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    What you're missing is that a time signature exists more for notational convenience than to be taken literally as a performance instruction. 3/4, 3/8, and 6/8 are all time signatures that could be used for vw-like music. And most likely at our vw tempo it will be conducted in two... one "beat" per "measure", switching to a three pattern (one per beat) in the slower sections found in most concert waltzes.

    Just like dancers, musicians have their own "we say this but we mean that" conventions.
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    OK. So this took a bit longer than anticipated. Just to note--I haven't actually seen the sheet music to any of these songs, so I'm going just by how I hear it. Which isn't to say that someone else might hear it differently, or may have seen the sheet music and say I'm full of [samba]. I make no claims to actual correctness.

    Examples of 12/8
    • "Scorchio" by Bond (from Classified)--debatably 6/8 because of the feeling of the swing, but the melody fits better over 4 sets of three; also, the swing is not very strong feeling; at about 1:40 into the song it calms down, and that's where I hear the 12 the most
    • "She Left Home" by Jane Birkin (from Arabesque)--this one is interesting b/c it starts out in 12/8 (listen to the phrasing of the piano), but then switches to 3/4 at 2:18.
    • "Fallin' " by Alicia Keys (from Songs in A Minor)--I love this one. You could argue very well that it's in 6/8 because of the swing to it. But the chord progressions seem very strongly grouped like a 12/8, the lyrics seem to fit better as 12/8, and if you back away from the triplets and the swing, you'll find it makes a nice NC2S. I can't think of any 6/8 song that you can also do a non-waltz-ish dance to. Altogether, I'd call it 12/8, but an interesting one.
    Examples of 6/8
    • "La Del Ruso" by Gotan Project (from Revancha...)--syncopated as blazes, but definitely 6/8. There is no way you can only count it to 3 and have it feel right. The pattern to it repeats every 6 beats, which precludes it from being in 12/8. Mostly, though, the swing is so unbelievably strong in two.
    • "Tango Cancion" by Gotan Project (from Lunatico)--strong call and response feel; strong swing and feeling of two; second set of three is definitely subordinate to the first
    • "Shaman's Blues" by the Doors--again, very strong call & resposne and very strong swing and feeling of two; the melody is fit to 6 beats

    Examples of 3/4

    • "A New Day Has Come" by Celine Dion (from album of same name)--generally, the "one" beats are pretty equally weighted (listen to the lyrics and the guitar chord); each set of three is pretty self contained; interestingly, the song changes meter to 12/8 (or 4, with triplets, whichever) midway through and then changes back; it switches to 4 at 3:39, and back out at 4:03
    • "Come Away with Me" by Norah Jones (from album of same name)--first tip-off is the tempo, it would be exceedingly unusual to have something that slow in 6/8; mostly, though, the swing is contained within one set of three
    • "Run for the Roses" by Dan Fogelberg (from The Innocent Age)--same as above
    • "La Valser di Mezzanotte" by Childsplay (from The Great Waltz)--a bit of an oom-pah-pah feel to it, but mostly, the sets of 3 all feel very self contained; also, the "ones" are evenly weighted
    Hope this helps. I'm pretty sure all of these can be found on iTunes.
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    Wow wow woo woo! That was impressive!
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    my new favorite is "for a 1000 years" by christina perri
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    Papercut by Apollo Drive
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    I haven't danced to this yet but have been hearing it on the radio and thinking it would make a very pretty VW.
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    From an Instructor's perspective, the speed of a Viennese Waltz is crucial. If attempting a Viennese Waltz for the first time to music, beginners must learn slowly. The more experienced a person is, the faster a Viennese you should attempt. However, here's a list of some beautiful Viennese Waltz music; ranging from Beginner to Experienced:

    Flora's Secret - Enya
    Nara (Theme Song to Cold Case) - E.S. Posthumus
    Carribean Blue - Klaus Hallen Tanz Orchester
    What Now - Rihanna
    Dear John - Taylor Swift
    A Twist In My Story - Secondhand Serenade
    Your Guardian Angel - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    A Thousand Years - Christina Perri
    Kiss From A Rose - Seal
    Swing Life Away - Rise Against
    Crazier - Taylor Swift
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    A few of my favorites (that haven't been mentioned before):
    • Wonderful World by Elvis (the version in the Elvis Inspirational album is the best, IMO)
    • Tiempo de Vals by Chayanne (the song speeds up at the end, but if you are playing a 3-minute VW, someone will hate you)
    • Voices of Spring by New 101 Strings Orchestra
    • Super Mario Bros. Underwater Theme by Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra (this one is a bit more involved, since it requires splicing the Super Mario Bros. medley in the "Game Music Concert" CD, and the CD can be extremely expensive/hard to find.)
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    I think these will please you. It's a long list so I've bolded the ones I recommend most highly.

    Ice Cream - Sarah McLachlan
    Try Not to Breathe - R.E.M.
    Nights in White Satin - The Moody Blues
    Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
    Love Just Is - Hillary Duff
    Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
    Crazy - Aerosmith
    Introduction to Maxim's - Gigi (soundtrack)
    No One - Aly and AJ
    Homeless Heart - Amanda Stott
    Seduces Me - Celine Dion
    Down to Earth - Peter Gabriel
    Between - Vienna Teng
    I'm Still a Guy - Brad Paisley
    Life After You - Daughtry
    I Put a Spell on You - Marilyn Manson
    Drip Drop - Safura
    Crazy Girl - Eli Young Band
    Light in Your Eyes - Blessed Union of Souls
    Marry Me - Emilie Autumn
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    SK, I need to hire you as like my personal music consultant. Would you be okay with that?
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    World Stand Still - The Tenors
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    Just returning the favor, Dan.
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    This is very useful!
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    1)Music:Verdi from La Traviata - The Brindisi, Artist : Pavarotti;

    2) Rigoletto La Dona e mobile -Verdi -Pavarotti
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    I've always thought "Bound to You" by Christina Aguilera (Burlesque soundtrack) would be a gorgeous showcase.
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    My recent favorites:

    Someday - The Summer Set
    Mia Kardia Ston Anemo - Nikos Ikonomopoulos
    Giving It All Away - Ashlee Simpson
    Eighteen Inches - Lauren Alaina
    World Stand Still - The Tenors
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    The Chain- Ingrid Michaelson
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    Alcohol - Brad Paisley

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