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    After moving to Buenos Aires in 1999, I had to get used to men on the street whispering something to me as they walked by. Their comments were meant only for me in a low voice. I learned that Argentine women do not acknowledge these comments, but they hear them without getting upset. They are part of every day life in the city where there are lots of people walking all hours of the day and night.

    It's not uncommon for a young man to acknowledge an older woman with a piropo. When this happened to me, I accepted that this is something Argentine men do in the city. They aren't aggressive nor do they expect the woman to respond in any way.

    One situation stands out. Alito and I were walking from my apartment to the milonga at Lo de Celia. I held his arm while walking down the street as always. A young man directed a piropo to me from the other side of the street. This says something about Argentine men who feel no hesitation to express themselves to strangers in public. It's a part of life in the city of Buenos Aires.

    Piropos are abundant between dances in the milongas. Some are published in B. A. Tango magazine for all to enjoy. The women who contribute them certainly do.
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    That's pretty much the way I understood things.

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