1. Black Sheep

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    Merengue Dancers,
    If you like the Merengue, allow me to share with you a dance you will love. The BOSSA NOVA.
    This dance has the longest basic step in the history of dance being extended to 32 Quarter beats or one complete phrase of music.
    Begin on initial Phrase of music:

    BOSSA NOVA BASIC STEP (step on all Quarter beats)
    MAN's Part in closed Position (Like Merengue).
    3 side steps to Left, tap with rt ft on count of 4;
    3 side steps to right, starting with rt ft, tap on 4 with lt ft;
    7 side steps to the left, starting with lt ft, tap on 8 with rt ft;
    3 side steps to the right, starting on rt ft, tap on 4 with lt ft;
    3 side steps to the left starting on the left foot, tap on 4 with rt ft;
    7 side steps to the right starting with rt ft, tap on 8 with lt ft.
    You have completed the Basic Step in Bossa Nova (32 Q Beats)

    STYLING: Lose hips flexible body with Salsa action or jazz moves, Shorty George Style;

    VARIATIONS: Use the 7 count steps for all the following moves: individual turns, rocking in rotation in either direction, or traveling forward and backward, Separate and back away from each other and then return on the 7's, In closed position open up on 7's turning back to back; You get the idea!

    NOTE: Just keep those 32 beat steps in sequence (MISS A STEP & YOU ARE OUT OF PHRASING) and start at the beginning of a BOSSA NOVA phrase and you will be choreographing your own 'Routine' like any experienced Professional.

    Black Sheep 'The Creator of the Bossa Nova Dance' Joe Lanza 1962 a.d.
  2. pygmalion

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    Cool! I love bossa nova. So when I read your post, Joe, I had to google it. And guess what I found?

    Lots of references to the birth of bossa nova music in Brazil in the late fifties. A bunch of references to movies featuring bossa nova. A bunch of references to Jobim (gott check out A Twist of Jobim CD that came out a few years ago. Good music :D ) A bunch of musicologists who said that bossa nova is not danceable music. :lol:

    And several websites that attribute the choreography for the bossa nova dance that was very popular in the early sixties to our very own, illustrious Joe Lanza! :D Cool! 8)

    Question, Joe, did you choreograph anything beyond that basic? All the bossa nova stuff I have is made up of basic figures from other dances, done in that bossa nova style, with the little one-hip bounce accentuating each movement or series of movements.

    Also, you might find this interesting (or infuriating :? :lol: ). A guy named Chris Morris put together an instruction video tape on bossa nova several years ago. Take a look. You may find it interesting, to see what he's teaching about your dance. :D
  3. Black Sheep

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    Birth of Bossa Nova Dance

    Thank you for the research on the Bossa Nova Dance.
    Lawrence Welk, who is still touring the country with his band, introduced my Bossa Nova on his original TV program. I know films exist of that exhibition which I personally choreographed the routine for Bobby & Sissy at my HDC for the Lawrence Welk Show in 1962.
    There is an important write up I got by Leonard Feather (the leading Jazz syndicated commentator for three decades) on the 'Universal Acceptance' of my Bossa Nova Dance; the write up appeared in a summer edition of Playboy Magazine in 1962, if memory serves me right.
    The creation of the Bossa Nova was an accident. When I have the time, I'll tell you the strange story of how it came about.
    The Bossa Nova is the only Ballroom Dance in history created by an individual; all the other Ballroom dances evolved from ethnic folk dancing groups, including our beloved Lindy Hop, whose Birth Place was New Orleans.
    Black Sheep 'Sensitivity is the source of imagination, and imagination is the source of creativity' Joe Lanza 2003 a.d.
  4. pygmalion

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    Hey Joe! :D

    I found out a lot with my bossa nova research. Pretty interesting. Apparently, there's a fair amount of controversy in the music world over bossa nova, because many musical purists feel that the original jazz/samba music that was bossa nova was diluted by its exposure to American pop culture. Also, they attribute the music's return to a purer jazz-like form to the decline of bossa nova's US popularity in the mid-sixties. Also, apparently, bossa nova and a few other musical forms were expressions of political unrest in Brazil during the late fifties and early sixties, and were subsequently repressed during poilitcal upheaval in the mid-sixties. Hmm. Very interesting.

