' and give your 'best moves'...hmmm and oh yeah, then there's the music.... Crikey, I wasn't even listening!!:doh:
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    If you watch the video on You Tube, it says that it is a qualifying round.

    I primarily watched the followers and the overall connection (rather than leaders or the specific choreographic choices) and i disliked the first follower (34) so much, that everything afterwards seemed pretty good by comparison! Because she never fully extends her free leg, she looks tentative and "squatting" the whole time. Her adornments appear thrown in to do an adornment and therefore rushed/ misplaced, rather than a natural element. (However, she was not alone in doing adornments that seemed pointless.)

    I also don't get her left arm/ hand position. Somehow the connection of this couple seems as tenuous as her movements. Maybe those two things are related, although I won't speculate as to which is cause and which is effect. I also wonder if her dress created problems? She looks almost as if she is worried about it hiking up in the back if she moves freely or extends fully. It wasn't a good choice of costume even if it doesn't worry her, because it magnifies the problems with her reach. A longer flowing dress would disguise some of that.

    Which brings us to couple #2 (26).... (whose dress is beautiful and augments their strengths rather than highlighting her weaknesses. It is elegant - like them - without looking like a costume and allows you to see her extension without showing more leg than necessary)

    The 2nd follower had a sublime walk. Unlike CJ who felt that they did nothing but large walking steps, I thought their walk was so lovely, that I didn't care. The judges may not have been in the vicinity of the camera, so they may have "stepped it up" once out of camera range. I don't think you can judge much about their choice of steps from a tiny snippet of viewable steps since no one dances whole hog for an entire song unless they are "performing". I tried to watch basic overall technique, connection and style. This couple has refined, elegant movement and it shows in these simple steps. I don't need for them to do more for me to appreciate their dancing. They look very well connnected and appear to be dancing for and with each other as they pass by rather than for others... which is the heart of salon tango.

    After this they all start to blur together for me, maybe because there isn't the huge contrast between couples as there was between the first two.

    #37 - there's something awkward about her, but I can't quite put my finger on it... I think when she reaches back, her legs stay apart rather than pass close through "collected", and then she sorta swings the leg around to get it behind the other rather than too far out to the side (and sometimes overcrosses as a result). It makes her seem a little unsteady. I like their movement together better than the first couple however. I don't like his posture. I thinnk he would be difficult to dance with since his chest is collapsed, and despite being tall he's trying to make the contact with his head rather than any part of his body. And yet, together they have some "spark" that's missing in the next couple.

    #21... IMO, there's something lifeless about this couple. They have nice technique, but it seems rote rather than connected to one another. Can't describe it. Almost like they are bored or had a fight just before the dance and would like to be elsewhere. It doesn't appear that way when they first come into the frame, but after they separate slightly. I'm actually more inspired by couple 37 despite the fact that 21 seems to be technically better.

    #52... can't call them lifeless! Show dancers dressed for, and dancing like, "performance". I might watch them in a milonga because they are eye catching, but I still like couple #2 better. As CJ pointed out, giro sloppy.. and he shouldn't need to look down for a giro. The camera person clearly found them eye catching because he followed them around at the expense of us seeing much of the next couple. But that way we get to see her awkward embellishment after the giro. I was surprised at how awkward it was, since they are trying to create a "pro" appearance.

    #27... liked them for the same reasons I liked the 2nd couple. I wish we had gotten to see more of them. I also like the fact that they dressed simply rather than showily, so that their dancing is at the forefront.

    #67... didn't see enough to form an opinion.

    #??... ditto.

    #62... liked them well enough, but I really need to see the people's head to form an idea about their connection.

    end of song and at this point I'm tired of watching other people dance tango!

    So at this stage (I haven't seen #48 yet) I'd go with couple 26, then couple 27. After that possibly 62 from what little I saw. Then I'm ambivalent about how the rest place as long as the first couple (34) is last.

    Just goes to show that viewers can have vastly different preferences! Eh, CJ?
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    Thanks for sharing all that Zoops!
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    Lol. I actually dont think we were that different in our reactions. I did watch the vid twice but it was a struggle. Too many couples to look at too little time...

