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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by DanceMentor, Oct 2, 2003.

  1. randomMysh

    randomMysh New Member

    Good Luck Laura!!! Where's the comp?
  2. Laura

    Laura New Member

    San Francisco Open, which is actually held in Burlingame, CA.

    I'm procrastinating like mad right now. I really despise tanning, especially since I dance Standard, but I can see the difference on the video and also in the comments people make about how K. & I are groomed. Ahh, the grooming thing. I'm not ready to stage a revolution about it, Macha, sorry. Someone else can lead that fight.
  3. chachachacat

    chachachacat Well-Known Member

    Is anyone else allergic to this tanning stuff?!?

    I am! I used to do the tan bit when I competed, but the allergy progressed, frorom itchy nose and sneezing, all the way to hives,
    and an itchy throat and eyse- that's when I had to quit cold turkey!

    I got some leg-tanning makeup in London. No. 7 brand. It works okay, but I don't know about the sweat factor.

    Has anyone else had this problem?
    Is Mystic Tan based on the same tanning agent that's in everything else?
    Any makeup-tannning tips ?
  4. Laura

    Laura New Member

    The magic ingredient in the self tanners is DHA. All brands use it. But they also put a lot of other stuff in there to moisturize, exfoliate, smell good, and god knows what else. So maybe it's the other stuff, or maybe it's the DHA.
  5. chachachacat

    chachachacat Well-Known Member

    I think it's the DHA. I've tried a LOT of different brands. :?
  6. Larinda McRaven

    Larinda McRaven Site Moderator Staff Member

    I know someone that used just the DHA. You can buy little pots of it. This person mixes it with their favorite lotion. So if you have a lotion you know you can wear without a reaction, then you could try to add a little DHA powder and make your own self-tanner. If you break out with hives then... well we know the culprit. But I am pretty sure that DHA is just a "sugar" and probably less irritating than all of the fragrances, dyes, and preservatives that are found in most lotions.
  7. Merrylegs

    Merrylegs Well-Known Member

    I've never had an allergic reaction to the tanning products but I saw something strange at a comp once.

    The strange thing I saw once was a woman's skin turning BLACK in certain areas from the tanner. Her neck , back, stomach and the inside of her elbows were turning black from a reaction to the tanner. ICKY! I have only seen this once (thank God) and I doubt I'll forget it. It was like it was spreading over her body. Not sure if it was the sweat and the tanner mixing together or what...???

    I always find it a little amusing to watch the pro Latin heats because the dancers start off a bit tan and by the final round when the Pro-Tan has kicked in they're really dark. It's a marked difference. I guess they wait until the last minute to apply the tanner, at least the last coat anyway.

    The bad experience I had with the self tanner (I use Neutrogena DARK or Banana Boat) was with over tanning my hands. I kept using the top of my hands to check to see if my legs and back were dry so they received a lot of the lotion. OMG, it looked like I was wearing gloves! I went to CVS the next day and the cashier was whispering to her co-worker about me. I used the scrubby side of a sponge and Comet cleanser to get it off. Seriously, be careful.

    I've pretty much mastered it now so no more "brown gloves" for me!!

    I have seen men's tan "falling down" their faces during heats. That's gotta sting the eyes.
  8. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    :shock: Eww! It's really nice to be naturally brown. :lol: :lol:
  9. Laura

    Laura New Member

    I do an okay job with the tanner. The good news is that I'm very flexible and never have a problem doing my own back. The bad news is that I used the spray-on Banana Boat this time -- I sprayed it on in the shower so I wouldn't get it all over the bathroom, and of course I'd step in the overspray. So now the soles of my feet are SUPER BROWN. But I'll be wearing court shoes, so no one will see it :)

    It was funny...I woke up yesterday morning as white as a sheet. I woke up this morning looking like I'd just gotten back from a week in the Caribbean. Except when I do go to the Caribbean (I'm taking mom in mid-April, in fact), I wear sun block all the time and so come back as white as usual anyway!
  10. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

