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Discussion in 'Dancing on TV' started by gingerbread, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. JudeMorrigan

    JudeMorrigan Well-Known Member

    Well, that's disappointing, as it means the audiences really are full of prats.

    (To be clear, I'm not lamenting things like the audience booing Kellie's 7. I'm grumping about how the audience immediately starts booing when the judges offer even minor criticism.)
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  2. davedove

    davedove Well-Known Member

    One detail that caught my attention is Derek says he put in a Salvador because Len mentioned it. I'm not familiar with that step. What is a Salvador in Paso Doble??
  3. Mr 4 styles

    Mr 4 styles Well-Known Member

    It was fair booing Monday. Well except the females think Jacoby walks on water and he doesn't
  4. theAnnelis

    theAnnelis Active Member

    Literally the only reasons I even still watch this show are Derek and Karina. Jacoby is no drama and a ball of laughs, someone great to have in the ballroom. He's even loosened up Karina, and that's happened SO rarely on this show. And I couldn't even be mad at a single thing that happened in the live show OR the results, because it was so completely predictable:

    - Z getting the encore (they say it's because of her 30)
    - Jacoby/Kellie in jeopardy (not surprised when I saw it was both of them, because that's how this show works)
    - reverting to the "not necessarily the bottom two"
    - Sean eliminated

    Is there a single thing listed there that NO ONE saw coming? So of course Len's tantrum was scripted. And saying Kellie's trio was no better than Sean's dance? *snort*

    Another thing. Derek got lit up for a, his theatrics, b. not having paso doble content (I saw a LOT of paso in it...but then again, that's one of the tougher ones to pick out syllabus steps in). I saw barely any salsa content in Z's "salsa" - which was more a split of samba and hip hop. And then Aly's jazz - er, jive with almost no jive action in it at all, and her legs in the AT were...frankly, bad. But he doesn't call out EITHER of the other rule breakers. At least Derek is a gentleman and just laughs about it, because he knows what's afoot. I had the same reaction. I was infuriated for a split second before I just started laughing, like, REALLY, Len? Predictable much.

    Again, as audience members, we all know we're being manipulated, but why make it so obvious? It's insulting. Audience members do have eyes, you know. The people behind the scenes pulling the strings should be embarrassed.
  5. Wolfgang

    Wolfgang Member

    Seals jump sharks in a desparate bid to steer clear of all those teeth.
    They are agile fellows in the water.
    I guess DwtS is a 'dance competition' in much the same way the McDonald's counter in your Walmart Super Center is a 'restaurant'.
    The 'judging' has always been random and highly suspect, but I think I've figured out the formula:
    10,9= good; 8,7 = you didn't fall over; 6,5 = go home; anything lower = you should be shot at dawn and your instructor should spend the next 20 years as a galley slave.
  6. Mr 4 styles

    Mr 4 styles Well-Known Member

    for wolfgang:

    brooke is even hotter in real life:eek:

    with her tall shoes and up do she stood about 5' 8" she is stunning and an absolute sweetheart

    we chatted for about ten minutes ( that I what a meet and greet means apparently) it was a lot of fun

    we sat to the right of Bruno at the tables.. during Lens tirade Bruno looked at me and said "he's a lunatic" LMAO

    told Bruno yep and he missed the Salvador ( seems to be dereks fave step)
  7. JudeMorrigan

    JudeMorrigan Well-Known Member

    Holy cultural appropriation, Batman.
  8. nikkitta

    nikkitta Well-Known Member

    not even going to comment on the scoring :rolleyes:

    But not even Val can pull off those hideous "diaper pants"
  9. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    Someone left the EDR television on ABC and the only one I caught while stocking was Aly and Mark. Um...yeah.
  10. Steve Pastor

    Steve Pastor Moderator Staff Member

    OK, so I know "African jazz" is not a ballroom dance, but last night's routine had lots of African. Really made me miss the African dance classes I took a few years ago.
  11. lacubs

    lacubs Member

    next season DWTS is canceling Tuesday night show, results show
  12. ajiboyet

    ajiboyet Well-Known Member

    I wonder too. Back when Mark danced with Chelsea Kane and Donnie Burns judged, he mentioned it in his rant. It seems like one of those steps that died around the time the Hiltons switched from 10 dance to strictly Ballroom...LOL!
  13. kckc

    kckc Active Member

  14. kckc

    kckc Active Member

    Also mentioned is the fact that they are trying to "age-down" the cast to bring in younger viewers. Hmmm, I wonder how young is too young...
  15. JudeMorrigan

    JudeMorrigan Well-Known Member

    That sounds like an endeavor that'll be doomed to failure, imo. I've rolled my eyes at some of the hysterics I've read about Zendaya's age this season, but I don't think that its attempts to appeal to a younger audience generally do the show any favors.
  16. Wolfgang

    Wolfgang Member

    No one can convince me that the healthy majority of DwtS viewers aren't women 35-55.
    Doing Contemporary or African or bringing in more teenagers ain't gonna please them much.
    And if they're trying to fish for a younger audience, they're gonna need Rihanna shakin' what her momma gave her in a thong and Justin Bieber doing shirtless backflips.Derek's gettin' old and teens have no interest whatsoever in the fineries of Foxtrot.
  17. Mr 4 styles

    Mr 4 styles Well-Known Member

    puked a little not hot just sayin

    beyonce on the other hand
    or shakira

    LLMMAOOOOOOOOOOOO wow this show is doomed then:(
  18. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    Justin Bieber's already performed on the show as a musical guest.

    I actually question whether they're attempting to draw "young." The under-twenty-five demo is pretty much worthless to advertisers. Zendaya's on there for the same reason Sean was--property of the Mouse. I think bringing in random dance styles and changing pros around (like the parade of blonde girls, whose names I've barely bothered to learn at this point) is because they're probably slipping in ratings and they're trying to see what they can do to save it. Losing Tuesday means they've got something else they think will be competitive in that slot and DWTS results isn't drawing enough viewers to make it worth keeping, no matter how many young, current, non-ballroom music and dance acts they throw on.
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  19. kckc

    kckc Active Member

    (from the article) "Lee did say that viewers will continue to play a role in the show, and that he’ll keep working on making the show more appealing to youths. “The critical thing is to nail down the casting,” Lee admitted. “We aged Bachelor down this year with spectacular casting, so as we focus on Monday we will focusing down Dancing with the Stars.”

    There you have it. "More appealing to youth" beats "older viewers actually have money to spend" every time. Don't ask me why.
  20. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    I would bet most of "The Bachelor"'s viewers are in the 28-48 demo. Which is the one advertisers care about. "Older" doesn't mean retirees, because advertisers assume the 55+ are set in their buying ways and aren't likely to change what they buy, 25/under doesn't matter because they don't have money or credit to buy anything. They may be worried DWTS is skewing too old and not getting anyone at the bottom end who might (less likely these days, but might) have more money as they age up.

    And ratings overall just might be slipping. This is network, ultimately all that matters is ad revenue (and increasingly who'll pay to buy online viewing, which would be your under-thirties.) They keep tweaking the format, adding things, trying to increase viewer participation, throwing new pros at the screen to see which ones stick...that suggests general desperation that their ad spots aren't worth what they used to be.

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