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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by opendoor, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. LKSO

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    Umm... well, the dancing in this competition is exactly the same as it was the previous year, which was exactly the same the previous years. The main difference is that real social dancers no longer compete because they will be eliminated for dancing musically and at the spur of the moment. The dancing now is preplanned with cool looking moves that judges seem to be impressed by. So it really doesn't matter when or which of these videos we are talking about because it's exactly the same. Just like McDonald's, a hamburger in New York will taste the same in Buenos Aires.

    It's pretty horrendous because what I hear and see are two totally different things. Watching AND listening induces a dizzying array of cognitive dissonance which can only be resolved by not watching it.
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  2. UKDancer

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    I've no objection to being entertained (or, at least, for performers to try and entertain me) in places of entertainment. My objection is to the industry that turns out a steady stream of such performers, but who go about the world able to pass themselves off as teachers (when all too often they have neither the skills, nor the aptitude, necessary for teaching). Their performances, interrupting a perfectly good milonga just as I was getting into the flow of the evening, aren't even very entertaining, once you've seen a couple, because they are so bland. They're nearly all the same: flash for cash, rehearsed and choreographed moves, you know what they're going to do next, and they do it.

    They are frauds. What's worse, is that they are a main source for much of the associated nonsense surrounding tango: you have to wear this, not that; you have to make clever remarks like this, not say crass things like that; you have to understand the daft Spanglish, even though you're not in a Spanish speaking country, etc. etc. Much of this is to disguise the fact that they don't actually dance very well. Just occasionally, you find an exception, but usually, if you see them on the dancefloor at all, they will only be dancing with their own partner, and they will look hemmed in and uncomfortable, unless they have managed to clear the floor around them (through intimidation, usually) to carry on with their turbo-charged enrosque, lapiz & aguja combinations, round and round, like merry-go-rounds.

    Tango shouldn't be dominated by such people, but it is the tango community's fault that it is. The Emperor has no clothes ...
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    Tell us how you really feel, UKD. ;)
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    no it doesnt ive had one in both places the BA one was better:D
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  5. opendoor

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    You´re going pritty much too far! I´m a hamburger, live and was born in hamburg and I don´t want to taste in NY nor elsewhere!
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  6. sixela

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    He wrote hamburger, not Hamburger.

    [Waiting for a Berliner to complain about me eating berliners next...]
  7. Mr 4 styles

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    concur .. man these germans!! cant speak a lick of English!!:eek:
  8. Spitfire

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    No, not really.
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  9. newbie

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    Plus, the audience is way too young.
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    I know that frankfurter is eaten in a hot dog :eek:
  11. tangobro

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    On an international forum: best come back line EVER!!!
  12. twnkltoz

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    I so want to make a remark about the "tasting" thing, but I think it might be a little over the edge. :)
  13. opendoor

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    Events in europe are staggered by age. You can find the youngest audience at the so called marathons (you have to bring your air mattress along), the center section at festivals (you share an apartment), some years later your spare tyre already calls for a hotel room when you attend an encuentro. Elderly people only visit milongas and sleep at home, of course.
    It was taken at Palazzo Manganelli (Tango di Primavera 2013, Catania, Sicily). Murat had posted it.
  14. opendoor

    opendoor Well-Known Member

    double post
  15. sixela

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    Of course. Where did I leave my Zimmer frame again? I keep forgetting.
  16. Tanguera2

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    Forget the so-called 8 count basic. Using it at a milonga will get you labeled a beginner at best, or a ballroom dancer. At worst, you will be asked to leave the floor for disrupting the flow of the dance. I have seen that happen both in BA and in a USCity that shall remain nameless.

    Think about it. You and your partner exit onto the dance floor to merge with other Dancers,and your very first step is AGAINST the flow of traffic?? Then, in a dance where the goal is to stay near the outside of the floor, your second step is toward the center? To say nothing of the fact that if you insist on dancing an 8 count pattern you are dancing only with yourself, and maybe your partner, but certainly not paying attention to the moves and pauses of the room as a whole. This can be tolerated in beginners on a large dance floor, but only tolerated.
  17. Lilly_of_the_valley

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    I really wish to know which milonga in the US kicked someone out of the floor for performing the 8 count basic. :)
  18. twnkltoz

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    Probably one of those places with the dance nazis that sit around judging your every move and kick you out if you verbally ask someone to dance. *gasp*
  19. Lilly_of_the_valley

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    Individuals can judge, criticize, or decline dances. A milonga organizer asking someone off the floor or kicking out of the milonga, however, is a different matter.
    I have witnessed a fair share of disruptive behavior, on and off the floor. Never seen anyone been kicked out. The most the organizer would do is gently suggest stopping the said behavior.
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  20. JohnEm

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    Oh it does happen (in the UK), sometimes after discreet warnings
    although not always as discreet as they should be.

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