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  1. So I am a standard dancer, but I want to start doing latin at competitions. I've come up with a lot of basic bronze stuff that I kind of just lead and repeat over and over until the song ends. Now me and my partner want to start competing with routines, bu I am not quite sure how to choreograph Latin routines. Does anyone have any good suggestions for making routines? Also maybe some sample step lists/videos would be helpful as well.
  2. madmaximus

    madmaximus Well-Known Member

    At the heart of all good choreography is a simple but powerful message or concept.

    I'd recommend you start with what you want to say...and then build your routine from there.

  3. This might be harder then i realized. I really don't know what to say other then "Look! I can dance well!". But that seems pretty cocky and not really my personality.
  4. DanceLightly

    DanceLightly New Member

    Keep it simple and don't change it. As you improve and grow as dancers you can always add layers of difficulty without changing the routine completely - this will help you to improve much faster than if you're always changing things around.

    Look at yourself. Look at your partner. What are the best things you bring to the partnership? What about the other person? Do you like to show off speed or maybe beautiful lines with impeccable balance? What couples do you admire and why? Are there aspects of their dancing that you can use to help influence you as you design your routines? Look at couples that you don't like. Why don't you like them?

    And back to my first point. Keep it simple.
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    I'll admit that I tend to get dazzled by choreography and put far more emphasis on it than is needed. I do so, however, not because I consider it for competition but because I simply enjoy intricate choreography and am willing to trade the time it will take to become sufficiently proficient with such choreography for the opportunity to dance it. That said, consider the following:

    90 seconds of music
    24 couples on the floor.

    That means the judge is looking at each couple for an average of 3.75 seconds. They don't have a chance to see your intricate choreography until the final. Each judge only going to watch one or two figures at most, plus whatever he or she catches out of the corner of the eye. As such, they won't know if you're doing simple choreography, so it's to your advantage to keep it simple. Choose a few figures that you can dance really well and practice the [rhymes with "bell"] out of them until they're perfect. That way, no matter when the judge glances over at you he or she still sees your best figure. As you start advancing and getting into finals, then you can begin adding additional figures.
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    Are you still planning on competing in Bronze? Cause in that case sounds like you already have a good routine (few steps that you lead and repeat over and over) ;)

    Agree with above otherwise, keep to the steps you do the best (work on the others in practice).
  7. DanceLightly

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    Yes, on average an adjudicator doesn't have loads of time to watch your choreography - which is why it's irrelevant for the most part - what is important is how you dance it - and why you should keep it simple and execute the basic steps as best as you can. As a beginner it is better to demonstrate good basics, than average tricks. Even as a pro, it is the quality of the basic elements in your dancing that are being looked at and can be compared to those around you. The choreography should be there to keep you excited and help you to dance better
  8. Thanks for all the really good commentary! I was really having a problem with this since I am sued to routines that travel. Its just I am not sure how music for Latin work in comparison to Standard. I usually count bars of 8 and whenever and 8 comes around in my routine i usually have a Contra Check, hover cross, etc.

    Are there any popular variations and Amalgamations used in silver Latin syllabus in general?
  9. DanceLightly

    DanceLightly New Member

    The bulk of the syllabus figures for latin are in the Silver - so there are quite a few to choose from.

    I would recommend just keeping your bronze routines but adding in one or two new figures at a time - example - if you follow your hockey stick with 1-3 of a basic, try instead dancing curl and overturning steps 5-6 of the curl so that you end in Open CPP so you can dance your checks from here. Or in Cha Cha Cha, add in a foot change so that you can dance some of your figures in Shadow Position...

    There are also some videos on YouTube for silver syllabus variations that may help to give you some idea of what you should be aiming for - I can't post you a link bc I'm too new to posting in this site.

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