    By the way, yes, the Lawrence Welk orchestra does still tour. I'm not sure who the band leader is nowadays, because Mr. Welk himself died in 1992. A pity. I used to love those tiny bubbles. And nobody could "and-a one and-a," like he did. However, the band plays on. :D

    Anyway, back to bossa nova. It's a very fun dance, and I find it unfortunate that so few people know it. It's very romantic and sensual in its way, and the music creates a beautiful mood. There's a bossa nova on the latest Natalie Cole CD that just begs to be danced to. Much fun. :D
  5. Black Sheep

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    You wrote:
    "Also, they attribute the music's return to a purer jazz-like form to the decline of bossa nova's US popularity in the mid-sixties. "

    Although there was a sudden decline in the Bossa Nova's popularity in the mid 1960's, it was not due to the music one way or the other. In 1960, even before the Bossa Nova Dance was born, I was throwing a party in my apartment with the TV turned on. Suddenly out of the blue Chubby Checker came on the screen doing the 'TWIST'. Within seconds almost everybody in the room began imitating Chubby doing the Twist. I said to myself at that moment, 'If people can learn that dance just by looking at it, Ballroom Dancing is doomed!'
    The Twist Craze was so simple and appealing that any club foot could get on the dance floor and be an instant star expert.
    Within that year most of the chain studios in L.A. closed down. My Bossa Nova Dance had about an 18 month popularity where I had some very exciting bookings at Ciro's on the Sunset Strip, the Beverly Hills Hotel, and was even invited by Frank Sinatra to teach his friends at his Birthday Party in the Hollywood Hills. And a City wide Bossa Nova Contest was held in my honor at the Hollywood Palladium with almost every night club sponsoring their ten week Champion contestants as entrees at the Palladium Finals. I even had a class on Sundays at the Yucca Airport Café, sponsored by Sinatra's closest friends, Jimmy Chester Van Heusen and Johnny Haskell with students flying in on their private planes for their Bossa Nova Lessons. It was a very exciting time while it lasted.
    I had my fingers around that golden ring but fate twisted my hand and that golden ring slipped away. The Twist was too strong and it pushed all the Ballroom Dances on the Back Burner, including the Bossa Nova Dance!
    Black Sheep 'Sometimes it's difficult to see the benefits of a tragic lose, but they are often there', Joe Lanza 2003
  6. Spitfire

    Spitfire Well-Known Member

    From what I've understood the Bossa Nova isn't being done anywhere in the USA. Be nice to see a revival like that for Lindy Hop; it's a dance I've been curious about.
  7. Black Sheep

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    Bossa Nova Lives

    Last year at the 2002 Camp Hollywood event, Lance Benishek, an authority on the Big Apple variations of the 1940's, informed me that the Bossa Nova was a popular dance in Minneapolis. He happened to have one of my original booklets on the dance from my 1962 mail outs.
    I'm sure there are other areas where the dance is being done.
    The Bossa Nova music is too good not to make a strong comeback, and where there is Bossa Nova Jazz music, the dance is sure to follow. everything from fashion clothes to World Depression have a cycle.
    It's only a matter of a year or so that the Bossa Nova will make a strong
    return. Unfortunately, no one ever made a 'Don't Knock the Bossa Nova' Film.
    I just taught a brother and sister couple a Bossa Nova Routine for the
    girl's Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party which they performed which was
    professionally filmed. Their performance was flawless, so I'm looking
    forward to receiving a copy of that film very soon.
    Black Sheep 'I'm running out of sayings', Joe Lanza 2003
  8. pygmalion

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    In my web searching, I also found a couple references to bossa nova dances, where the featured music, class and dance of the evening were bossa nova. And these ads were fairly recent. I don't know if that means a resurgence in popularity or not, but it is quite interesting. :D
  9. Black Sheep

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    Magic Pill for Instant Choreography ala Bossa Nova

    Bossa Nova Buffs,
    If you ever wanted to be a Choreographer? the Bossa Nova will make you one in 15 minutes! How?

