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  1. Markus and Ksenia made it into the Final in Jive with Anton and Ekaterina...making it into 6th by one mark over A&E (7 to 6) (6+)
  2. Justinas and Anna made it into Cha Cha (their only final dance) with 3 recalls, 3 for Anton and Ekaterina, and 2 for Markus and Ksenia

    The recall from round 3 for Rumba: 4 for Emanuele and Elisa, 3 for Justinas and Anna, and 3 for Anton and Ekaterina

    Jive seven couple final again and Markus and Ksenia got up to 3 R with Anton and Ekaterina to make it in
  3. Pro-Ballroom Marks

    Pro-Ballroom Marks now available

    Arunas and Katusha all firsts in all dances except one 2 in each Tango, FT, & QS........obviously dominant 1st without Mirko there...
    (Editorial comment here: not that either Mirko or Victor and Anastasia would challenge Arunas and Katusha at Blackpool under the odd judging panel composition, group psychology, and seeming British conventions here)

    Victor and Anastasia dominant in second (11, 8, 10, 8 [2+]) W,T, FT, QS
  4. Andrea and Sara (dancing for England) safe in third, not challenged much by Domen and Monica...who were challenged for 4th by Valerio and Yulia

    Forth Place

    7 to 5 Waltz
    5 to 5 Tango (D&M 5th, V&Y 6th, Angelo and Antonella 4th in Tango)
    6 to 4 Foxtrot
    6 to 3 Quickstep

    Valerio and Yulia 5th in all dances except aforementioned Tango
  5. Warren and Kristi Boyce (also dancing for England) Sixth Place in Waltz and Foxtrot, Seven in Quickstep, didn't final in Tango

    Angelo Madonia and Antonella Decarolis (Italy) made the final in Tango and then came in FORTH!!!

    Sascha and Natascha Karabey (Germany) made the final in Tango and Foxtrot and came in 7th in both

    Chao Yang and Yi Ling Tan (China) 4 recalls to the final in QS, came in Sixth

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