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  1. If this year i.e. 2013 is like last year (2012), they had one slate of performers one night (Friday) and the next slate performers the next night (Saturday), and yes they did announce who would be dancing Friday and Saturday nights respectively, but only a couple of months before the event (which precludes any early discount pricing) if you were to buy tickets now for only one night you wouldn't know who was going to be performing the night you purchased tickets for
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    For me, it's not whether it's cool or not cool, but it may affect ticket buying strategy for some customers.

    If there is a set amount a given couple is willing to spend on the event, you can choose between best seat in that budget for one night, or slightly further back seat for both nights.

    So hypothetically: if my budget were ~$250/person, I could go Rows D/E for 1 night (currently $255/pp) or Rows F and up for both nights (currently $250/pp). If my budget were ~$500/person, I could go Rows B/C for 1 night (currently $510/pp) or Rows D/E for both nights (currently $425/pp).

    Or a person could take that same pot of money and put it toward a scholarship at a USA Dance regional, or take more lessons, or spend it at a comp, or see a couple Broadway shows (which aren't bad entertainment either!) being fungible and all.
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    Yes, MA is correct there will be an announced schedule for both nights and similarly to last year most couples will only dance on one night.

    The aim is to release at least a partial schedule as soon as possible, although similarly to last year additions continue to take place as couples are added & finalized. Even that partial schedule however takes time as it must be both balanced as well as reflect finalized travel arrangements with the performers.

    In short, everyone loves having a schedule. Once one exists, you all will be among the first to know :)
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    CCM, you are right in terms of having to decide between one night and two night. The trick is - we simply have too many amazing couples doing too many shows to put them all on one night. Thus - Friday is completely different from Saturday. Personally, I would go to both and site a few rows further away because I would want to see everything (but that's just me)....

    On a separate note, sadly, I got to see very little last year because of all the behind the scenes work :(
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    We will tell you as soon as we know. As you can imagine, there are a lot of things that need to be lined up first to get the schedule finalized. (and we do not want to jump the gun and post incorrect information)
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    Went both nights last year, and sat fairly far back, in the $125 seats. Had no problem feeling the love, shall we say. However, a friend who sat much closer had a very different experience. My take: do both nights. Worth it.
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    This year - if you buy by 12/31 - you basically get an upgrade by one tier as compared to last year! Basically, orchestra F & up this year for the price of first mezzanine last year.
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    So impressed how speedy you are!! And since I know you're going to be there now, can I officially reserve a social dance since I hardly see you anymore?? I'm going to try and disconnect from my headset more during the intermissions this year :rolleyes: dreaming big!!

    PS Happy Thanksgiving all :)
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    I would be honored! :)
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    wait does a package come with a social dance with meagan??.......

  12. Meagan

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    lol it's the secret bonus for buying with the holiday discount :p limited quantity available hehe
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    lol awesome!!!
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    I know I'm late to the party but is it still acceptable to throw out names for this? I'd love to see Surkov...Di Fillipo, or the reigning WDSF champion, Nino Langella
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    I went last year, forked over a wad for a close seat both Fri and regrets, the view and experience were wonderful.
  16. Meagan

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    Very glad to hear it! Sad there were so many DF members there I didn't get to meet/say hi to. Must do better this year!
  17. Meagan

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    It is not only acceptable, it is highly encouraged. :) Of course normally I say no promises BUT you must have been wishing extra hard for your suggestions because...

    Very happy to announce that Stefano di Filippo and Dariya Chesnokova will be joining the cast of Dance Legends 2013!

    And I believe you all are the very first to hear the news, this announcement is so new it's not even on the website yet! ;) Can't wait to see this new partnership in action!
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    Sorry, just found this unanswered in the old thread!! DVDs of last year's show are available through the store on the DL website. Just in case you wanted to get an extra special gift for your DP or other dance enthusiast friends for the holidays ;)

    (There's also a 2013 Calendar featuring some awesome photos, for those of you with Secret Santa holiday spending limits)

    I'll try and link to some video clips for your viewing pleasure once I have them in an easier place!! So if you have any couples you wanted a glimpse of, let me know and I'll try and do them first :D
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    Carmen and Bryan!
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    For some reason, I at first read that as "limited QUALITY available" and I was like, now Meagan, don't be so hard on yourself...
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