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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by larrynla, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

    not true in Welsh we have more vowels than the english

    a,e,i, o, u, w, y

    phonetically: aah, air, ee, o (as in the o sound in 'or') u, oo, ur
  2. Heather2007

    Heather2007 New Member

    The former would be like the "O" in "Log" or "God" (the "h" being added to make the word steccato as opposed to being drawn out as in "Oh my God). And the latter sans the "h", would be like the "O" in, say, "toe" or "vote". (Now, I'm beginning to sound anal. Heather? What? Quit now, whilst ahead..:))
  3. kieronneedscake

    kieronneedscake New Member

    I don't know what you're talking about Heather, I always put another loag on the fire...
  4. opendoor

    opendoor Well-Known Member

    Hi, is Essex the area where the people from Lower-Saxony (Hannover area) went to? Lower stems from marshy and wet. May be, we are related?
  5. Heather2007

    Heather2007 New Member

    Question: How many kindergarten children do you know, know how to spell Boleo or Voleo. And (assuming you mean non-spanish-speaking toddlers), how many kindergarten children do you know, know the meaning of the word? I would ge interested to know the figures. Plus, and this is my attempt to remain in the realms of anorakism (Englanders..stop laughing)...

    Ok, sir. Um, does that mean I don't have to do detention?...:raisebro:
  6. Heather2007

    Heather2007 New Member

    And, and, and...I am yet to meet one who can pronounce my name as it is written.
  7. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member


    heath - er
    heathe-r to to rhyme with breathe
    'eather with dropped h
    "your highness"
  8. Dave Bailey

    Dave Bailey New Member

    That's Ah-NAL, you know :p
  9. Dave Bailey

    Dave Bailey New Member

    Well, you know how it is, people never know when to say "Two Thousand and Seven", or "Two double-oh seven" or "Twenty ought seven" or...

    Ah, is that my coat? Thank you.
  10. Captain Jep

    Captain Jep New Member

    I'm clearly the only one who knows how to quit when they're ahead ...
  11. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member

    How about Bowels for Wales?

    Bowels of whales?
  12. Heather2007

    Heather2007 New Member

  13. Zoopsia59

    Zoopsia59 Well-Known Member

    Oh... they must be expensive then, since they are used so frugally.. sorta like Wheel of Fortune where you have to buy the vowels?

  14. Zoopsia59

    Zoopsia59 Well-Known Member

    So the o in "oh" would be prounounced like the o in God, and not like the o in "oh"

    Yeah... that makes sense.:rolleyes:

    I'm abandoning this thread now....
  15. Me

    Me New Member


    We can always count on you, Joe. :D
  16. elprofe

    elprofe New Member

    hahaha funny discussion!
    luckly I didnt read someone to say comes from Woleo because it was Mr. Woll invention :)

    yes, Voleo comes from volear (not only from volley, more important from futbol)
    the futbol (and other popular latin expresions) had a strong influence in tango dance!
    If you see, in tango dance you have v(b)oleos circulares y lineales both are very near to voleos in futbol.

    But also bolear (as you wrote) comes from "bolear las boleadoras" in folklore it is ok!

    Tango Music have 2 aspects: Tango rural and Tango urbano

    but Tango Dance is more influence by Urban aspects (and remember the voleo in tango didnt start from the beginning), like another popular/cultural elements from the urban culture like the futbol (soccer in USA)!

    Finally, if I need to write I will write as Voleo, because the "tango voleo" is closest to the "voleo en el futbol" than "bolear las boleadoras".
    But I understand and respect persons write boleo because they think comes from "bolear las boleadoras".

    In rio de la plata futbol also is like in Tango dance, many times words few times words comes from Real Academia Espanola, mostly it comes from lunfardo or from popular words didnt exist at dicctionary. Like "gambeta" didnt come originally didnt came from verb "gambetear" comes from futbol player named Gambetta that was one of first player did it!
    Rio de la Plata futbol words comes from a mix of original english futbol words mixed with Rio de la Plata popular culture!
    Same for Tango dance!
    el profe
  17. opendoor

    opendoor Well-Known Member

    What about diSarli in american english?
  18. chanchan

    chanchan Member

    Maybe I didn't understand well what is a voleo in futbol, but looking at some video it seems to me that it has really nothing to do with the v(b)oleo circular in tango: it just vaguely resemble the more recent v(b)oleo linear.
    On the other hand, the boleo of the boeadoras looks like the movement of woman's leg during a v(b)oleo, and over of all, the concept underlying it is exactly the same (the leg is driven by the centrifugal force).
    Tango is an urban music and dance, but among the people who gave birth to it, together with criollos, tanos, gallegos, etc. there were gauchos desplazados from their lands. So I guess some influence from gaucho rural culture is not less likely than from futbol.
  19. opendoor

    opendoor Well-Known Member

    I do not believe that the expression boleo stems from the influence of rural refugees. Perhaps boleo goes back to the efforts in standarddization and systematization in the Naviera shere. Still older expressions are in use: saludo for the circular front-boleo and latigazo for the circular back-boleo.

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