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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by gte692h, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. gte692h

    gte692h Member

    i love trance and house music (djs: tiesto, armin van buuren, saeed and palash, chris lawrence, oscar G, etc). I learnt dancing to electronica (read trance and house) mostly at clubs watching and imitating the good dancers. the clubs i refer to are not the generic clubs that play the obligatory trash they call dance music. i'm talking the serious stuff, where celebrity dj's tour the US every few years, playing at select venues. dancers in these clubs are usually very much into the electronic scene, and their dancing usually involves a lot of exotic swaying to the music, arm movement (sometimes with glowsticks), etc. Very often, the dancers here are very individualist, very serious about being there to see the dj and dancing to the live performance. so when i say dance in this context, i'm not talking about the club dancing, where most of it is as a means of socializing, but the dancing here is really for the thrill of your all time favourite dj playing for you.. to give you an example, me and a buddy flew all the way from AZ to miami to catch dj tiesto. and to see him live, was like to see the beatles, or the rolling stones.. everybody was facing him, everybody was dancing to the music he played, its like a concert.
    After a lot of watching and learning, and dancing, i've evolved into a half-decent dancer who likes his own style. i somehow feel that there must be a better way to dance to this music than just trial and error. i was curious if others like me know of any classes, videos or anything that can help me 'learn' to dance to this music.

    Since I love this music so much, and love dancing to it, any information i can get would make a big difference to my life (seriously, i'm not joking..)
    btw, i also dance a lot of salsa, so anyone with a similar background might have something useful to say..

  2. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

  3. gte692h

    gte692h Member

    hey guys,
    i dug this thread up, because i wanted to share a video of dj tiesto, my all time favorite dj, in my all time favorite club, club space in miami. you get an idea of the music he plays, and the kind of appreciative crowds you find in miami.. i flew all the way to east coast for his concert, now you'll see why !

    just to let you know that trance music is not all about drugs and weirdos...its big ! this dj also played live at the olympics opening ceremony in greece.

  4. saludas

    saludas New Member

    do you have any links of what dancing to this music looks like?
  5. boco

    boco New Member

    i was gonna go to ultra music festival.

    its a HUGE techno show.. i was gonna fly from AZ to miami! :D

  6. gte692h

    gte692h Member

    no links yet. if i find anything, i'll post it. In the concert i was at, it was just standing room only, so it was a lot of arms in the air, and swaying and moving to the music the best you could.
    then i went upstairs to their open air dance floor, which was less packed, and there was a lot more room. sagitta posted a link earlier in this thread, where there were a few suggestions on dancing to this sort of music. But I don't know of videos that show this stuff.
  7. gte692h

    gte692h Member

    sounds like you couldn't make it, that's too bad! what a collection of dj's ! my buddies on the east coast are going, driving down from ATL to miami, but i'm dead broke so i'm staying put.
  8. boco

    boco New Member

    only reason i couldnt go was cuz airfare got jacked up 200 bucks.

    i should have bought them 3 weeks ago =(
  9. dj_chilla

    dj_chilla New Member

    don't go to ULTRA.

    WMC (winter music conference) in Miami is much better. The actual conference is informative for new artists, djs, promoters, etc. but the parties around Miami during that week are amazing. The conference also costs $250, but the parties generally run $5-20. All you need is that plane ticket. good luck.


    The Sullivan Room Showcase at Teasers. There will be all new talent like Groovefire and 3 Speaker High. These new groups are amazing. I hope you can make it.
  10. solveg_dancer

    solveg_dancer New Member

    HEY MAN!

    I am really into this sort of dancing!

    Now, I dont want to tap myself on the shoulder (others do so) but I can dance really great to this kind of music!

    Im not a really big on tiesto (altough he's very good in what he does!)
    Hey, and drugs are not always bad either :wink:

    Talk to you later!
  11. Pacion

    Pacion New Member

    You are right. "Drugs" are not always bad, but it depends on what it is, why it is being taken, and when it is being taken.

    For instance, aspirin, panadol/paracetamol is brilliant for headaches, and aches and pains but if you have an unknown allergy/intolerance to it, it can kill you. Morphine is brilliant for post operative pain, but can also harm you if you have an unknown allergy/intolerance to it (to say that it could kill you may be a bit drastic as I am not a medic).

    Taken at the wrong time, certain drugs can hamper your judgement skills and if you don't harm/kill yourself, you could harm/kill others.

    That said, certain drugs can and do relieve the pain caused by certain types of cancer. However, from medical programmes I have seen on television, some cancer related pain, on a scale of 1 to 10 is like a 20!

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