    It's funny with the second couple. They appear to be the best looking couple in the competition. That by itself is going to make them appear to be more elegant than any of the others. And they do move well as well. In the first pass-by I didnt notice more than that : it was only once I saw them again (and having seen the other couples) that I wrote anything critical. Very few of the couples in the competition seemed to vary the length of step. Long steps look more elegant than short ones : and salon tango is all about that elegance isnt it?

    The couple I liked most were the ones right at the end of the pass-by, just before the first couple we see come round again.

    If the purpose of the round is just to get through, then I guess it pays to keep it simple : dress impeccably, take long elegant steps, keep torsion to a minimum. Still, it's hard for me not to judge on musicality. Otherwise it becomes as much of a fashion parade as a dance competition.
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    Ok... decided to watch the rest of the video... (mostly because I didn't see all the couples by stopping after one song)

    I also like the "last" couple. (48?) They have a nice balance of elegance and liveliness. They have a sharp precise feel which goes with the music, but I'd like to have seen them during the first song which was less staccato to know if its just their style or if they change based on the music.

    Oh. My. G*d! I though the first (34) woman's dress was scary when viewed from her left side in the beginning, but as they come around and I see it from her right... YIKES! :shock:

    I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she either had to borrow someone else's at the last minute or she bought this one and never practiced in it. I can't imagine wearing it a second time! Either it is affecting her dancing or she always dances like that and it simply magnifies the problems. :(

    OK... I'll lay off this dress now, but BLIMEY (as you Brits say) Worrying about her rising hem is so distracting for me, I can't assess anything else about their dance. Maybe she could untie the side ties to let it down some... Ok.. I'll stop now... for real this time. :rolleyes:

    My previously favorite couple (26) does a nice little run of quicks into the frame and then goes back to dancing only slows. However, if you keep watching them as the red dress couple comes in and watch them until they are obscured, they do have some nice use of rhythm, although they seem better suited than most for the first piece of music, and less "special" during this one.

    Despite the technique issues the red dress couple (37) has, I do like them. Don't know why. They just seem to be enjoying themselves and each other more than some of the other couples. :D

    I like 21 much better now on this pass... maybe they kissed and made up during the break. ;) They look connected and fully present now.

    I like "performer couple" better now that they've toned it down for this song, but on the other hand the fact that they aren't as elegant as couple 26 is more obvious. Her forward steps are nowhere near as lovely as follower 26.

    Still love couple 27 for all the previous reasons. And despite the rather abrupt ending to the music, she didn't get caught in an awkward place because she uses "neutral" (collect) so well

    (next music)

    67... nothing to see here... move along...
    63... ditto...

    62... better than the previous 2 but my eyes are glazing over at this point... it takes something REALLY special to perk me back up. If they weren't buried in the middle of the pack, I might see them differently.

    next... better energy, but what's with the brooding downward focus on the floor? This is a personal pet peeve... ignore me...

    48... yes, you're right... I like this couple..

    and now The Dress comes around again... EEK! That large side step made me hold my breath in fear!

    Must. Cover. Eyes.....
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    The couple who asked for this clip to be filmed are Jasper and Theresa. They are couple 34.

    hehe ....
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    I figured that out after I posted and then went to look at some of the other videos on You Tube by the same people. I felt sorta bad about slamming them, but I only gave my opinion which ain't worth much in the larger scheme of things.

    I did feel every time I watched her that according to the Law of the Sisterhood, I should find a chance ASAP to take her aside to tell her privately that her skirt had hiked up.. sorta like if she had come out of a restroom with the hem tucked into her pantyhose by mistake.
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    Argentina's Provincial & Metropolitan competitions 2010



    BUENOS AIRES 2010-05-22 :
    Teatro del Colegio San José in Balvanera.
    - Alberto Markus y Ana María Polito (Tango Salon Senior)
    - Lucas Carrizo y María Paula Tejeda (Tango Salon Adult)
    - Ariel Manzanares y Daniela Cerquides (Milonga)
    - Sebastián Jimenez y María Inés Bogado (Vals)


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