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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by J4cki3, Oct 15, 2011.

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    Oh, found it.

    Youtube /watch?v=2sv740e6UM8&feature=relmfu
  2. News for Ballroom Dancer, for those that want to see this in it entirety (it's hard to watch it completely on youtube and in English)...the Facebook site for this is announcing that it will be released to itunes on November 19th, it has been in impossible to see this in the U.S., except at Tribeca or Rhode Island Film Festival

    haven't really been able to comment on the film, because haven't been able to see the whole those that have been wanting to see it in the U.S. can
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    I watched it in full, and it left me with a simple message: communicate with your partner (life or dance), and make sure you continue growing together. Do not make the partnership about you, or your failings, or fears. Do not live in the past, or try to recapture glories long gone. Make it about each other and that moment that you share because that's all that matters and that's all you get.

    And when it's not working, admit it and move on.
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    “Ballroom Dancer” is now available on Cinecliq ( in HD.
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    Where can I watch the full length film?

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