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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by DanceMentor, May 4, 2012.

  1. tanya_the_dancer

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    A related question - after the injury has healed, how do you get back things like range of motion, and similar? I dislocated a rib a few months ago, and even though my chiropractor fixed it, and it is back to normal, my body developed a habit of being careful with that side, and I think it shows up in my dancing (i.e. I would subconsciously hold back when I need to stretch that side). How do you let go of that sort of thing?
  2. gracie

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    Stress fracture right foot 2 years ago when practicing Int. Standard. Had to wear a boot for 4 weeks so just went in and watched videos with Pro. Has healed:D
  3. latingal

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    Hi tanya! Not quite sure what the prescribed method would be to rehab full range of motion back, but it's SMART to be concerned about getting it back.

    I had multiple injuries that I developed compensating patterns for (most of us do throughout our life times), and it has caused a whole host of other issues and pain, especially since we use our bodies as dancers past the "norm".

    For me, I have worked with a body works specialist who knows about the body structure and the correct alignment, weight bearing of the body and musculature usage. After correcting the initial problem, it's been a matter of correcting the compensatory forces in the body and developing trust in the area through conscious use and slow re-introduction.

    Best of luck!
  4. 3wishes

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    Hi Tanya, your the lucky duck at Ohio who did NOT see me walking around with a cane, lol. How do you let go? You have to know that it can "be fixed" and it's not a terrible thing. Yes, ribs hurts, no one likes to have that kind of thing happen/ dislocation or otherwise. My ribs, tend to do that frequently from the stresses of snow ski instruction on the slopes. I found, that the Physical Therapy I did after OSB, really helped, light weight circuit training, to strengthen certain elements of my body. I believe we are naturally "careful" so as not to invite yet another recurrence of the same injury and until our brain trusts our body - careful is as careful does. It does take time.

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