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    Thanks a lot, DaveF!
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    Michael and Joanna!!! :cheers::banana:
  3. Here are some of my thoughts from Pro Latin...I'm so curious about some of the results.

    • Why did Evgenij & Oksana Nikiforova only make it till Top 48?
    • How crazy is it that Smagin and partner made it to all the semis?
    • So nice to see Matej & Iwona make it to all the semis!!!
    • Again, surprised that Lu Ning & Jasmine Ding made it to semis in two dances (since I feel a few other couples dance better than them that didn't make it to any semis)
    • Really sad that Markus Homm & Ksenia Kasper only made it to semis after their big jump last year :(
    • I am happy Y & R took Jive again :)
    • Sergey & Melia came 3rd in Paso...would love to hear from people who watched this live to see how they beat Franco & Oxana!
    • I hate when finals for all the dances have the same couples lol
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    Unless it's Y&R : )
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    Great final!
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    Thanks for results and feedback, davef and a2r
  7. Gary McDonald

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    Easy answer from someone that was there..........because that's the way it should have been. One of the best finals the audience at Blackpool has witnessed for several years and the first time in many years that the finalists received a standing ovation before the last danced finished. Awesome!
  8. results

    I wasn't there, but I find the results hard to's the same thing every year...almost exactly the same placements from comp to comp...the judges stick with the same marks no matter how the couples dance

    I certainly don't get Sergey/Melia over Slavik/ me Slavik/Anna should be second, but the very least third...Franco/Oxana are lacking in many ways...Sergey/Melia are just odd (everything) and lacking in so many ways...

    why would just Yulia/Riccardo's jive get marked ahead of Michael and Joanna there is not a big change in Y/R versus M/J from C/S/R/PD and then you say oh, but there jive is so much better, not true

    much of this becomes the concept or people saying oh but Y/R jive is so good or better...then people believe it and mark when it isn't necessarily so (I'm not saying I don't like Y/R's jive by the way)

    additionally, it not like oh this is the way it was if you were there, with the exception of slight odd change here or there (Paso from 3 - 4) the marks are always like this at every comp world wide for the last year!!! ...this is 99% the way it was marked at other comps (maybe, except UK Open where Sergey/Melia beat Slavik/Anna by one mark in one dance, which would have changed the overall results i.e. S/M won 3 dances and S/A won 2 dances and one mark from winning R)

    there can't be that much uniformity among performances and judging panels (and judge's perceptions) with that degree of immutability from comp to comp all year long or even from year to year...very odd and the performances of certain couples don't measure up

    a famous coach and judge we asked at a studio one time about why things are marked a certain way (we were asking about Latin professional big world finals)...she said, "they (European judges) don't know what there looking at" fact it didn't need too much more explanation than fact, there may be a bit more needed to explain the why but in fact that's true, they don't know what they're looking at

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    Wasn't there so can't really comment on any couple hope someone posts some vids :) But I agree with Mambo Americano. Dancing world's biggest problem is subjective marking system. And that is no secret to anyone. Once you become first you will be first until you retire or split. I wish they would try to to make competitions marking system closer to figure skating, at least then there would be some kind of arguments why that or other couple got that or other mark, now its just purely opinion based marking system.
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    Yay for Y&R taking jive! :)
  11. Naturally :) :) :)
  12. Thanks Gary for giving us a sense of what the audience was like. Having not been there (and solely based on results), I can't say I feel that way about the finals. However, the call backs for quarters and semis were very very interesting to me (and I like it that way when it's not set who makes the quarters/semis) as well as the effects of all the new partnerships or recently turned pro couples. All this definitely affected major rankings for couples (compared to last years results).

    One day...I hope to watch all this in person :)
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    Ditto... what A2R said! I like the excitement of the switching up with new partnerships and newly turned pros... Thank you for the insight Gary!

    A2R, that's one of my dreams too! xoxo
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    I wish i was there. It seemes like everyone had such a great time this year!
  15. Hmm, not sure I feel the same way. I believe it IS possible to jump up in ranks. Look at Blackpool results for 1999 - 2002 and compare the ranks of Jukka & Sirpa vs. Bryan and Carmen. These jumps are not just seen in who holds the title but also ranks within the finals (Michael & Joanna vs. Andrej & Katarina in Blackpool 2005 - 2007) or jumping from semis to finals and then back to semis again (Markus & Ksenia last year's Blackpool vs. this year's) or other rounds. And this is just a few examples in Pro Latin, I'm sure other categories have similar examples.

    Of course, a lot depends on break ups and formations of partnerships and couples turning pro or retiring etc. but I do believe that it IS possible to surpass another couples rankings over the years as examples have shown. Does it happen super often...maybe, maybe not, it just all depends...but it still makes people wonder and excited for results every year :)
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    There are several instances dating back to 1936/7/8 and 1955/6/7 in the Standard and in the Latin in 1976/7/8.. it also happened the " World " latin in 1967/8/9 and in theWorld Standard in 1960/61/62
    Placings were reversed in each case
  17. Larinda McRaven

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    Meh, not exactly true. Schiavo and Arzenton beat the Baricchis. Peter and Brenda beat the Irvines. Perhaps it is not often, but you can't really say "never". And these are just the easy ones I can think of off the top of my head.
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    Thanks, Mr. McDonald, for taking time in your busy schedule to tell us what you had seen. Do you plan to throw a big party when some members of your studio win the Blackpool Standard for the US for the first time in history? Isn't that going to be a great honor for you and staffs? If you do, I shall show up wearing my sparkliest outfit.
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    So Eugene & Maria did not compete after all?
  20. etp777

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    Exhibition starting soon. :)

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