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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by Addicted2Rhinestones, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. Warren J. Dew

    Warren J. Dew Well-Known Member

    More like a wedding without the ex.
  2. Warren J. Dew

    Warren J. Dew Well-Known Member

    Gozzoli's letter strongly implies that he's planning to go to Blackpool. He's telling other Italians not to follow in his footsteps.
  3. contracheck

    contracheck New Member

    Where do you read such Gozzoli's strong implication in the letter?
    I am not the only one here who think that Gozzoli will not participate in Blackpool.
    As far as I can understand, Gozzoli states that the charges FIDC makes against Blackpool are true and he totally supports FIDS's strong reaction.

    What kind of jerk is he and what kind of strong support is it, if he participates in Blackpool but asks others not to. Does he feel that he is not going to win the Blackpool if other able Italian dancers participate?

    This is what Gozzoli wrote in part, "I have carefully read the reasons of the denial to participate at Blackpool and I can confirm that they are true, even if I experienced the same situation on the other side and, maybe, I was also against FIDS. What has been said is true and therefore I totally support FIDS strong reaction."
  4. Benjy

    Benjy Member

    Of course he's going to go... he would be foolish not to when he's so close to another title:

    “What are you going to do? Do you dance?”. In this moment what I will do is not
    so important. You have to feel part of a team, who is working to create the future champions. The decisions
    I and Edita will make with regards to Blackpool are only guided by my sense of coherence. Twenty-five
    years ago I choose what I wanted to achieve and now I have to follow my project. My life as athlete has
    almost come to an end; as a consequence, my decisions are based on values and choices which are far from
    the path every Italian athlete should follow from now on
    I am an athlete born in the “old system” with IDSF for amateurs and WDC for professionals"

    Sounds to me like he's going to dance, and I think he should... it's WDC that should be ashamed for even putting athletes in a position where they have to choose like this. I hear Donnie Burns complains about how much he hates being president of WDC... maybe he would not hate it so much if he didn't engage in such hate-mongering as this.
  5. contracheck

    contracheck New Member

    It is highly possible that this is a badly translated version from Italian to English. He wrote this letter to FIDS President, who is obviously an Italian, and Italian athletes. I don't see any reason why he would write it in English to those people who may not understand English. He speaks perfect English. Do I make sense?
  6. Warren J. Dew

    Warren J. Dew Well-Known Member

    It looks to me like the Italian DanceSport organization is trying to discourage its members from attending Blackpool because the students of Italian coaches are not doing as well in England as they would like.
  7. contracheck

    contracheck New Member

    In my opinion, he does not have to go; he has enough titles. If he wants to go to Blackpool, he can afford to say it clearly and directly, rather than using so many dubious run around words.

    He asks FIDS athletes "to listen to and follow the decisions made by the federation, my federation and its president." If he is not going do follow what he preaches, don't you think that he is a hypocrite?
  8. latingal

    latingal Well-Known Member

    actually I have to agree that from my reading of the letter, I would not be surprised if he did go and compete at Blackpool.
  9. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    Me too...
  10. CANI

    CANI Active Member

    I had the same impression that these letters were probably translations from someone other than the original authors. For one, Mirko's letter has at the top 'Mirco Gozzoli : FIDS is right!!!' Seems to me, this would say "I" support FIDS, or the spelling of his name, would be the same at the top of the letter as at the bottom -- with a k. Also, both letters use 'carrier' for 'career.' What are the odds that two different people are making the same mistake? My guess is one person translated both.
  11. CANI

    CANI Active Member

    I had the same impression. And while I can't honestly say that I understand exactly what is happening here, my reading of his letter is that he is saying that he is being consistent within his career of always following the rules of WDC -- whether he agreed with them or not -- because this is the system he grew up in as an athlete -- and that he will continue to do so. However, the message he is giving to his fellow Italians is they should follow the rules of the current system representing them, which it sounds like is this Italian Dancesport organization.
  12. contracheck

    contracheck New Member

    Here is a blistering attack, published today in, on Feruccio Galvagno's charge against WDC. If this article is correct, Mirko Gozzoli, who announced that Galvagno's charge was all true, is also dead wrong.

