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    Funny, I saw Pavel Kovalev today teaching in NJ, so they definately did NOT go to Blackpool. Anna lost her wallet and I.D. so they could not fly.

    However it seems that Danceplaza has them listed as making the first cut and even has a picture...
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    No comment. :rolleyes:
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    hah, that's funny.
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    1 Bryan Watson & Carmen Vincelj Germany 0 0
    2 Michal Malitowski & Joanna Leunis Poland 0 0
    3 Andrej Skufca & Katarina Venturini Slovenia 0 0
    4 Dmitri Timokhin & Karina Smirnoff Russia 0 0
    5 Riccardo Cocchi & Joanne Wilkinson
    6 Klaus Kongsdal & Victoria Franova
    7 Sergey Sourkov & Agnieszka Melnicka Poland 0 0
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    u just catching up? :)

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    Yeah...did someone already post it??? *major duh*
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    To answer some questions:
    I thought Max and Yulia danced better than I have ever seen them dance before. They have improved so much, with a lot more depth, without losing the speed and lightness. In contrast, and pardon my opinion, Sergey and Melia looked "heavy" to me. But, it's not my opinion that counts.
    Anyway, the US couples did very well, all in all. Check out the results, since I can't spend too much time online right now. Christian Baernes and Christina, Ilya Ifraimov and Nadia, Lyubomir Asenov and Veronika, Darius Penkauskas and Darina, Gherman and Iveta, Delyan and Boriana, Jonathan Roberts and Anna, and of course Andre Gavriline and Elena, they all placed remarkably well.
    Then there are what I call (and only jokingly, please) the "turncoats", i.e. dancers who dance for other countries though they are mostly in the US - Paul and Olga (I was cheering for them and muttering "traitor" under my breath, all at the same time :)); Plamen Danailov and Radostina (dancing for Bulgaria; they also danced in the European championships, for Bulgaria); and Dimitrious Damales and Maria (dancing for Greece?? That's what the program said. I'll admit I did not see them on the floor - it was so very crowded); and, Andre Paramanov and Natalie (now for Canada, and living there as well, but I still cheer for them). There were other US dancers, and I can't list them all, but these couples above really went through to the 48 and the 24.
    On a similar note - the US won the team match in Latin. I don't know if any one has commented on that. The US took third overall, but won the Latin. It was the only team that fielded two very strong couples in the Latin division.
    The other news (and sorry if someone already noted that; didn't have time to read through the whole thread), Italy won the team match overall. The first time ever that Britain loses (or so the MC told the crowd).
    Now, what I meant by Sergey and Melia as touted for high placement even before the dancing started is that sometimes there is a "buzz" around a certain couple. You hear it in gossip, in other people's conversations, in who is watching whom very closely, and so on. You also see it in other more tangible clues.
    Alan Fletcher, a power in the danceworld, and frequent judge at Blackpool, gave a lecture entitled "A Master Class" at the Blackpool Congress (you can all watch it if you buy the DVD), in which he featured Sergey and Melia to demonstrate. That is remarkable, for a couple that is just new to the pro ranks and was in the lower tier of the Amateur finals for most of their careers. He also featured Max and Yulia. Now from things like that you get the idea of whom the judges are looking at very carefully as being worthy of notice. Hazel Fletcher, Alan's wife, was judging this year's Blackpool. There are only 11 judges for the evening events (throughout the whole thing), so judges are a very small, elite clique and a "buzz" among them means something.
    Max and Yulia had the same "buzz" last year. Glad to see they still have it this year. It can only be good for the US.
    Other things - and I could spend hours, but I gotta run. The British presence keeps getting weaker and weaker. Unfortunately, the US, I thought, also was pretty weak numbers-wise in the Amateur Latin (all three divisions- under 21, RS, and Open Amateur). I want to see us growing our future champs, not just importing them "prefab", so to speak.
    And China is growing, and growing, and growing. Two Chinese couples in the final of the under-21 Amateur Standard. A Chinese couple winning the RS Amateur Latin, and so on. The Japanese were also very strong, numerically, but not so much results-wise, I think.
    Well, gotta go.
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    Swan and I have been to China, danced with Chinese dancers, and can tell you first-hand about the ascendency of China.

