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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by Linda J Schlensker, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. 3wishes

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    My condolences to Emmanuel and his wife and family members. I had the spontaneous chance opportunity run-in meeting with him days after the birth of his son and he was thrilled. I can only imagine the depth of the sorrow. For others who are waiting and wondering on news of family members it is best to contact the State department or the Haiti Embassy at the previously posted phone numbers for now.
  2. latingal

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    my condolences also to Emmanuel and his family at this very difficult and sad time.
  3. Linda J Schlensker

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    Ricardo Sopin of Arthur Murray is Missing Daughter

    There is a fundraiser being held in Saratogo Springs New York for Dance Instructor Ricardo Sopin to raise funds to help him return to Haiti. His mother is injured but alive, his aunt and uncle are known dead and his 8 year old daughter is missing. I can't post attachments yet, however you can find him the full story by Googling Ballroom Dance Haiti.
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    There's quite a few people I work with that have family in Haiti. It's amazing to me how connected the world is now, how something far away can touch so many lives locally. I think I actually know more people who have direct ties to this than I knew tied to Katrina or 9/11 on US soil. To me, it's a huge reminder that we can't just think about what's best for the U.S. without including the entire world in the equation. And it's a huge reminder to be careful of taking tomorrow for granted.
  5. Linda J Schlensker

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    Jean Michel Erole

    I haven't found information on how he is affected yet, but here is another talented Haitian professional competitor. I have found video of a couple of the Haitian professionals and posted it on my Twitter and Facebook pages. They can be reached on the front page of our website. Or try Google. We are seeing the devastation of Haiti and thinking of them as victims. When I look at these videos I am reminded of a rich cultural heritage that shows in their dancing. Haiti has given us a rich gift.
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    Another route that is being taken to support the funds needed in this disaster response, check out your e-mails if your a Holiday Inn type priority club member. They sent out e-mails from their Priority Club Point redemption center. You can redeem your points for converted dollars to donate to the cause for Haiti. If there was ever a time Fascination to approach an organizer or head of a competition(?) I'm not savey in this, it's now. I would so thoroughly donated my vouchers for $$ value - be it to a charity fund or to send a teacher as posted above, etc.
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    going to do what I can as soon as I have some access, to have some conversations...
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    My deepest sympathies and condolences to all those involved. One fantastic donation option that hasn't been mentioned yet is Partners in Health (, the largest NGO in Haiti. They are in the field, and an anthropologically-informed, locally-rooted organization, delivering medical supplies and assistance to people in Port-au-Prince. They are highly credible, and with a very low overhead (i.e. over 93% of all donations go through as aid, with less than 7% going to operational expenses).
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    My condolences to Emmanuel and family. Losing a child is devastating and my heart goes out to him and all who have suffered such a terrible loss in this tragedy.
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    This is heart wrenching . . .
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    My deepest sympathies for Emmanuel and his family. Losing a child.. at such a young age ... is truly devastating.

    One thing I noticed today is that you can use AMEX points toward the Haiti relief efforts. Other credit companies my have similar options. If you have credit card points, it may be worth checking out.
  12. dlgodud

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    Cannot say anything. My heart goes to Emmanuel and his family. :(
  13. Linda J Schlensker

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    Ricardo Sopin leaves for Haiti Wednesday

    His studio and friends are making sure he gets the funds he needs. His mother leg as amputated and no one currently knows where she is at right now. I cannot link yet. I have found a picture of his daughter that he posted. If you have Twitter contacts going to Haiti you might go to my Twitter page and get it to tweet out. If any sees her it has his contact information. Communication systems are not working in Haiti. We need to get it to people before they go. If you search Ricardo Sopin's name on Google it should come up. I'm listed in Twitter as Linda Schlensker. I'm collecting as much information as I can find there for people to use.
  14. jjs914

    jjs914 Active Member prayers are with Emmanuel and his family...and everyone else affected.
  15. Linda J Schlensker

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  16. Joe

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    Those who pay US taxes are actually already contributing...
  17. Linda J Schlensker

    Linda J Schlensker New Member

    Hope for Ricardo Sopin

    Although no one has located his daughter, there is now reason to believe she was not in the house and is with a relative. His mother is alive as well as a cousin he thought had perished. Another instructor in nearby Latham lost his brother. I do not know his name.
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    There will be multiple agencies that will have extended the posting for lost relative. It is perfectly ok, to duplicate requests be it Red Cross, Google, CNN Ireport. A person does not just have to register their loved one via one agency. Also, a little known but very functional community at large are the amateur ham radio operators that can get messages and inquiries through via their own system. Prayers to all.
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    Love the Ham Radio Operators...!

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