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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by wooh, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Laura

    Laura New Member

    And then there's the whole issue of USA Dance itself following its own rules. I mean really, if their own National championship isn't run according to their own rules, then how can they expect anyone else to follow anything in that Rule Book?

    Now, I think there might be some kind of team match thing, I seem to recall an email about how people can qualify by dancing in multiple NQEs, but I haven't been paying attention to it...perhaps they'll have her in to judge that? That could be kind of fun.
  2. wooh

    wooh Well-Known Member

    Yep, if they have her judge, imagine when they go and try to tell someone their costume doesn't match the rule book. "Well neither does the judging panel, and you're allowing that!"
  3. latingal

    latingal Well-Known Member

    ooh, ow - good one.
  4. dancepro

    dancepro Member

    I can totally understand everybody being so upset with the news that Carrie Ann Inaba is going to judge at the Nationals. I do agree that every body work way too hard to be judged by somebody the don't have the qualifications. I sure hope USAdance pay attention to this thread. But....

    Until now it has all been speculation of what event she will be judging and in what capacity. Somebody should really put together an official letter to USAdance and find out what exactly she will be doing there. It might be a good idea if USAdance did a press release. It will not do any of you any good, feeling that you are not being judged by the best that USAdance can find. Some may feel like giving up even before they have danced. I would suggest getting more information before getting all upset and negative about the upcoming Nationals. This is just my 2 cents worth.

    Once again I totally understand what you are feeling and I agree she have no business judging any event (a team match for fun, a jack and gill or some other event like that would be OK) where technical skill and quality should be judged (which to me is 99.99% of the nationals). If they (USAdance) wanted a judge from DWTS that is a world class judge they should have asked Len.

  5. sambanada

    sambanada Active Member

    That depends on what one perceives as really good. There are many couples that can "fake" being good...but are technically weak. Dancers deserve to be judged based on their ability. They will represent the US to the world. They deserve to have an IDSF judge judge them. These are the rules! How can they expect people to follow rules if they do not do so by example. It is making a joke out of the sport. The Nationals is a serious event. If this was a small, local comp..its one thing. The Nationals is not a place for such publicity.
  6. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    Simple, if the worlds accept Carrie Ann Inaba as a judge, we should..... why not ask them?

    If the answer is negative then what the heck is going on? I think we all accept that judging dancesport requires an expert, trained and experienced eye. Thus, either ballroom dancing is a sport that can be judged or we should just foget the whole Dancesport concept and go boogie.

    Personally, I find it hard, indeed impossible to take this story seriously. If the organizers do anything more than have her 'judge' an event that has no more significance than entertainment they have tacitly declared themselves as in need of replacement.
  7. Chris Stratton

    Chris Stratton New Member

    Actually, no, as the rules for judge eligibility in each case are different.
  8. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    But if they said no shouldn't we be a bit cautious? I mean what if an argument ensues as to the eligibility of the winners?
  9. sambanada

    sambanada Active Member

    Only IDSF judges can send a couple to worlds. Period.
  10. Chris Stratton

    Chris Stratton New Member

    It's not really up to IDSF either way.

    They should indeed be worried about adverse publicity and some kind of protests being filed, not about the results but about officials feeling that they were free to ignore the rulebook they are charged with enforcing.
  11. Chris Stratton

    Chris Stratton New Member

    Completely incorrect. Try reading the rulebook - "IDSF judges" are a whole other category in a whole other rulebook than USA Dance nationals eligible judges. It would appear quite easy to for an individual to be both, or to be one but not the other in either direction.

    Basically, a senior 4/5 style judge from the NDCA world is elgible to work at USA Dance Nationals, but without paperwork under the IDSF system they would not be an "IDSF judge". Meanwhile, an IDSF judge without smooth/rhythm certification is not eligible to work nationals.

    I would also suspect that IDSF would permit a national governing body to simply appoint a couple if that body feels selecting one via a national competition is impractical (world event being scheduled incompatibly with national one, change in event definitions, needing a replacement, etc)
  12. sambanada

    sambanada Active Member

    Rulebook. Page 5. Article 2.1.18. and 2.1.19.
    ....All participants and officials must be sanctioned by IDSF.

    Also read bylaws. Please check them out.
  13. sambanada

    sambanada Active Member

    I still do not see how this allows Carrie Ann to judge the Nationals. Which umbrella does she fall under, exactly?
  14. Chris Stratton

    Chris Stratton New Member

    Guess again. Rule 2.1.18 in the USA Dance rulebook says:

    It doesn't.
  15. sambanada

    sambanada Active Member

    Thats page 4. It continues on page 5.
  16. Chris Stratton

    Chris Stratton New Member

    The passage is still not there. The rule in it's entirety reads:

    Perhaps you have an old rulebook. The language you are referencing is rather imprecise, in a way that could cause problems given some of the political infighting going on betwen the organizations, so it could have been removed in an effort to make the rulebook practically possible to comply with.
  17. sambanada

    sambanada Active Member

    please continue with 2.1.19. There is more there.
  18. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member

    2.1.19 A “Certified Competition” is a Competition organized under the rulebook of the NDCA whereby the
    Organizer has provided the additional assurance that all entrants and officials will be limited to those of
    IDSF member federations. This assurance must be published in all entry literature and communicated to
    the DanceSport Council 9 months in advance of the event date.
  19. NielsenE

    NielsenE Active Member

    2.1.19 is not relevant. 2.1.18.a already explicitly establishes USA Dance Inc, National Championship under that category.

    2.1.19 is used for designated events that are legal under both NDCA and USA Dance Inc's rules. And I 've never seen that designation applied to USA Dance Inc's Nationals
  20. sambanada

    sambanada Active Member

    thank you

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