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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by yippee1999, Aug 29, 2008.

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    Places to dance in NYC?

    I will be in NYC September 22-28. I"m looking for a good place for Salsa dancing. I'll be in the Times Square area but I'm willing to take a cab or subway. I'm an advanced intermediate who dances on both 1 and 2. Does this article mention some good options? If not then any suggestions for that week?

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    new york is an on-2 town.

    for the dates you'll be here, i would advise:

    Monday: Tajj
    Tuesday: Sidebar
    Wednesday: LQ
    Thursday: Cache
    Friday: Abakua
    Saturday: nothing unless you can get yourself to New Jersey for Mario B's, and it's not accessible, really, by public transportatioin
    Sunday: Carlos Konig, then Iguana

    see mambonyc dot com for directions.
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    Thanks Dance234. I had not seen this website before. I'm pretty excited about checking out NYC for the first time.
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    Here's what I'd recommend:

    Monday: Session 73

    Tuesday: I'm not up to date on best place for Tues nights, but may Lava Gina which is currently free

    Wednesday: Spiegelworld (outdoor dancing every Wednesday night for the next few weeks, by the water, and under a tent). Located at Pier # 17 at the South Street Seaport, and under the Brooklyn Bridge.

    For other days (and more specifics on above-mentioned places) see:
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    report so far . . .

    I went to Taj on Monday night right after I checked into my hotel. I have to say this first . . . they have the most expensive drinks on the planet! That aside, I had a pretty good time. The level of dancers was pretty good. The dance floor was really slick so I had to watch my footing. The music was loud but I had brought my earplugs.

    I went to Sidebar on last night (Tuesday) and WOW was that great! Small but nice and there were a lot of fantastic dancers. The music volume was more tolerable than Taj and the floor much better in my opinion. It was almost an exclusively young crowd but everyone was very nice and I got a lot of dances in.

    I am off to LQ tonight . . .
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    LQ disappointment

    OK . . . I have to say that LQ was a HUGE disappointment. The dance floor is kinda nice but that is the only nice thing I can say about tonight.

    I got there about 9:00pm. I know that could be considered early however that wasn't the case last night at Sidebar. Arriving at 9pm at Sidebar I felt that I was already missing the party. In any case, I entered LQ and I saw a sea of . . . lets just say . . . bad dancers. I'm not a hot shot myself but I was expecting better for a NY club. The whole place suffered from a lack of energy and a lack of style. I got in one decent dance and one so-so dance before retreating to the railing with a beer. And by the way . . . bars that serve their drinks in plastic cups do NOT enhance the ambiance.

    At about 9:45 the club announced that the Spanish Harlem Orchestra was not playing tonight. I didn't know they were scheduled to play but now knowing that they canceled made things even worse.

    At 10pm most people left and the dance floor was pretty sparse. I hung out for a while hoping a second shift would arrive. I really good couple got on the dance floor and I was beginning to get encouraged. Unfortunately, the leader bumped into a woman with a drink in her hand and she toppled into a table at the edge of the dance floor. It was a mess of people down and spilled drinks. The couple never returned to the dance floor and not many others showed up.

    I left depressed. A salsa club should not leave you depressed. I hope some of you from NYC can tell me that LQ has better nights.
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    This is hilarious. All you need is Steve Martin and you have a blockbuster.
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    No offense to anyone, but Saturday Choco is having a social. If I were in NYC, I would go to that rather than trying to find Mario's studio in NJ. Sorry about the bad time at LQs, but dancers don't usually go there. There are other options that have not been mentioned and are not in the sources suggested. Good luck!!
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    what would they be?
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    no offense taken - i think the Choco social wasn't on the mambonyc calendar when i wrote my earlier post, or else i would've recommended that for sure.

    so yes, go to Choco's on Saturday. :)

    LQ is definitely not a dancer's venue. sometimes i go because i like the band, want to hang rather than dance, or because i've nothing else to do... but unless you go with a crew of dancers, it's a crapshoot to just show up.

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