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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by smoothdancingirl, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. Purr

    Purr Well-Known Member

    For me, the answer remains the same.
  2. moondance

    moondance New Member

    hmmm and123 rainbow i think i had a dress like that when i was little lol:cool:

    DanceMentor :lol: the problem with a clear dress is the judges might get a bit distracted :oops:

    but thanks for the ideas they definately made me smile!
  3. soshedances

    soshedances Active Member

    How exactly does one make a rainbow gown??? :shock:

    Or a clear one? Saran Wrap?? :shock::shock:
  4. and123

    and123 Well-Known Member

    hmmm, well, IIRC, it was constructed of this rainbow metallic lycra with inserts of chiffon in the skirt, all different colors. It was noticeable, but not necessarily in a *good* way.
  5. Standarddancer

    Standarddancer Well-Known Member

    I’m not a big fan of gold, just because I look really dreadful in nude or gold color; silver would look nice if use the silver sequined bodice but other colored skirt; I would think pink or blue would be better for someone who’s pale.
  6. soshedances

    soshedances Active Member

    I think I've seen that dress...yes, definitely stands out :roll:
  7. hereKittyKitty

    hereKittyKitty Administrator Staff Member

    I don't mind silver, I just don't like the metallic silver. One of Alina's other dresses was metallic silver, which was horrible. Looks like a gigantic mirror. But I've seen the silver/grayish one she wore a Blackpool this year and I thought that one was nice.
  8. Ithink

    Ithink Active Member

    I know what you mean. One of the pro semi-finalists at Blackpool had this silver dress with giant metallic-looking mirrored appliques and I thought it was hideous. And she kept wearing it all week, for Rising Star and Pro, all rounds.
  9. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    when it comes to metallic, a dash of it can be nice, I tend to have gold in alot of my gowns because it suits my coloring...but this is not one of those instances where if a little is good, alot is better...nope
  10. Standarddancer

    Standarddancer Well-Known Member

    Well this achieve the purpose of being eye-catching and distinctive and being remembered, maybe somehow such distinctive dress helped the couple to be standout from crowd and captured judge’s attention;) so dress served purpose in this way which is important for blackpool
  11. gracie

    gracie Active Member

    Would love to see the silver mirror gown. Has anyone seen it on Dancesportinfo site?
  12. Standarddancer

    Standarddancer Well-Known Member

    maybe not hard to find, she must be a pro standard RS semi-finalist, there are only 6 semi-finalists so shouldn't be hard to find.
  13. etp777

    etp777 Active Member

    I would think there'd be 12 semi finalists and 6 finalists. ;)
  14. etp777

    etp777 Active Member

    of course, now that I've been a smarta**, have checked pictures (just quickly, not completely, obviously) of 9 out of 12 semifinalists and haven't found dres sin question. :p
  15. TAK

    TAK Member

    Not unless you generally refer to finalists as "semi-finalists"...6 made the semifinal but not the final, hence semi-finalists.
  16. KimS

    KimS New Member

    there are two pictures of a silver dress
  17. etp777

    etp777 Active Member

    I stand corrected. Good point TAK. I should have called it a night before that nightcap. ;)
  18. Ithink

    Ithink Active Member

    It's Anna Longmore's dress. She was also an RS Standard finalist. It was one of those rare time where a dress can totally turn one off of a person's actual dancing:(
  19. Katarzyna

    Katarzyna Well-Known Member

    I think her gowns are different unique and kind of cool, noticed her gown in RS few years back when she had a rich blue gown with circles etc... but I cannot say i dislike her dresses, I like most of her current ones... cut decoration etc... matter of taste I guess, I like that they have that different edge
  20. Ithink

    Ithink Active Member

    Yes, it's great that people have such varying tastes! Me, I'll take pretty over edgy anyday, personally;) But I guess if anything, her gown was memorable...

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