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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by jantango, Mar 12, 2013.

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    Of the many things that I've read about how BA tango is changing, It seems as if it is for the worse to suit the tastes of the younger crowd. You've mentioned how the milongueros y milongueras don't go to the milongas anymore and that perhaps one day, if it gets so bad, you might not want to go, either? I don't want to go to BA just for the dancing if the quality of the dance is like here in the states.
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    Believe me, the dancing is much better in BsAs than in the USA. Watch a video on YouTube of the dancing at Lo de Celia and other milongas. Is it better or not?
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    That's only a problem if they are all beginners or don't dance well enough for you. You are in the middle of that age range.
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    They are not beginners at all. Many people have been dancing for several years.
    They are humble and modest people who continually invest their spare time to tango. ;)
    As I already wrote that in Europe it's different way for getting high level dancers.
    And over some time foreign dancers are welcome cause they bring different dancing and different energy.

    IMHO The level of dancing is not as important as enthusiasm and atmosphere people bring to milonga.
    Sometimes I rather mingle than dance, without a good atmosphere milonga is waste of time.
    I don't mean by chatting and laughing, but to enjoy in a vibrant atmosphere.
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