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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by DanceMentor, Oct 2, 2003.

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    I get that it is not an instant tanner, but what I meant to say was that when I applied ProTan, I knew exactly how dark I was becoming but when I applied Super Brown, although the liquid is dark brown, it was colourless on my skin. I was wondering if the colour will develop over time or did I have a faulty product? Thank you for your input on the liquid/lotion. =)
  2. NonieS

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    It develops over time... you have to keep it on for longer than one hour. You will need at least several hours before you start noticing your skin any darker, and that will be a small difference. I strongly recommend you put it on and let it sit overnight. if you still do not have any tan then you either have a faulty product or your skin is not reacting to the product, which happens.
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    Ok. Thank you NonieS! I can't wait to try it out for my next competition on 6th August! :D
  4. little_mouse

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    I was curious what tanning lotion you use? I'm a beginner dancer and dancing in about a month in a (glorified) showcase. I need a little color - looking too pasty white right now.
  5. fascination

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    I like most of the ones made by Swedish Beauty...I usually pick one that tingles and has some bronzer added to it...
  6. little_mouse

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    Just so I'm not confused - are you tanning in a bed or outside? Or are these a self-tanning lotion? Thanks for your help.
  7. fascination

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    tanning bed...only because I don't have time to be outside and don't like tan lines :)
  8. mindputtee

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    Is tanning for competition really necessary?

    I know there have been a lot of threads on how to tan, what self tanners to use, what techniques there are, professional applications, spray on tans etc etc etc, but my question is, is it really necessary to in some way or another tan for a competition?

    Now, I'm a white girl, about as white as they come. I went to the beach for a week and my sister turned a nice deep tan color and I was maybe a shade darker. For my last competition I tried the neutrogenia self tanner and applied a few layers of it. I thought I was still just as white as before, but then I checked the sticker I had put on (so I could tell what the real difference was) and noticed I was actually significantly darker. But the point is, I still looked just as white.

    So as a girl who can't seem to get tan, I want to know if it makes that big a difference to be tan on the floor or not. It used to be the style to be as white as possible, so is this a style thing that I could pull off and just be as white as I want, or do I need to conform to do well?
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    I believe there was a thread started by DanceMentor on this. Oh dear TC, where art thou?
  10. ViviDancer

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    I'm not sure how tanning generally goes, but from where I am, tanning is for latin. We don't usually bother when it comes to standard dancing. But most of us are tan so we don't usually use artificial tanners.
  11. DanceLightly

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    I'm assuming you're speaking about latin or rhythm. In these categories, you do want a bit of color. But there are lots of women in your situation who have this problem. You should consider what kinds of dresses you choose - some colors have the tendency to make us appear more pale than others, even when not under the lights of a competition. In addition to the color of your costumes, also consider costumes that provide more coverage. They provide an overall elegant appearance, and you won't have to worry about getting your skin to the color of a raisin or orange :) Warning - if your dress is a lot of mesh, you still want to slather it on, pale skin stands right out under mesh if you're under lights.
  12. danceronice

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    You do need to tan for Latin/Rhythm (and if you don't want to look washed out for pictures, Standard and Smooth, though not as dark.)

    The drugstore stuff will not get a very pale person dark enough. (Power to the pale people! I'm another chalk-white one.) Either get DHA and add it to lotion (I think there's a link in the tanning thread about where to buy it) or buy professional tanners like ProTan or SuperBraun and follow the directions. That, or when I feel like splurging, airbrush tans (ideally with a hand-sprayer) give good results, too.)
  13. 3wishes

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    You don't "need to conform" mindputee, that said, you need to truly look at your costume color - cut - and use as little "mesh" netting within the costume as possible if your that white that your concerned about it. Lighting on the floor also makes a difference in how you project your latin/rhythm self as well. Some colors will wash out the person while other costume colors enhance.
  14. pygmalion

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  15. mindputtee

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    Ah yes. Another one of those 100 page long threads that it's impossible to get into starting at the end because you have no idea what's been said for the last 5 years.

    That thread seems to have devolved into another how do YOU tan? And what works best thread. I'm not interested in how to tan but rather if I go white and were to put on like a shimmering body powder instead would that be a major faux pas or could it be something that just makes me stand out because of a difference? Is it a cultural thing to want to be so tan? It's definitely an unhealthy cultural obsession, think of the skin cancer!

    As far as costume color, I'm working on making a costume so I'm planning to match the color to my current skin color anyway.
  16. ChaChaMama

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    I personally think it is optional.

    Yes, there are probably some judges who consider it more aesthetically pleasing for dancers to be tan, just as there are no doubt some judges who consider it more aesthetically pleasing for dancers not to be overweight. And yes, if you were competing at the pro level, I think you need to bear those factors in mind.

    On the whole, I think it's most important for YOU to be comfortable with your look and feel comfortable in your own skin, no matter what its color. :)
  17. pygmalion

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    lol! Don't hold back, MP. I can relate. What gets me is the people who do remember what was said a billion years ago. Blows my mind every time.

    Maybe you're right and it is time for a new thread. :)
  18. latingal

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    For latin, if you want to do well in competitions at an open level, yes - tanning is a must.
  19. NonieS

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    This is why I honestly believe that TC must secretly be a magical alien in disguise ;). He remembers the most obscure posts by people in a thread 100 pages deep that I don't even remember happening... and these are sometimes posts that I made, or commented on. It is truly humbling.
  20. mindputtee

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    So then I have another slightly related question, how do people feel about body glitter or shimmer?

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