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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by J4cki3, Oct 15, 2011.

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    I went to a screening at the Tribeca Film Festival today. It wasn't what I expected. I guess I expected lots of fanfare and it was really a very intimate look at the relationship between a man and a woman. And knowing Slavik's reputation, I was really expecting a lot worse. However, knowing how it ended didn't make it any easier to watch. It was really heartbreaking. I'd never heard a full theater so silent after a film ended.
    There was a Q & A with the director Christian (Andreas' wife was due to give birth, so he had to run back home). Out of everything, I remember that he told us that Anna liked the movie and didn't really have a problem with how she was portrayed. When someone asked about Slavik's opinion, Christian told us he still hasn't seen it, which speaks volumes. People have this certain perception of Slavik and it turns out he's human and feels pain just like the rest of us.
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    Are you serious????????????????
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    That is what was said at my screening as well.
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    Thanks. As if physical abuse of the feet was not enough, now they shall take chemical abuse.
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    Here is how to evaluate, on personal level, the safety of tanner. Would you apply dihydroxiacetone on your baby's skin, for cosmetic purposes? Or would you pull the bottle out of father's hands in panic, telling him to go and where to apply (on himself), if he badly needs it, and then wash the small one with warm water and soap?
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    How ironic for a member with that username to denouce "chemical abuse." :rolleyes:
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    so i saw the full movie on saturday (before that i had only seen part of it). I have to admit that it definitely changed my perspective on Slavik. I really liked the movie, although i was very sad at the end.
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    Thankfully I'm not a baby. I'm a competitive dancer, and so I tan. I imagine the same is true for Anna.
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    Oh no...
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    I was there too with my daughter and a couple other friends! In what way did it change your perspective on Slavik? I wrote some of my thoughts elsewhere; will cut and paste here later. I too quite liked the movie.
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    ***Warning: I am not sure if this information may be considered minor SPOILERS***

    These are my opinions on certain aspects of the movie...

    I saw a more vulnerable side to Slavik - he seems a lot more human in the movie than in his public persona, IMO. It was clear he was under a lot more pressure than just his own ambition to become a world champion - he was feeling pressure from the ballroom world and their expectations of him.

    i actually find him quite respectable now... in that he obviously recognizes his faults and is not angry with Anna for leaving him, but instead understands. It portrays a much more mature version of Slavik. I think in general he comes across as an enlightened individual... when he speaks about both dance and relationships. I am quite sorry for him in the end.

    I am sure someone will disagree but IMO the movie did in fact confirm my own suspicions that Anna was not as technically mature as many viewed her to be... that she definitely needed work before she and slavik would be equals. However, there was one coaching scene that i found quite odd and insulting (for Anna).

    overall i thoroughly enjoyed the movie, although i have to admit that i was pretty depressed for the rest of the weekend. lol. i also am very sure i would not have liked the movie if i wasnt a ballroom dancer (in particular, an avid one who follows dancesport).
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    Very interesting!

    Some of what I say below may also be considered spoilers. (Although can you spoil something where people know the result?)

    What I liked the best about the movie:
    -There were some beautiful, artistic, thought-provoking moments. One of my favorites: at one point, after Slavik and Anna have fought and she had left, he continues practicing, very intense. At the same time, two young children have just had a lesson. A little girl, probably 6 or 7, is practicing a waltz basic over and over as Slavik intensely practices his routine. On the one hand, you see the similarity, the concentration, the desire to get it right. On the other hand, there couldn't be more of a difference: the obsessed, intense, unhappy, and self-destructive artist vs. this innocent beginner.

    -I also liked the way the movie cut between Slavik and Anna performing their paso in Hong Kong and Justinas looking on. So much was said in facial expressions and through effective cross-cutting.

    In terms of the representation of Slavik, here are my thoughts. (To be clear, I am talking about the representation of him in this movie, NOT about what the actual Slavik is like. I do NOT know Slavik personally and do not know how accurate or fair the documentary is to him. I will therefore refer to the character in the documentary as movie-Slavik.)

    My main impression of the movie-Slavik was that this is an amazingly talented guy who is getting massive amounts of top-notch coaching and physical conditioning, but might benefit even more by re-allocating some of his time/money toward therapy. He comes across as a smart and insightful guy, but also as someone who cannot control himself, even when he knows his words and behaviors are destroying the partnership. I felt badly for him,but I also wanted him to realize that maintaining a healthy partnership is just as important as maintaining good physical conditioning. Why does movie-Slavik start questioning the partnership as soon as he gets results he doesn't like rather than strategizing with his partner? Why does he seem to feel a compulsive need to drive his partner away with his words?

    That being said, I also thought there were moments of searing honesty, where movie-Slavik clearly understood and took the blame on himself for what he had done.

    I saw the movie with a couple of non-dancer friends, who did not come into it as Slavik worshippers. They were FAR more critical of movie-Slavik than I was. This makes me wonder how this movie would be received if it went into wider circulation.
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    I might hypothesize that having the experience of being in a committed ballroom/latin competition partnership would change perspective a little? I believe everybody thinks a little bit like "Mean Slavik" at some point during practice or competition, so perhaps we're more likely to empathize to some degree with what he says.
  15. ChaChaMama

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    I'm inclined to agree with you.

    I also like this explanation better than some other hypotheses that have troubled me.
  16. great thoughts ChaChaMama...Totally agree with your thoughts on movie-slavik...I think he needs to put more attention on mental health, not just physical health...
  17. TinyDancer109

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    yes, this is the reason i thought he was actually more enlightened than i had thought - because he knows he has a problem. prior to this movie i wasnt so sure if he knew. it is also respectable that he was then later able to rationalize through his heartache and see the situation for what it was and sympathize with Anna and her decisions.

    i noticed in that little girl scene that she kept staring at Slavik while practicing. i could be wrong, but i assumed she was watching in envy... which i found rather ironic.

    BTW: Likewise, my statements earlier were based on what i saw in the movie and are my opinions only as well. i cannot say if it was a fair interpretation by either the film makers or myself as the viewer.
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    Still, it is difficult to believe that dihydroxyacetone does any good to skin, even when called tanner. Here's a quote from a 2004 article:

    "Dihydroxyacetone also has an effect on the amino acids and nucleic acids which is bad for the skin."

    And the judges promoting tanning deserve to wash their face every day with dihydroxyacetone if they so love it. (Or they shall be, at least, deprived of alcohol after a day of heavy work.)

    I don't think that it ever comes to this, but has anyone observed reddish urine, unexplained (likely sweet) taste in the mouth or yellowish whites of eyes after a day of heavy tanning and dancing?
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    If you want to start a tanning discussion, could you please do it in one of the many tanning threads?
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    I can only access the first part here. Does anyone have a link to the other parts, or to a playlist that incorporates all the parts?

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