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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by klyns01, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. klyns01

    klyns01 New Member

    I am doing a viennese waltz showdance at my studio. Does anyone have any good suggestions for modern, contemporary, or top 40 songs that can be used for a viennese waltz? Something more pop or rock? Thanks!
  2. wonderwoman

    wonderwoman Well-Known Member

    VW has the best music!

    Breathe (2 AM), Anna Nalick
    Kiss from a Rose, Seal
    I'll Be, Edwin McCain
    Holding On (?), Avril Lavigne
    Break Away, Kelly Clarkson
  3. Subliminal

    Subliminal Well-Known Member

    Check out the link to the music guide in the upper right hand corner of the dance forum page.

    In addition to those, here are some I've found:

    iris - goo goo dolls
    it is you I have loved - becky jane taylor (maybe a little slow...)
    hear you hear me - jimmy eat world
    show me the way - styx
    time - chantal kreviazuk
    breaking the girl - red hot chili peppers
  4. Nybz

    Nybz New Member

    I'll second both Iris and I'll be
    and also I like Change the world by finger eleven, although not the easiest beat to find at times
  5. wonderwoman

    wonderwoman Well-Known Member

    Forgot about Iris, that's a good one :D
  6. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    alicia keyes, fallin'
  7. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    time of my life....cook
  8. LucyDiamond

    LucyDiamond Active Member

    Norwegian Wood - The Beatles
    Nights in White Satin - Moody Blues
    Time in a Bottle - Jim Croce
    Annie's Song - John Denver

    (ok, so what if I'm aging myself... :wink:)
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  9. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    I'll join the old folks club:

    How Can I Be Sure - Young Rascals
    Tell it Like It Is - Aaron Neville
  10. rinachick

    rinachick New Member

    Hope by Mandy Moore (one of my favs right now)
    You and Me by Lifehouse
  11. wonderwoman

    wonderwoman Well-Known Member

    Ha. Figuring out that a song works for a Viennese Waltz makes me go from "meh" to "Omg I love that song" instantly.
  12. klyns01

    klyns01 New Member

    Thanks for all the great suggestions!
  13. latingal

    latingal Well-Known Member

    Welcome to DF klyns01!
  14. suburbaknght

    suburbaknght Well-Known Member

    Ice Cream - Sarah McLachlan
    Kiss From a Rose - Seal
    Breath (2 AM) - Anna Nalick
    Try Not to Breath - R.E.M.
    Nights in White Satin - Moody Blues
    I'm With You - Avril Lavigne
    Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
    I'll Be - Edwin McCain
    Love Just Is - Hilary Duff
    You and Me - Lifehouse
    Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
    Smoke - Ben Folds Five
    I'll Never Break Your Heart - Backstreet Boys
    Crazy - Aerosmith
    Only Hope - Mandy Moore
    Runaway - The Corrs
    Daughters - John Mayer
    Little Suzie - Michael Jackson (as covered by Klaus Hallen)
    No One - Aly and AJ
    Homeless Heart - Amanda Stott
    Seduces Me - Celine Dion
    Selfless, Cold and Composed - Ben Folds Five
    Witness - Sarah McLachlan
    Down to Earth - Peter Gabriel
    Between - Vienna Teng
    Nothing Else Matters - Metallica (as covered by Bif Naked)

    As with most pop songs, expect to play with the tempo.
  15. latingal

    latingal Well-Known Member

    wow, great stuff guys!
  16. singndance

    singndance Well-Known Member

    My favorite VW lately is The Time of My Life performed by David Cook, last year's American Idol.
  17. kiya

    kiya New Member

    I totally agree on that one!:p

  18. Anchovynist

    Anchovynist New Member

    It's not a Top40, more like afrobeat or fusion, but "Round the Way" by NOMO, on their Ghost Rock CD makes a great VW. It's at about the right tempo with a strong, whirling, Left-2-3, Right-2-3 rhythm. A nice change of pace from the usual VW tunes.
  19. "Favorite Things" - Big Brovaz
    "Illness Illusion" - Gackt
    "Perfect Day" - Duran Duran
    "Sanzen" - Dredg
    And for a harder edge..."Whispers (I hear your)" - All That Remains (you did say rock, yes? :>)
  20. drejenpha

    drejenpha Member

    A nice list, would be interesting to see what could be played with off of those (Whispers especially) considering the flow of the songs.

    Because I haven't seen it listed here, Try Not to Breathe - REM.
    From 4:36 on in I Want You (She's So Heavy) - Beatles is a decent American speed, though it is 3 minutes of the same guitar riff going through cord progression.

    And because I ended up listening to the Beatles, Happiness is a Warm Gun - Joe Anderson from the Across The Universe soundtrack has a vwaltz section... I really need to work out choreo for that song.

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