    1) The musical structure in Bossa Nova (BN) is typical of most Ballroom Dance music being composed of 32 Quarter beats to a 'PHRASE' of music... or 8 bars of music (4 Q Beats to a bar). If there is a vocal in the music, you can hear the phrase begin with the first words and resolved with the last words of the phrase at the end on the last bar (4 Quarter beats);
    2) All the BN Dance steps are exactly 32 Quarter Beats long or one phrase of music long;
    3) If you are not musically trained, just listen to some BN songs with a medium tempo and a strong beat, and start counting, starting on the beginning of any phrase and count the Q beat pulses. If you end up at the end of a phrase on your count of 32 Q beats, you are on your way to being a bona fide Choreographer. It may take you the counting of three or four songs ( 9-12 minutes) until you catch on and start counting in synch with the phrases. Once you understand those phrase structures and are able to hear that first beat of a phrase, the rest is easy and automatic. Why? Because all BN steps are exactly 32 beats, one PHRASE long. It will be as easy as putting round plugs into round holes.
    4) Now you decide which step patterns you want to use in your 'ROUTINE'. e.g. Side steps, Rotating steps, Backing away from each other, Rocking in place (Sexy), Turning away from each other, lady turning under arm, Holding various steps in place with body Quarter pulse moves etc..
    (NOTE: Travel on 7 counts only until you become proficient enough to mix it up or hold the 7 counts in place with body ripples or other body gyrational moves).
    5) Pick a move for an entrance onto the dance floor (one phrase 32 beats) and pick a move for an ending pose on stage or one traveling off stage (ANOTHER 32 Q BEATS);
    6) You can move around or change the sequence of steps to vary, embellish or to fit the musical phrase more aesthetically, since phrases usually have different moods and instrumentations, and can do this without disturbing the structure of the Routine because every BN step pattern is the same exact size in measures, i.e. 32 Q beats long.

    What once took me some two years to learn the technique of Choreographing, now takes 15 minutes to UNDERSTAND and apply.

    Black Sheep, your friendly instructor with a money back guarantee!
  10. Black Sheep

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    Bossa Nova songs to learn with

    Bossa Nova Dancers,
    Brazilian produced Bossa Nova CD's are often a little difficult to hear the
    Quarter beats, and for a beginner I recommend some of the old standard
    American produced Bossa Nova CD's of the 1960's:

    Fly Me to the Moon;
    Blame it on the Bossa Nova
    Insensatez (Charlie Byrd).

    And almost anything by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

    Attempting to dance to the more sophisticated Brazilian produced CD's can be a challenge even for an experienced dancer, because the beat is often overpowered by the vocals. Brazilian Bossa Nova Vocals are often very slow in tempo with a faster rhythmic beat running under the vocals.
    Black Sheep 'Let the music control your Body & Soul' Joe Lanza 2003 a.d.
  11. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tips, Joe. There are also a few more recent bossa novas out there, which I'll have to post when I have more time. Really rushing this morning! :D
  12. Black Sheep

    Black Sheep New Member

    Bossa nova story Part I

    BN History Buffs,
    Developing the Bossa Nova Dance was a case of, ' Necessity is the Mother of Invention'.
    Here is this lucky circumstance that caused me in an attempt to tempoprarily appease thousands of students that were clamering for me to teach them the Bossa Nova Dance which at the bregining I did not have a clue about this mystery 'dance:

    From 1960-1963, Joe Lanza worked as an Itinerary
    Dance Teacher for the Los Angeles Public School
    System. His job entailed teaching the popular
    Ballroom Dances at over 49 Jr. High Schools. When
    the Brazilian Bossa Nova Jazz Music hit this country,
    his student's began asking him to teach them the
    Bossa Nova Dance. Since he had not yet come across the
    dance, he created a SUBSTITUTE dance for them until
    the real thing came along. As the weeks went by, the
    dance teacher kept on improving his substitute Bossa
    Nova Dance until the dance took on a life of its own
    with unique step patterns and jazz movements.

    Some weeks later, on a Friday evening while he was
    watching a TV Documentary on the Bossa Nova, a
    revelation came to him. The TV program filmed the
    type of dances being done to the Bossa Nova music in
    several major capitols of the world. Lanza was
    astounded to learn that Tango, Swing, Cha Cha, and
    Samba were being danced to the new Jazz sound, and he
    suddenly realized that there was no special dance for Bossa
    Nova Music; Lanza's SUBSTITUTE Bossa Nova Dance that
    he had created for his Jr. High School students
    happened to be the only unique 'Dance Form' which
    expressed‑the jazz mood of the Bossa Nova music.

