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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by klyns01, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. klyns01

    klyns01 New Member

    I am doing a viennese waltz showdance at my studio. Does anyone have any good suggestions for modern, contemporary, or top 40 songs that can be used for a viennese waltz? Something more pop or rock? Thanks!
  2. wonderwoman

    wonderwoman Well-Known Member

    VW has the best music!

    Breathe (2 AM), Anna Nalick
    Kiss from a Rose, Seal
    I'll Be, Edwin McCain
    Holding On (?), Avril Lavigne
    Break Away, Kelly Clarkson
  3. Subliminal

    Subliminal Well-Known Member

    Check out the link to the music guide in the upper right hand corner of the dance forum page.

    In addition to those, here are some I've found:

    iris - goo goo dolls
    it is you I have loved - becky jane taylor (maybe a little slow...)
    hear you hear me - jimmy eat world
    show me the way - styx
    time - chantal kreviazuk
    breaking the girl - red hot chili peppers
  4. Nybz

    Nybz New Member

    I'll second both Iris and I'll be
    and also I like Change the world by finger eleven, although not the easiest beat to find at times
  5. wonderwoman

    wonderwoman Well-Known Member

    Forgot about Iris, that's a good one :D
  6. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    alicia keyes, fallin'
  7. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    time of my life....cook
  8. LucyDiamond

    LucyDiamond Active Member

    Norwegian Wood - The Beatles
    Nights in White Satin - Moody Blues
    Time in a Bottle - Jim Croce
    Annie's Song - John Denver

    (ok, so what if I'm aging myself... :wink:)
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  9. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    I'll join the old folks club:

    How Can I Be Sure - Young Rascals
    Tell it Like It Is - Aaron Neville
  10. rinachick

    rinachick New Member

    Hope by Mandy Moore (one of my favs right now)
    You and Me by Lifehouse
  11. wonderwoman

    wonderwoman Well-Known Member

    Ha. Figuring out that a song works for a Viennese Waltz makes me go from "meh" to "Omg I love that song" instantly.
  12. klyns01

    klyns01 New Member

    Thanks for all the great suggestions!
  13. latingal

    latingal Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to DF klyns01!
  14. suburbaknght

    suburbaknght Well-Known Member

    Ice Cream - Sarah McLachlan
    Kiss From a Rose - Seal
    Breath (2 AM) - Anna Nalick
    Try Not to Breath - R.E.M.
    Nights in White Satin - Moody Blues
    I'm With You - Avril Lavigne
    Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
    I'll Be - Edwin McCain
    Love Just Is - Hilary Duff
    You and Me - Lifehouse
    Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
    Smoke - Ben Folds Five
    I'll Never Break Your Heart - Backstreet Boys
    Crazy - Aerosmith
    Only Hope - Mandy Moore
    Runaway - The Corrs
    Daughters - John Mayer
    Little Suzie - Michael Jackson (as covered by Klaus Hallen)
    No One - Aly and AJ
    Homeless Heart - Amanda Stott
    Seduces Me - Celine Dion
    Selfless, Cold and Composed - Ben Folds Five
    Witness - Sarah McLachlan
    Down to Earth - Peter Gabriel
    Between - Vienna Teng
    Nothing Else Matters - Metallica (as covered by Bif Naked)

    As with most pop songs, expect to play with the tempo.
  15. latingal

    latingal Moderator Staff Member

    wow, great stuff guys!
  16. singndance

    singndance Well-Known Member

    My favorite VW lately is The Time of My Life performed by David Cook, last year's American Idol.
  17. kiya

    kiya New Member

    I totally agree on that one!:p

  18. Anchovynist

    Anchovynist New Member

    It's not a Top40, more like afrobeat or fusion, but "Round the Way" by NOMO, on their Ghost Rock CD makes a great VW. It's at about the right tempo with a strong, whirling, Left-2-3, Right-2-3 rhythm. A nice change of pace from the usual VW tunes.
  19. "Favorite Things" - Big Brovaz
    "Illness Illusion" - Gackt
    "Perfect Day" - Duran Duran
    "Sanzen" - Dredg
    And for a harder edge..."Whispers (I hear your)" - All That Remains (you did say rock, yes? :>)
  20. drejenpha

    drejenpha Member

    A nice list, would be interesting to see what could be played with off of those (Whispers especially) considering the flow of the songs.

    Because I haven't seen it listed here, Try Not to Breathe - REM.
    From 4:36 on in I Want You (She's So Heavy) - Beatles is a decent American speed, though it is 3 minutes of the same guitar riff going through cord progression.

    And because I ended up listening to the Beatles, Happiness is a Warm Gun - Joe Anderson from the Across The Universe soundtrack has a vwaltz section... I really need to work out choreo for that song.

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