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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by Spitfire, Nov 15, 2013.

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    Would not accept this. Salsa and tango communities are very beginner friendly. There are no pure WCS crowds over here, but the swing communities I know also are really open for newbys.

    There is a simply reason for this:

    The percentage of competition-orientated couples is much lower in the said communities than it is in the ballroom world. For more than 20 years (as far as I can judge) social BR dancers were kind of alienated or treated as second-class citizens compared to competitors. So the social dance etiquette almost fell into oblivion.
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  2. Dupont

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    My observations about competition-oriented dancers at ballroom events are the following.

    About 1/5 of evening ballroom dancing venues are frequented by competitors. Often these are venues with very large floor or close to universities. There, they constitute about 70% of dancers. They don't exchange partners and essentially use the floor for training. I am guessing that they are the ones that cannot afford daytime use of the venue. Social beginner or even intermediate level ballroom dancers there are treated worse than second-class citizens; they are treated like a nuisance or moving obstacle.

    4/5 of venues are for social dancers. Competitors there are below 10%. They don't cause problems. They don't influence the flow and the social dance etiquette.

    So, allover, competitors cannot be blamed for the social dance etiquette falling into oblivion.
  3. Spitfire

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    Others may feel different, but what comes across to me in this area and some others that I've been to is that the atmosphere present for WCS dances seems rather serious where for ballroom it is more relaxed. I don't get many turn downs when I request a dance, but when it has happened it's mostly at the WCS dances. And yet there is some snobbery yes, but to repeat something I said in an earlier thread I think there's the tendency of people to dance mostly with those they are best acquainted with, but it does not mean they are unwilling to dance with someone outside the "group". I know this from the many dances I've had from those whom I had first thought could be snobs and sometimes at their request.
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