    Lanza knew he had a tiger by the tail. But now, how
    was he to control the INTEGRITY of his style of Bossa
    Nova so it would not be corrupted and mutilated by
    charlatan dance teachers modifying his creation to suit
    their own personal agendas?
    Lanza, the DANCER had already published two books on
    Novelty Dances so he intuitively knew the answer.
    (To be Contuinued)
    Black Sheep 'Ask me a Question and I'll Tell you a Story' 2003 a.d.
  13. d nice

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    Re: Birth of Bossa Nova Dance

    I thought the Merengue was suppossed to have been artificially created also. Somethingabout a general with a war wound. Interesting distinction though certainly worth more than a footnote in history.

    Joe you should put together a video tape for sale showing some of your original/vintage moves/choreography for the dance as well as telling about how you developed it. For posterity and historical accuracy.

    Really? Funny... no one else seems to think so... and you still haven't been able to prove it. Why the need to include this in a completely unrelated post?
  14. Swing Kitten

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    Re: Birth of Bossa Nova Dance

    While I underdtand your point please let's not dredge this up here --- continue talking about the Bossa Nova-- I actually remember learning it in seventh grade but have not danced it since. I really was not aware of what it was... nor did I have much knowledge of any ballroom dances at the time. It's just pretty awkward having one gym teacher try to teach 35-40 eleven and twelve year olds how to "dance"
  15. pygmalion

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    Re: Birth of Bossa Nova Dance

    Actually, I have a question on this. Joe and I have a project of finding some of his old movie and video footage. I found one of his movies pretty easily -- Virgin Sacrifice, made in 1959, is still available for purchase on video at movies.com. But a couple other things we're looking for, some TV specials, are MIA. Any idea where we could go look? Library of congress has lot of old video. Is that a place to start?
  16. Black Sheep

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    Lawrence Welk Bossa Nova TV

    A couple of years ago, I ran into Bobby Burdes who performed my Bossa Nova routine on the Lawrence Welk Show with Sissy in 1961-62, and he assured me that all the LW shows in the 1960's were on film and were then scheduled to be released again. Unfortunately, I never kept in touch with him, so I never knew if they were in fact rerun on TV. At the time in 1962, I did view their performance and as all their dances, it was flawless.
    Black Sheep, a friend of Bo Peep!
  17. Black Sheep

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    Bossa Nova Story, Part II

    BN History Buffs,
    Joe locked himself in his house for three days and
    nights, and began describing the dance in detail
    with illustrations. When he was finished, he had
    three thousand copies of the, 'BOSSA NOVA DANCE'
    book printed, and with addresses obtained from the
    telephone company library, mailed copies to all the
    dance studios in the USA and Canada. He also mailed a
    couple of hundred to the hair dressing salons. The
    rest of the Bossa Nova booklets were sold on news
    stands or distributed to students in his classes.

    Within weeks, Laure' Hale from Arthur Murray's Whilshire studio
    was asked by the Lawrence Welk people to choreograph a
    Bossa Nova Routine for Bobby & Sissy. She graciously threw
    the assignment my way

    LAWRENCE WELK featured Lanza 's Bossa Nova on his
    National TV show with Bobby and Sissy performing a
    routine Choreographed and taught them by Joe Lanza.

    LEONARD FEATHER, the syndicated Jazz columnist, wrote
    in a 1963 Playboy article, that he witnessed Joe
    Lanza's Bossa Nova being danced internationally.

    Although there was no profit in the distribution of
    these Bossa Nova books, the reaction brought the
    DANCER more teaching engagements then he could fill.
    His teaching engagements included classes at
    Celebrity Parties, classes at the Beverly Hills Hotel
    Polo Lounge, Ciro's on the Hollywood Sunset Strip,
    Northrop Aviation, classes in public High Schools
    gymnasiums, and in many private clubs, and
    Ballrooms. The First Presbyterian Parochial School
    hired Joe as their gym teacher where his classes were
    a combination of, dancing and gymnastics.

