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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by smoothdancingirl, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    It's not just a possibility Jenn, there's only one major freeway in San Diego county that hasn't had at least some closures in the last 24 hours. :shock: :(
  2. redhead

    redhead New Member

    RED is the best 8)
  3. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    After attending a comp over the weekend and seeing some truly stunning gowns and costumes, I've come to a realization. Gowns should be as unique as possible. Not necessarily bright, dark, or any particular color. Just something that will stand out on the floor. The two costumes I remember were a coatdress styled gown in white with black print and a white dress which had intricate flower-shaped bead work in pastel colors. There were no other dresses like them on the floor. Both, as you notice, were white, a color that many shy away from.

    My conclusion: take the time and effort to get something different from the crowd. I'm actually thinking about making some of my own for future comps, or hiring a dressmaker to do it for me.
  4. lil glam gal

    lil glam gal New Member

    What colour would you say was the "IN" colour at latin competitions at the minute ?
  5. Purr

    Purr Well-Known Member

    It better be red. ;)
  6. mamboqueen

    mamboqueen Well-Known Member

    Now, see, I'd want to wear something other than what everyone else is wearing...

    At Manhattan, there were quite a lot of reds and turquoise-ish. Didn't see many black dresses; probably saw more white.
  7. lil glam gal

    lil glam gal New Member

    yeah i've just got a brand new red latin dress which shows up really well on the floor
  8. SPratt74

    SPratt74 New Member

    I have a couple of questions regarding colors and if you are beginning competitions. Should you wear something that is a dark color and/or a light color? Does it matter what stage you are in competing when you pick out colors and costumes?
  9. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    I would say wear what's right for your skin first and foremost. Then go for something that stands out but not in a bad way. I saw some lovely yellow gowns at Manhattan--I can't wear yellow, but they look great on the floor.

    My Smooth dress is going to be a color that I *didn't* actually see there, but which turns out to have been somewhat 'in' at Blackpool (which was yay for me because it meant the dressmaker had a bigger selection of fabrics than she originally thought.) It'll stand out on the floor, as will the design, but it will also look good with my hair and (competition-tanned) skin. There were some great colors I tried on that I saw other people wearing, and they looked wonderful (especially some bright pinks) but they just do not look nice on me.
  10. SlowDancer

    SlowDancer New Member

    OK, so what color would that be?:p
  11. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    When I get the dress, I'll post pictures. ;)

    I'm more excited about seeing how the back looks. I have NEVER thought I should wear backless anythings, and then I kept trying things on with these low-cut plunging backlines and people kept liking them and saying what a good feature it was for me.
  12. SPratt74

    SPratt74 New Member

    That's a good idea, but it's hard for me because I have to Mystic Tan when I go to comp. I'm not sure exactly what's going to look great when my skin color will be changing. (I should be like a before an after poster girl for the Mystic Tan company lol. You'll see what a difference it makes when I do it lol. I've done it before but only on a couple of occasions. It's sort of fun really!)
  13. lil glam gal

    lil glam gal New Member

    whats mystic tan? x
  14. DancinAnne

    DancinAnne New Member

    spray on tan
  15. lil glam gal

    lil glam gal New Member

    can you buy it? x
  16. Larinda McRaven

    Larinda McRaven Site Moderator Staff Member

  17. Just don't practice (and sweat a TON) 2 minutes after you get the treatment.... It all washed off my face and hands.

    Oh and make sure to lotion your finger and toe nails.... Otherwise they will look rather icky for a few months.... I learned the hard way.
  18. Katarzyna

    Katarzyna Well-Known Member

    and elbows.. I still get asked if I hurt my elbow at work (that was another tanner but they all like to darken the drier areas)
  19. mamboqueen

    mamboqueen Well-Known Member

    and ankle bones...
  20. lil glam gal

    lil glam gal New Member

    yes thats it x

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