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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by Peaches, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    I think most dancers are just trying to dance....unless there is already some underlying attraction...in which case ANYTHING that touches...is ...well....nice
  2. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    I also think it would also take some seriously tall drink of water to have chest ot chest contact with you anyway bucko...lol
  3. Indiana_Jay

    Indiana_Jay Active Member

    Well, as Fascination now knows first-hand, I'm one of those guys who can barely dance and talk at the same time. So any of those other issues are pretty far from my mind when I'm on the dance floor!
  4. Indiana_Jay

    Indiana_Jay Active Member

    I keep wondering how that expression, "tall drink of water" translates for our international friends! :D

    Maybe instead of "Indiana_Jay" my user name should have been "dancing tree". But then, some would probably wonder whether I'm native American.
  5. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    i think most leads are busy trying to lead....
  6. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    well I think the word tall in there probably solves it...and I hope you aren't being self deprecating;)
  7. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Tall drink of water's not just about being tall, IMHO. It's about being tall, cool, and so attractive ladies just wanna take a sip. :wink: :cool:
  8. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    yea...what she said
  9. hepcat

    hepcat Member

    I've related this story in a few posts before, but I like telling it...

    I started taking argentine tango classes due to certain circumstances. I had been attending a swing class. The swing class was followed by a tango class and then there was a swing dance afterwards. So I sat out a couple times and just watched the tango class. I was totally ignorant of the dance and after watching a couple times (they were doing off-body nuevo style), I decided to participate. When the last class came around, the instructors decided to introduce us to what we would be learning in the next session. They started dancing on-body milonguero style and I was instantly uncomfortable. I envied the guys near the door who'd snuck out! If I'd wanted to leave, I'd have had to walk in front of everyone, so I stayed put. The class was so awkward. I was doing that thing where you try to get as close as you can without actually touching. It was so uncofortable, but I kept with the class which actually remained to be mostly off-body. Every once in awhile they threw in some on-body stuff and I eventually got desensitized to it, especially since a number of the follows didn't seem to mind. I eventually got to the point where I wasn't even thinking about it and focussed more on the dance itself. The only time I ever think about the contact now is if the girl's degree of contact extends past the boundaries continuously, if you know what I mean, i.e. connecting at the hips. This sort of contact will really put me off, unless of course it's someone who's a romantic interest or if it's just brief incidental contact.

    There was one girl I danced with about a month ago who was connecting at the hips. She was a beginner and I tried stopping and explaining the connection a few times, but she kept doing it. I even explicitly said that we shouldn't be connecting "down there". I eventually figured out that she was just trying to get a reaction out of me. I discovered this when I excused myself and said I needed to make a pit stop. I was embarrassed, but she obviously found it humerous.
  10. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    actually I have always heard tht the connection in tango is to be...lower
  11. Indiana_Jay

    Indiana_Jay Active Member

    Perhaps we should let this thread get back to tango now.
  12. hepcat

    hepcat Member

    I was taught that we're supposed to push up into our partner mostly through the chest, but stomach contact is a matter of preference. I've been doing it for a few years now and I've never felt connection (from experienced dancers) any lower than the stomach. I mean, sure you can make contact there briefly on occassion sometimes depending on relative heights, but never lead from there (i.e. the hips). All my lead comes from the upper 2/3 of the torso. Are you saying fascination that you've been lead from a hip connection or do you just mean that contact "down there" is to be expected sometimes? I simply could not lead using a connection down there and remain decent. I just don't think that you should have your pelvis forward at all.

    And incidentally, the girl that was connecting at the hips was doing balboa with me (which I neglected to mention) and I know that's not right.
  13. ssjss

    ssjss New Member

    In ballroom yes, but in A.T. the contact is chest to chest. An your weight is on the balls of your feat.
  14. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Yeah. Exactly. Just for the record, this is an Argentine tango thread, in an AT forum. I thought the term "close embrace" would clear things up, since tango's the only place I know of that term being used. *shrug* Folks talk tango here. Just tango, all the time. :cool: :)
  15. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    Well, this is good to hear from all you guys. And ladies.

    I'm thinking that I can tell my friend that guys are too busy thinking about the dance, as a whole, and leading than what they might be feeling. And (BONUS!!) I can tell her that it's not just me speculating, but that I've actually asked and gotten feedback.

    I think I'll just completely "forget" to mention about incidental below-the-belt contact. ;-) I've learned now that if anything gets brushed it's because 1)I've let my posture got to h*ll and I don't have my hips back and my weight forward (stupid ballroom, creeping into my AT) or 2)I'm dancing with a relatively short guy and he's leading something that involves invading my leg space. I haven't gotten to the point of not noticing anything.

    3 more evenings (including tonight) until I get to go AT dancing again!!!! I can't wait...
  16. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Unless you already know how to. ;-)
  17. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    hmmm it was an AT class...but you know how it goes...opinions are like...well...noses...everyone has one...this particular lady said the connection was at the hip...go figger
  18. Shooshoo

    Shooshoo New Member

    Hello, who cares what the men think/are aware of. I think it's more important what the women feels (it's private property). If one is uncomfortable, then she should just set her own limits.

    I like the way Ampter explained it:
    Peaches, you didn't mention if this was her first experience with partner dancing? If one has been dancing other dances and for long, you get used to body contact, but if it's her first experience, she might not find it easy.
    I personally would like to try AT, but am very reluctant because of the intimacy involved. I like the music too much and I think it's a beautiful dance, but I can't see myself dancing so intimately with strangers, but you never know maybe when she experiences a milonga, she might change her mind.

    Tell us what happened!!!!
  19. Ampster

    Ampster Active Member

    ...and another thing about momentary contact below the belt.

    In AT there are some advanced maneuvers that when done right (and beautifully) will actually entail very momentary contact below the belt. This is nothing lewd, it's just that it cannot be helped!

    For example, when doing a "molinete" (carousel) where a partner intrudes his/her leg in between the partner's to displace the other's leg and throw the partner into a reverse "Ocho," done in very rapid succession. It's just bound to happen. Such is the inherent contact in AT.

    My wife and I were talking about this, and did observations of some of our classmates.

    She observed that the better AT dancers, both men and women were the ones who got over the close contact issue. On the other hand, our classmates who had issues with close contact, kinda got stuck from advancing and progressing, and just got stagnant and frustrated. They normally ended up leaving the class eventually.
  20. DancePoet

    DancePoet Well-Known Member

    It is probably different things to different people.

    When I dance AT, and I don't do much in close embrace because I'm less familiar with it, yet when I do, it just seems natural for the dance. My focus tends to be on flowing with the music and exploring my feelings as I move in unison with my partner. It doesn't need to be anything more then that. :cool:

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