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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by Addicted2Rhinestones, Mar 24, 2010.

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    To get back to the original problem, which I admit I stopped following when the debate on and other sites became no more than an exchange of namecalling, often in very bad English (mostly bad grammar, but some profanity as well).
    Am I correct in understanding that amateurs from Italy and Russia are now banned from participating in Blackpool, per orders of their respective amateur organizations?
    Since this fight between the organizations has been going on for a long time, with little hope of being resolved in the next couple of months, what kind of Blackpool can we expect? The pros will be there, unaffected. But not having amateurs from Russia and Italy will decimate the amateur events.
    I was planning on going early, as usual, and made my bookings to attend the pre-qualifying events for amateurs. Not so much for the dancing (it's pretty atrocious in those events, very in-your-face, and the objective is to catch the judge's eyes in a huge field, just to make the next cut). But still, the costumes alone, and the vibe in the ballroom, are worth the price of admission.
    Without the Russians and the Italians, the amateur events will consist primarily of the east Asians (Japan and China), and the East Europeans. Hmmmm. That's a terrible disappointment.
    Then of course, in the comp proper and at the higher level, it would make for some serious couples not attending.
    I'm trying to stay cool and keep repeating "it's just a hobby for me", but still, darn it.

  2. Becca

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    Of course Mirko and Edita are dancing! They are performing at the Competitors' Commission's Cabaret on the first night and I know also that they are dancing the Team Match - I was actually told this by another member of their team.
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    interesting debate here, I do not know much about italians, but i am shocked that russians actually are blaming english coaches for being corrupted, when it is well known fact that dancers in Russia have to pay if they want to be in the final in russian competitions, and after that they actually boycotting Blackpool. russians should not talk until they fix corruption inside of their country. by the way i am from russia and have seen this corruption for years back in 80th, and it is still there
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    such a shame such antics happen, what ever happened to winning on merit!....It must have something to do with money
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    I agree with QPO that it is a shame that such antics occur. I just recently started dancing again after 10 years off where during that period the only window I left for myself with Ballroom Dance was attending the Blackpool Dance Festival every year (first started in 1993). It is unfortunate some seem to want to turn the results into a political issue and it is unclear why. Back when I first started attending some were up in arms regarding the fact that couples from England always won the British Professional Standard. This century has seen a change in this and Italy has been one of the breakthrough countries (although not to my personal preference in many cases). At the same time, as it is the British Open, it is the perogative of the Festival organizers to use adjudicators of their choice and the fact that they are UK judges does not seem that out of line. Also, I think that many of the adjudicators from England who have been around a while prefer a more traditional presentation - could it in fact be the changes that have been introduced that are impacting how the adjudicators rank the couples? I know some of the ways couples dance today just seem distorted and not very attractive with what appears to be a goal of out bending the other couples. I will once again enjoy the Dance Festival from the North Balcony, but just a little less due to the drama.
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    Welcome to DF makrsbras!
  7. Larinda McRaven

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    7 days to go... most everyone has left for England....
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    Becca, I am sure you will be there... please keep us updated!!! :)
  10. Katarzyna

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    Flying in a week, exciting.
  11. tangotime

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    Para 1.. I wonder.. could it be because they were the best ? :rolleyes: ( actually, an australian won it twice in the 50s .. watched them on several occasions whilst they were in the UK at that time)

    Para 2.. The credentials of the panel , I believe, are beyond reproach

    Para 3... many of the Judges, have coached ( some still do ) many of the pro. and amat. couples.. the changes in style lay in their hands..
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    Any problems with flights due to volcanic ash?
  13. sambanada

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    PLease keep us all posted!!!
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    No, but our coach's flight on Tuesday is quite precarious due to the BA strike... At this point it's probably cancelled but he's not 100% sure yet.
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    Can't wait to "hear" read any and all DFers who may be "reporting". Yes, BA is striking, but lots of other carriers are still continuing. Good luck to all.
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    I wish I was there.
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    Are entry lists up anywhere yet? Can't seem to locate them if they are...
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    I was looking for them also
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    I'm tweeting about blackpool.

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