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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by dgarstang, Sep 14, 2013.

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    Yes, and that's why packages work for many people. I compete at a level where group classes are almost always completely worthless, and I unfortunately don't have the time for two socials a week (what time I do have is spent in practice with my am partner).

    My studio is home to a large number of am/am and pro/am students, so I don't think the package / group lesson model would work at all.
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  2. gilded_lili

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    At $130 per 'unit' (1 45 min private, 1 group, 1 social), the local AM is comparable to that of the OP. For comparison, the largest independent in the area charges $55-$90 (depending on pro, level, and package) for a 50 minute private. And at that price, students get 1-4 group classes per week (again, depending on package), unlimited floor time for practice, discounted entry to socials/practice parties, and the waiver of a floor fee for visiting/outside pros.

    I can't speak for the quality of instruction at this AM, but from a strictly financial standpoint, there's no real comparison...

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