  11. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member

    Hey, at least they're not Super Braun! ;)
  12. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    :doh: *ouch*
  13. chachabelle

    chachabelle New Member

    I find I get the most even color from the Mystic. I turn my body in the booth to be sure and get my sides even too. Someone said their face always gets darker, but I can't seem to get much color on my face at all. I'm not wearing any kind of SPF in the booth either.
  14. standardgirl

    standardgirl New Member

    I did Mystic, level 3 (the darkest) for my last comp. I did get dark. I tanned at 3:00pm, and then I showered after waking up the next day. But most of tan went away after the shower...... :? and I wasn't dark (enough) anymore. I don't know, but I thought that you are supposed to shower before the comp, so that you won't get tanner all over your dress? or I shouldn't shower?

    I have done the german brand tanner, Matas bafore. I like it a lot. They don't have the instant bronzer in it, so the tanner is actually white color like a lotion when you apply. They don't get on the clothes either since there is no bronzer, probably just the DHA that reacts with your skin. When I did it, I applied it every night for four days, and I was dark!

    btw, I went UV tanning today for the first time! not for a comp, just for sun! but I didn't see any result yet....she told me that I need to do it at least 3 times to start seeing things.....
  15. Laura

    Laura New Member

    If you shower after doing the tanning, you can preserve your tan by just rinsing off. No soap, no scrubbing, except for the few bits that get a bit smellier than the others. And just pat yourself dry afterwards.

    Which reminds me...I've got to start tanning AGAIN for this weekend....
  16. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Wow. A lot of comps lately, Laura. Excellent. 8)
  17. standardgirl

    standardgirl New Member

    Just this that I should share this with everyone, in cases someone else is thinking about trying it, too.


    This the the Tan Accelerator & Far Burner combined pill by Protan ( Sounds great, doesn't it? especially for ladies with a few extra pounds to lose. I took a pill this morning, about half an hour later, I got rash all over, starting from the hands. Then my entire body feels burn and itching really badly! I though I had an allergic reaction. Then I phoned my dad, who is a physician. I told him the ingredients of the pill. There is something called "Niacin" (some pills for treatment of high cholestrol have this ingredient, too), than Niacia will cause temporary redness, rash, and warmness (hot burning feel) to skin. It is only 50mg per pill, wihch is not much, and it is not a key/major ingredient, but it is definetly enough to cause the discomfort. But the bottom line is that Niacin does help the body to burn fat, and thus, it will probably produce a desire result over time, but you would have to experience the painful reaction every time. I don't think I will ever take that pill again.
  18. Laura

    Laura New Member

    Ah yes, the famed "niacin flush." I know that feeling well -- I used to date a guy who was basically a supplment freak and I'd take a niacin pill every morning and flush. You do adjust to it a bit over time, and if you take the pills with food it's not as bad either. I would only flush mildly, and kind of liked it in a weird way.
  19. tiadancer

    tiadancer New Member

    I went to the congress held just before the BYU Dancesport Championships last year where they have the judges teach classes. One of the female judges (I can't remember her name off the top of my head) taught a class entitled, "What judges are looking for vs. what we think they are looking for." It was very interesting! I was surprised that she did mention the element of tanning. She included it under the topic of looking the part. She said, and I agree, that dancing is a lot like acting and you really do dance and perform much better when you are fully "acting the part." I have naturally long nails and very long eye lashes, but I always wear fake nails and eyelashes when I compete because it makes me so much more aware of them (where my hands are and where my eyes are looking). I have competed both latin and standard and although I don't feel that having latin tan for standard is necessary I do like to have a healthy looking tan for that as well.
    There is a local salon that for $65.00 will do a full body salt scrub, facial and lotion massage (the lotion is bronzer). It takes an hour and a half and feels so amazing! They do a really good job too, the color is always really evenly distributed and the massage isn't too deep so you aren't walking around sore the next day. It is a luxury I have only indulged in once, but I am already planning my next trip. :)
  20. mamboqueen

    mamboqueen Well-Known Member

    Maybe we can all 'Niacin flush' before a comp instead of fake tanning :D

    Tiadancer - that spa treament sounds truly delectable - of course, it would be a little expensive once I factored in the airfare!!

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