    "Russian Latin Star

    Friday, 09 Apr 2010, 06:05

    This letter from Mr. Galvagno only proves how "twisted" or "wacky" his thinking is. Dancesportinfo is clearly NOT supporting WDC, the "English" or any other organization.
    Also to suggest that all of the Blackpool judges are corrupt or under the WDC is verging on slander: Lorna Lee has already announced that she is neither for or against either side, Richard Gleave has started "freedom to dance" and is for the dancer rather than either organization, Jukka has judged IDSF or WDC events and is clearly unbiased in that regard and is there anyone straighter in his opinion that David Sycamore? To tarnish all of these people with the same brush is a gross insult to their integrity.
    I suggest that it is this quality of adjudicator that makes everyone want to compete at Blackpool, I suggest that it is the dancefloor, the ballroom, the knowledgeable audience, the atmosphere and the history, the fact that making a final truly puts you on a floor where every legend has been before. It is not the ridiculous situation that Mr. Galvagno presents. The adjudicators on the Blackpool panel are some of the finest coaches the world has to offer, they do not need to be corrupt as couples will always want to learn from such legends of dance.
    Blackpool is still a place where couples can come from nowhere and get a result. Long may it continue. I suggest that is why Mr. Galvagno is confused about the results. If dancing is a "sport" then couples would not always perform at the same level, they are human after all. That is surely the reason behind varying results. Does Tiger Woods win every competition? Does Federer?
    Does Mr. Galvagno really truly believe that all of those judges are "Best Friends" and somehow create a result that WDC will be happy with? I believe that every judge on the floor is far too busy "judging" than thinking about who is WDC or who is IDSF. Just watch the adjudicators next time you are at Blackpool. I have and I can see 11 people desperately trying to choose couples for the next round. If it was all set up, as Mr. Galvagno proposes, they would not need to judge as intensely as they do. (I guess that the judges are good actors too!)
    To attack the "English" is also ridiculous, where are all of the English Champions if the English have so much power? Don't you think that the "English" would like to have English Champions as in the days of old?
    To attack Dancesportinfo, the "English" and Blackpool is a mistake and a tragedy as it is playing politics with the couples careers and is to my mind very unfortunate to say the least."
  13. contracheck

    contracheck New Member clarifies this translation issue below. As we have suspeted, the letter was originally published in Italian in FIDS website.

    "Dancesportinfo open reply to the FIDS letter
    Posted yesterday, 22:54 by admin
    Read: 837

    We have recently received a press release from FIDS (Italian Dance Federation) which included several personal attacks on in all but name. Although this release was published a few weeks ago on the FIDS website, in Italian, we chose to ignore it as we have no intention of joining political fights. However, as an English version of this press release has now been sent directly to us, we feel that we should present our reply."
  14. contracheck

    contracheck New Member

    He cannot deprive other Italian dancers of becoming a Blackpool Champion by telling them not to participate so only he can retain the chance of becoming the Champion among Italians. What kind of idiot can make such an egotistic and irlogical statement to the fellow countrymen?
  15. Larinda McRaven

    Larinda McRaven Site Moderator Staff Member

    haha... that one made laugh out loud!
  16. Larinda McRaven

    Larinda McRaven Site Moderator Staff Member

    CC I think you need to relax. Your tone is starting to turn bitter. It is not for you to decide what he meant or did not mean. If no one understands a poorly translated document then that is all we have... a poorly translated document that is being interpreted differently. No one is right or wrong yet... stop using words like idiot, jerk, hypocrite, and egotistical. They tend to get you banned.
  17. contracheck

    contracheck New Member

    Some explanation is in order. I post here as a mean of relaxation, so I am always relaxed. Some parts are translated clearly, and I have delat only with those parts. I thought that the word "egotistical" was pretty safe because Mirko himself used it to describe himself. If you read them carefully, all other words you pointed out are directed to a hypothetical person who does not exist - no harm done to anyone. Besides, if you want attract eyes to make a point, make it spicy, otherwise why say it at all? By the way, did you see those strong words in the to an existing living person? Compare to them, mines are lukewarm nothing that is not worth making an issue. Even these lukewarm nothings are done in a touge-in-cheek fashion in a comical way. Some people see it and some don't.
  18. Larinda McRaven

    Larinda McRaven Site Moderator Staff Member

    This is not dancesportinfo, and I do not agree with your analogy.
    No further discussion on this point. You have been warned.

    and editing your posts does not change anything...
  19. contracheck

    contracheck New Member

    Kaput!, I better find a tall tree and hang myself with Larinda's name in red on my chest. But, your warning does not seem to have any teeth. I keep on coming back and seem to drive you crazy for no clear reason. You are intelligent enough to know that a disagreement is a two-way street, which needs to be resolved by a dialogue and not by histerya. Who, for instance, decides that words like idiot, jerk, and hypocrite are forbidden words and how does a poster know that beforejand.
  20. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member

    You know that calling people names is verboten.You know that we're all supposed to be nice to each other, dude. You know that you're not supposed to say anything to hurt anyone's feelings.

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