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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by pygmalion, Apr 6, 2004.

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    Engaging in a dance

    So before I ask I've already searchd the grinding thread, for an answer to my question so please don't say "use the search function."

    I've been to a club a few times that play mostly hip hop, and I find the hardest aspect is not the dancing but finding a girl to dance with. I know most people just say get on the floor and dance, but i guess im too shy too just rub up against a random girl outta nowhere. How do i engage in dances with girls at clubs without having to ask all the time??? I don't want to get on the dance floor and just be dancing solo the whole time...
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    ht tp://

    Nothing complicated, waving the arms, a few spins here or there. Oh and you don't have to fall on the floor like the guy does around 1:30
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    it wasn't moved but deleted...please watch your mouth on this matter might want to read our guidelines top right corner...and thanks to newb for providing the helpful info
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    no problem
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    so why don't you go to a dance studio?? take a few lessons and you'll be good and much confident.

    i don't recommend practicing by the book or video when you are a beginner, because it is not what you see when couple is dancing, it is how they create those movements.

    also, you can learn some steps wrong, and you'll create a bad habit (because muscle memory is important in dancing) which is later hard to correct.

    don't be shy, go to a dance studio and explain what you want to learn.;)

    btw. good luck.
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    Malakawa's right. Go take a couple of lessons and then you won't look like you're randomly waving your arms and stumbling around.
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    At 14, the dancing he wants to do IS randomly waving his arms and stumbling around. Studio lessons aren't going to do him any good.
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    Agreed. Taking into consideration his posts and interests, if a studio is a plan, a hip hop studio would be better at this point.
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    Well sexy shazam, I heard a rumor that the principal dancers in Step Up all learned to dance in 5 hours, so you can wait a couple hours to get started.
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    happy for you SS
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    Night Club dancing

    Hey, i'm a young man who is currently absolutely diabolical on the dance floor. I just don't even know what to even do on it, and feel like i am missing out from a lot of things my friends and peers do at this age. It would be great if someone could give me some advice, pointers, videos, websites, articles, whatever so i can learn some moves and feel a lot more comfortable in the clubs. This is one thing i really need some help on sorting, so it would be great if anyone can help here, cheers.
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    ^ Hi Foreman!

    I find with dancing in the club scene that there's no way really to tell someone how to do it. What I did was I watched what other people were doing, how they were feeling the music, how they were interpreting that into movement, and how they used the rhythm. Then I'd go into my room, lock the door, put on some music, and start moving to it and seeing what it looked like in the mirror.

    I found that starting out was the hardest part, but I also found that I really had to feel the music for myself. And since no one could see me, I could experiment and play around with the rhythm until I found something that I thought looked decent. I'd then take it to the club with me, and kept my eyes open to what else I could add to my moves.

    My biggest piece of advice would be to just let your body go with the music and don't worry about looking bad. Go with a friend who can make you feel comfortable, and just go with it =)
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    Help! Learning to Club Dance


    well im a college student that has never really learned to club dance. now i beginning to miss out on not taking part. im not that big a fan of dance music. i think i lack rhythm and co-ordination too. like i feel a bit too stiff!

    my uni has salsa and hip hop dance classes but no club dancing. i guess its just expected that people automatically develop it.

    im not sure if this is even the right forum to post my problem on.

    so if anyone can help, got any ideas that would be great.

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    Any type of dancing will help you out, so long as you are moving your body. I don't know of any 'structured club dancing courses', but you may be able to find a ballroom/latin class that steaches 'social'. Make sure it isn't International or American which require a lot of room on a dance floor. A few social steps in swing, salsa, etc and you'll find your way on the dance floor.

    The reason I stress social is because it is meant to be danced with much less space (very close and little progression across the dancefloor).
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    Best Dancing tricks?

    Hi! I'm new in this forum....
    But I would like to ask..what are the most popular "cool" tricks moves used in a club of instance?
    I have sawn some cool moves on youtube....would you people have any suggestions?


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    welcome...please know that this is a partner dance site so you may find our sister site to be of greater sure someone will be able to give you the specific info on that...
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