    Basically, in about 1998, the Chinese government decided that DanceSport was worth investing in. So, they created a system of regional DanceSport schools to identify and train talented individuals, thus creating their first generation of teachers and competitors. This first generation was expected to go out and teach. What we are now seeing is the second generation, the result of a proliferation of good teachers who were brought up through the government-funded program. These second generation dancers are the students of these teachers, and are doing very very well internationally.

    It's basically the old Soviet-style sports machine, applied to DanceSport. The kids leave home at a young age and live at the training center, and do nothing but dance and go to school. Dancing is looked at by the older people as a healthy fun activity to do every day, like Tai Chi. It is looked at by the younger people as a way to bring honor to their family and country, an opportunity to have a better life than farming (something like 80% of the Chinese are farmers), and a chance to travel around China and also outside of the country. The dance schools are also like large extended families, which fills some kind of personal need for people in a country where parents are only allowed to have one child. I noticed in China that cousins will sometimes refer to each other as "brother" and "sister." I guess on some level that people want/need to have siblings. Growing up in a dance school with a bunch of other kids about your age certainly provides that.

    One last point: in a country where girl children are not as valued as boy children, to the point where some of the poorest peasants practice infanticide of girls, or give them up for adoption, it's nice to see an area where women are just as important as the men. This is another way in which DanceSport can be thought of as having sort of a healing effect.

    Anyway, so much for my digression. The rise of Chinese dancers has only just begun.
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    On DancePlaza's Blackpool site, there's a link that takes you to the web site of the outfit that handles the scoring. Some time after the comp is over, they'll post all the marks, including the computation of placements.

    In short, the overall placements for the pro latin and standard are just figured from the placements in the finals of each individual dance. Anyone who dances in the final of an individual dance will be listed in the overall. The placement for the overall is based on some kind of point accumulation in which a couple gets more points the higher they place in each individual dance final, so a couple that only makes the final in one dance is not likely to get enough points to place higher than last in the overall. (I guess in theory this system could lead to some ties, but politics seems to preclude that.)
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    Jools, how would you compare Max and Yulia vs Andre and Elena performance wise? I wish I could have been there! Does anyone have any predictions for the standard events?
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    Yes, an Italian couple will win both standard events... D&G for Am, M&A for Pro.
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    I don't think there will be too many surprises in pro standard... Mirko & Alessia; Tim & Jo; Jonathan & Kate; William & Alessandra; Chris & Justyna; Lynn Mariner with partner. Dark horses are Victor & Anna; Giampiero & Anastasia.

    BTW, Egor & Katya and Craig & Katya are in the top 48 of the Amateur Ballroom.
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    None of the US couples got further than Round 4 for amateur standard. Looks like the final is:

    Arunas Bizokas & Edita Daniute
    Paolo Bosco & Silvia Pitton
    Warren Boyce & Kristi Boyce
    Benedetto Ferruggia & Claudia Koehler
    Sascha Karabey & Natasha Karabey
    Domenico Soale & Gioia Cerasoli
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    Final was a bit surprising.
    1. Domenico/Gioia
    2. Arunas/Edita
    3. Paolo/Sylvia
    4. Benedetto/Claudia
    5. Boyces
    6. Karabeys
    #1 & #2 were the standing ranking. Glad to see Paolo/Sylvia finally got the deserved placement. Karabeys dropped way down.

    Semi Final also has some surprises. The usual semi finalists Maret/Alina from Russia as well as last year's finalist Federico Ditoro & Genny Favero from Italy didn't make it & got stuck in QF.
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    Marat and Alina are in the semi...

    I am shocked at the Karabeys' result. They are a favorite couple of mine and I cannot believe they got beaten by some of those couples...
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    www.dancesportinfo.met have full results downloaded from

    US couples in Amateur Ballroom tonite were:

    26* Craig Shaw & Katya Afanaseva
    34* Egor Abashkin & Katya Kanevskaya
    63* Andrey Klinchik & Yulia Dzyuba
    100* Andrea Faraci & Erica Ridgeway
    113* Simeon Stoynov & Kora Ucekaj
    124* Max Sinitsa & Lela Weinert
    138* Jason Turner & Lila Turner (aka Lee)
    140* Nikolai Smodlev & Anna Gushina
    148* Jonathan Medlin & Malin Allert
    155* Alex Spencer & Katherina Herink
    165* Damian Stepien & Karolina Delekta

    Craig and Katya were only two places off the top 24
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