    JIMMY VAN HEUSON and Johnny Haskell, the Real Estate
    Developer of Yucca Valley, organized a Bossa Nova
    dance class which was held in the Copper Room at the
    Yucca Valley Skyport Cafe, where Joe's students flew
    in from various parts of the STATE in their private
    planes for their Sunday afternoon Dance Classes.

    JOHNNY HASKELL came to Hollywood in the 1940's with
    Jimmy Van Heusen and Frank Sinatra in his 1929 twelve
    cylinder Packard, complete with a built-in bar.

    FRANK SINATRA was persuaded by his friends to have
    Joe Lanza teach the Bossa Nova at his Birthday Party.
    The night of Sinatra's party came and Joe Lanza was
    dressed and ready to leave his home at 8pm to get to
    the Sinatra party before 9pm. Before he walked out
    the door, however, he decided he needed a stiff shot
    of Vodka. Two hours later the DANCER was still
    having shots of vodka to bolster his courage.
    The DANCER finally arrived at Frank Sinatra's Party
    a quarter past eleven. Johnny Haskell met him at the
    door, and brought him into the room where the party
    was still going on.

    " Sorry Johnny! I got a late start."
    " You were supposed to be here before nine."
    " Is it too late to have the class ?"
    " Joe, Frank left twenty minutes ago, and he
    was angry that you didn't show. He told all
    his friends he was going to have the Creator
    of the Bossa Nova teach them the new dance.
    Oh what the hell ! Let's get a drink."
    (To be continued)
    Black Sheep 'Two vociferous opinions do not represent the Majority' Joe Lanza 2003 a.d.
  18. Black Sheep

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    Bossa Nova Music

    BN Dancers,
    Let your body flow with the music.
    Some of my favorite BN dance songs:
    Desafinado *****
    Corcovada ****
    Baia ***
    Otra Vez ***
    Summer Samba ****
    Insensatez ****
    Meditation ***
    O Morro Nao tem Vez **

    Coracao Vagabundo (heavy clavis) ***
    Comeca de Novo****
    Corcovada ***

    Black Sheep 'Bossa Nova dancing is like foreplay' Joe Lanza 2003
  19. Black Sheep

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    Bossa Nova BUFFS,
    BN is a dance that takes a dancer to a higher level of the terpsichorean art because it lends itself to more sophisticated body gyrations of 'LONGHER DURATION' than any other Ballroom Dance, And here are the reasons why?
    Once you have understood the 32 Q beat rhythmic structure of the Bossa Nova Dance, embellishing the dance with infinite variations of body moves are easily applied by following these SIX suggestions and still remain within the choreographic structure of the Bossa Nova music:

    1) Substitute the tap steps with either a sharp kick away from partner or a hop or a skip or a pause;
    2) Break away from partner and do solo moves individually;
    3) Break away and do challenge moves, one partner at a time;
    4) Instead of stepping out the 1,2,3 tap steps, rock the counts in place;
    5) Instead of doing the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 tap step, take the first 4 steps and rock tap on the last 5,6,7, tap step;
    6) Instead of doing the rock rotating move on the 7 tap step, to Q beats, slow it down to 3 HALF BEATS (2 Q beats), and a '7 tap'.

    NOTE: As long as you maintain the alternating (changing weight) moves to within the structure of 32 Q beats, you will remain within the phrasing of the 32 Q beat Bossa Nova Music and experience the euphoria of dancing a choreographic routine.
    (To be continued)
    Black Sheep 'When the dancers are one with the music, that is ecstasy' Joe Lanza 2003 a.d.
  20. Black Sheep

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    BOSSA NOVA vs the Merengue

    Bossa Nova vs. the Merengue,
    In reply to D'nice, who suggested the Merengue was also created by an individual, the leader of a Caribbean country who limped?
    The Merengue was supposed to have originated because the citizens of that country, in order not to embarrass their dictator, they all danced with the same limp.
    Now if this story which is as old as the 1950's, is true, this does in no way PROVE the dance was created by an individual, and if it was true, how come no one knows the Dictator's name?
    I still contend that the Bossa Nova Dance remains the only Ballroom Dance created by one individual, Joe Lanza.
    Black Sheep "Those who serve, Deserve' Joe Lanza 2003 a. d.

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