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  1. This is a great site I came across the other day for dancing injuries and some "treatments". Let me know if it helps.
  2. Did you do any stretches or rehab exercises to help with your torn ACL and knee pain?

  3. Thanks for you link. I checked out the site and it has great information on it. As for your knee, check this one out and let me know if it helps
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    Here is some info I found:

    Practice Shoes for Ladies with Orthotics: Ladies Supadance (normal width) or International (wide width, by special order) practice shoes are excellent choices if you wear orthotics, featuring a wider forefoot area with a rounded toe. The length of the forefoot area is different in these models, the Supadance being shorter than the International. If one doesn't fit right, you might want to try the other model.
    Social or Competitive Options for Ladies with Orthotics:
    The Celebrity "Sophia" model is a basic pump with a slim buckle strap across the instep which can be ordered in many different materials including nude color leather and in multiple heel heights. The instep strap offers great more elastic bands! The toe is a little more roomy than most other shoes and the shoe is thickly padded, yet still accomodates a slim orthotic.
    Supadance model 1008 is a classic elasticized court shoe in satin and white/black/silver/gold leather. You can order this with a 2 inch heel if desired. This shoe has a shorter forefoot area than most others, so orthotics may not fit as well in this shoe.
    Freed model "Cara" is a leather 2" heel pump with a scalloped edge along the top of the shoe. Light padding on the inside still seems to accomodate slim orthotics quite well. The V-front opening of the shoe is a great cut for bunion sufferers (at the big toe joint), minimizing rubbing along what is usually a tender area for most. Although advertised as a social dancing shoe (because it's made of leather rather than satin), it's very elegant and suitable for competition as well. It comes in a nude color as well as black.
    Freed also carries a square-toed elasticized pump in both leather and satin with a 1-1/2 inch heel...a very comfortable and foot healthy option that accomodates orthotics well. This shoe is made especially for American dancers, so look for it in the U.S. at places like
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    just to give an update. So, finally, someone was able to figure out what's wrong with my right foot. Apparently, one of the two Sesamoid bones on my right foot has a problem, and the shape of that looked pretty bad on the X ray. Unfortunately, there is currently still no solution other than trying to put some "dancer pads" inserts to my dance shoes which I doubt will work...

    The spot right below the ball of my right foot is also slightly swallen. Very slight though that if you don't compare the RF with the LF, you probably won't catch it - hence, the reason why it has not been caught for 1.5 years. :(

    The good news is that no one seems to think that I dance with an injuried foot including the various teachers whom I've danced with since the injury. OTOH, I do personally think that my foot has gotten weaker ever since :(
  7. Thanks for the update. I'm glad you were able to figure out the problem with your foot. Hopefully you'll find something that works even if it is just temporary.
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    I have a similar issue - only I have actually broken the inside sesamoid bone in my left foot.

    Currently I have physio as needed to help keep it in check - the long term plan is to have surgery when I return home - apparently they will go in and take out the chip and smooth the rough edge on the sesamoid - and as I have bone spurs in both feet will probably get them done at the same imoblie for the least amount of time... don't know the full details as didn't get to see a specialist before I left home

    the other option is to have the sesamoid removed ... apparently some people don't have them.... having it removed can have an impact on ability to flex big toe...

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