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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by DanceMentor, Oct 2, 2003.

  1. Choccie

    Choccie New Member

    Thank you. Have just bought a can of the dark so now I possess all 3 shades ! Will see how brave I feel as to which one I end up using!
  2. Choccie

    Choccie New Member

    Will definitely be going for the dark shade - seems completely different to the light and mid shades which in comparison seem to be more like a foundation. Today was the last day of trying things out - the real thing tomorrow and Sunday. Thanks for all the tips they've been a great help to a newbie!
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  3. Dancing Irishman

    Dancing Irishman Well-Known Member

    If you're looking for other recommendations for non-offensive smelling tanners, I've had good success with Neutrogena build-a-tan. It comes out fairly brown for me and smells similar to sunscreen to my nose.

    I've also used protan with great success, but have to run my bathroom fan full blast to make it even tolerable. Acetone/alcohol based solvents are definitely not kind to humans!
  4. dancelvr

    dancelvr Well-Known Member

    I would recommend you tan face, front and back of neck, and any other skin which will be showing while wear a competition dress, or other clothing while at a comp.

    Banana Boat Summer Color (the Deep Dark Color) works beautifully, and gives a very natural and even tone. And, the smell is not at all offensive, IMHO. I have very fair skin with bleached white blond hair, and have gotten multiple compliments about the color of my tan with this product.
  5. tangotime

    tangotime Well-Known Member

    Just shows how little "they " know about S.America.. There are some countries, which have many ,with the anglo european looks in their populations ( Chile,and Argentina for e.g. AND , even Brasil has a small %) ; I even know of some Mexicanos ,who are whiter than me ! , but stereotyping is very common, and I guess its deeply entrenched .

    And..... When I think of latin dances, it has NOTHING to do with skin color, its always the music!! ; case in point; in pretty much all the latino clubs in which I frequented, there are still, to this day.many people who think Im Cuban ( Ive even been asked, if i was P.R. by P.Rs )..

    So... bring on the Blondes ( ya do know they have more fun );)
  6. ajiboyet

    ajiboyet Well-Known Member

    Weird question: do people like Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine and Motshegetsi Mabuse tan?
  7. mindputtee

    mindputtee Well-Known Member

    No. They probably still have to do the regimen of exfoliation and moisturization to achieve the silky skin effect though. That's one of my favorite things about tanning is how smooth it leaves my skin.
  8. middy

    middy Well-Known Member

    Huh, I think my skin just dries out...gotta be better about the after-tan skincare, I guess.
  9. mindputtee

    mindputtee Well-Known Member

    Hmm I use a very moisturizing scrub, it's 1:1 coconut oil and granulated sugar. I'll occasionally put a couple of drops of tea tree oil in as well. I feel so moisturized after that.

    ETA: It's also way cheaper than buying a scrub.
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  10. middy

    middy Well-Known Member

    That just sounds yummy (without the tea tree oil anyway)
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  11. Dancing Irishman

    Dancing Irishman Well-Known Member

    I agree. I would probably eat more than went on my skin.
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  12. Lioness

    Lioness Well-Known Member

    In terms of nice-smelling tan, I mix DHA powder with a cocoa butter gradual tanner/moisturiser.

    Smells like chocolate with a hint of nice-smelling tan.

    JANATHOME Well-Known Member

    I was at a comp this week-end that was highly attended by AM.
    There were a lot of solo's from AM. Each one was amazing, and highly entertaining....
    So one gal wears a black gown, with no back. The routine had very complex lifts and was just awesome. Yet because she was so pale white against the black gown it actually distracted from the performance. I thought of this thread and thought what a shame that it distracted from otherwise a very polished performance.
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  14. Hedwaite

    Hedwaite Well-Known Member

    I find when people are really orange, it's distracting. The floor and lights seem to soak them up, so that it's just a dress floating around attached to a guy dressed like a butler. I still like Bare Escentuals tanner, and especially the giant buff-on brush.
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  15. middy

    middy Well-Known Member

    Also very distracting when something goes wrong and they are green and splotchy.
  16. llamasarefuzzy

    llamasarefuzzy Well-Known Member

    I'm diggin the standard thing she I only have to tan my arms/shoulder area, and not as intense :)
  17. Dancing Irishman

    Dancing Irishman Well-Known Member

    So total newbie question: I am aware moisturizing is supposed to play some role in the fake tanning process, but I've always just exfoliated then slapped pro tan on after toweling off. Where does the moisturizer fit in?
  18. mindputtee

    mindputtee Well-Known Member

    Moisturizing your elbows/knees and dry spots beforehand will make the tan apply more evenly. Moisturizing afterward will keep your tan looking good longer. A lot of tanners are just lotions with DHA and some other cocktail of ingredients in them.
  19. middy

    middy Well-Known Member

    Just spray-tanned my legs for the first time and am mildly terrified that I'll turn out all blotchy. Thanks to mindputtee for the product suggestion - it really does smell like some baked good and not at all overly perfumed (Bodydrench Quicktan)
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  20. Lioness

    Lioness Well-Known Member

    Good luck! I always do mine 2 days in advance so there's time to correct spots I've missed or if the colour comes out wrong.

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