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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by wooh, Jan 13, 2009.

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    Chris is correct. The IDSF invitation letters to the individual national governing bodies asks that each country send its best dancers to the World Championship in question. The IDSF does not specify how they are chosen.
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    IDSF-certified judges are not required for ANY National Championship. Each country determines their own requirements for their judges. The IDSF has NO hand, none, in choosing a country's representatives to the Worlds. (See my previous post.)
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    In the US, we had only a policy of using judges with all of the style certifications (A+, B+, C+, AND D+). At some point, it was actually written into the rules (no longer only an unwritten policy). This rule has been, um, shaded in the past but only when the judge clearly had extensive training in Standard and Ballroom. It made it questionable in the Rhythm and Smooth but they at least had extensive training in ballroom AND adjudication of ballroom.

    In the case in question, it is absolutely clear that Carrie Ann Anaba cannot adjudicate at Nationals. The rules are clear. The only way she can adjudicate at Nationals is if the rules are changed (again). Further, these rules can ONLY be changed by the Governing Council, not the DanceSport Council or the Executive Committee.

    In my opinion, attempting to have Miss Inaba judge the Nationals is a mistake. It may be great PR but the perception by the competitive community will be negative. I think that the USA Dance administration has forgotten their number one priority - their members and, in this case, the competitors at Nationals.
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    Never a dull moment. It will be interesting to see how this is handled.
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    Oops, two posts ago I meant Inaba, not Anaba.

    {added by DanceMentor: fixed above}
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    Thank you tbrennan for your input.
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    and the rest of us ;)
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    Thank you tbrennen for your post. I hope they have not change the rules (again).

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    That's for sure.

    I must say, as (1) a competitor I find this whole thing annoying and (2) as someone who helps to organize USA Dance-sanctioned comps I find this whole thing upsetting. To wit, my chapter got in a bit of bind a couple of years ago regarding hiring certified judges, so we asked for permission to bring in a couple of specific people who had a lot of experience (if I named names you'd most likely agree) but who were not certified. We were told no, we need to follow the rules and have judges who have taken and passed the certification exam that the NDCA requires. So we did what the rule book said and that was the end of it for us.

    But really, my personal reaction now is if they're going to make the local chapters follow the rules for sanctioned events, even when it comes to asking for a wavier for a highly qualified person who had competed both professionally and as an amateur in several styles, then they most certainly should IN MY OPINION have the same standards for the National Championships -- especially when it comes to someone who has NEVER competed as a pro or an amateur, much less taught or really even danced any of the dancesport styles.
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    Me too, especially since the USA Dance bylaws and other policies are specific about what it takes to change the rules. There basically is not time to change rules like this in the 2 1/2 months between now and the National Championships. If the USA Dance powers-that-be change this now, it would basically be by fiat rather than by established policy. If it actually went that far...then I wonder what the US IOC would think? Now that dancesport is an Olympic-recognized sport, and now that USA Dance is recognized as the member body representing dancesport to the US International Olympic Committee, I believe there are even more standards and practices that have to be upheld (as in, doing drug testing isn't the only thing that our US IOC association brings us)?
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    One thing that concerns me is that as far as I've seen, USA Dance has not communicated anything about this except the magazine article. And that article was probably written a couple of months or more before we saw it.

    In the intervening time, one would think USA Dance would have developed more information about exactly what Ms. Inaba might be doing at the National competition. If so, why not share that information now? It is not as if the bi-monthly magazine is the organization's only means of communication!
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    The identical info was also in the MAC program, in a letter titled "Welcome from USA Dance" and signed by Peter Pover. "Finally, we are proud to announce that Carrie Ann Inaba will be judging at this year's Nationals."
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    Yes and I find that a mite disturbing too...someone at USA Dance set this all up a couple of months ago without -- it seems to me -- thinking through how this interacts with the integrity of the organization and the National Championships.
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    Agreed; as much as I respect USA Dance and many of its volunteers, if this is allowed to happen than I think dancesport in the US needs a new governing body.
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    It is as if Mr. Pover and company believe the best amateur couples in the nation would be thrilled to have Ms. Inaba affect the scores they receive at the national competition. Is that true? If not, perhaps this is an indication of naivete or even delusion!

    It seems to me that it's time for one of us to send Mr. Pover or Mr. Richards an email asking exactly what their plans are for Ms. Inaba and how those plans fit with USA Dance rules governing adjudicator qualifications.

    Such an inquiry would probably best be launched by a DF'er who is planning to compete in this year's national competition. That person could then report back regarding any response he/she receives. Any volunteers?
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    Amateur dancer magazine:

    ready... fire... aim...
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    The USA Dance Nationals website lists the judges for this years' Nationals.

    Go to "Officials"

    I see very qualified people listed.

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