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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by Anonymous, Oct 30, 2002.

  1. NoDayButToday

    NoDayButToday New Member

    Oh man, there's tons of threads about this.... you can never go wrong with wearing something comfortable and form fitting.
  2. Standarddancer

    Standarddancer Well-Known Member

    Some standard girls in our studio hired a tailor to custom make their practice dress - the tailor does nice job, but each dress cost like $300:(:( they say this price ensures the dress is unique, no one on the floor would have the same thing, but my opinion is "who cares if someone else has the same top or skirt as you on practice floor?" of course, if it's comp, it's a different story...$300 for a practice dress is a lot!!!

    I can look decent in a Chrisanne skirt cost around 70 pounds matched with trendy top from street boutique for $20 or $30, almost half of the price of custom made practice dress:)
  3. soshedances

    soshedances Active Member

    I've discovered that I can wear girls' ballet skirts with dance pants underneath for practice as well, it's definitely cheaper than buying ballroom ones!
  4. tanya_the_dancer

    tanya_the_dancer Well-Known Member

    OK, a question to those who wears yoga pants to practice/lessons. I found that occasionally I catch my heel in the other pant. It's not happening that often, and in one case it highlighted the mistake I was making (I was stepping across too much), but that's not the safest way to discover mistakes. Anyone else has any experience with this?
  5. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Yup. Why I hardly ever wear pants to lessons.
  6. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    if you wear a 3/4 length yoga pant you are all good......but yes, i have occasionally caught a heel in a hem and volleyed myself across the room...good fun...but I am well padded
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  7. katherinejh

    katherinejh Member

    Yeah I do that rarely enough that I just deal with tripping sometimes. I really strongly dislike skirts, and I'm so short that I have to hem the pants anyway, so its never a length thing because if I didn't hem them I'd be tripping just walking.
  8. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    I will wear a skort for latin...I don't have a long skirt with built-in underbits for smooth/standard...and therefore have no intention of over-sharing KWIM?
  9. latingal

    latingal Moderator Staff Member

    I do not wear stretch pants with flared bottoms for latin since I normally practice in latin heels; way too much opportunity to catch a heel and end up flat on my - ahem. I will wear pants for smooth and standard when I wear cuban heels.
  10. jjs914

    jjs914 Active Member

    I wear a capri pant with leg warmers if i'm cold for most practice with heels. Tend to wear my full-length pants more when I have practice shoes on, which have the thicker, lower heel.
  11. AMeader

    AMeader New Member

    Hahaha, I have wiped out at least twice doing that! Learned my lesson :)
  12. musicchica86

    musicchica86 Active Member

    Okay, I don't know what it is about this simple question about yoga pants that's brought me out of lurkdom, but here we go:

    FWIW, I dance Bronze/Silver Latin, with a healthy smattering of open for showcases and open scholarships. I have 2 pairs of yoga pants. A pair of regular cotton knit ones, and a pair I got last-minute from NY & Company (had a lesson and forgot to bring a change of clothes with me, that was the easiest place to get to). I catch my heel ALL.THE.TIME. in the regular pair, to the point where I almost refuse to wear them to lessons.

    But the nylon-blend pair from NY&Co. are awesome. They're much stretchier than the cotton pair, look much more "expensive," fall nicely along my leg and ankle, and (best part) don't stretch out at the knee after I've been wearing them for a few minutes. I *never* catch my heels in these pants. I don't know whether it's a function of the material or the stitching used on the hem or just what, but even in my 3" competition heels I don't have to worry about tripping on them. Unfortunately it doesn't look like NY&Co. has any of that type of pant available right now, but if you can find a style similar in that kind of material, I'd definitely try them out before you give up on yoga pants entirely.

    Just my $0.02, in any case!
  13. katherinejh

    katherinejh Member

    I've wiped out occasionally, but not often enough to stop wearing pants. My legs are stumpy, capris make them look stumpier. Like I said though, I do hem my pants so they are physically not long enough for me to step on.
  14. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    a)welcome music chica :)
    b) I too am a woman of the stumpy legs....but, usually a 3/4 length yoga pant is flared just below the knee rather than tight light most capris so it isn't as offensive...but am with you about capris...will not be caought dead in them...they are for skinny are matter how much I wish it was otherwise....
  15. tanya_the_dancer

    tanya_the_dancer Well-Known Member

    For me, it's not stepping on the pants, it's when I do something where the heel of the free leg comes into proximity of the standing leg (by mistake or by design). Then it has a chance of getting caught in the fabric. I don't recall this happening when I wore jeans or dress pants. They either fit snuglier, or I did simpler stuff in my dancing.
  16. latingal

    latingal Moderator Staff Member

    Know what you mean, I can wear jeans and heels because the flare of the jeans material does not stretch and envelope the heel to create a "catch".
  17. harp34552

    harp34552 Member

    This is how I feel about my favorite jazz pants - I wear them essentially every day, and they are AWESOME. (Body Wrappers V-front jazz pants no. 0696) The only time I catch a heel is when I am being sloppy with my feet. So that's my bad anyway. I have definitely never wiped out in these (although I have in other similar flared-leg yoga or jazz pants).
  18. katherinejh

    katherinejh Member

    Yeah I usually wear capezio short-inseam jazz pants or soffee jazz pants and it isn't the length, its being sloppy.
  19. latingal

    latingal Moderator Staff Member

    I think there are instances where you can catch a heel with the correct foot work (especially if there are large flares on the pants). The speed and position of the feet in multiple three step or chaine type turns tends to wrap the flare portion of the pant around the heel (dangerous with stretch material).
  20. musicchica86

    musicchica86 Active Member

    Yep. Any movement where one foot comes up above the hem of the pants but the foot stays close to the leg can result in catching the fabric. Again, I've only had this happen with my basic pair of yoga pants and never with the higher-quality pair. Seriously, look for a thicker nylon-blend pair and you shouldn't have any issues.

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