Donating Dancesport Wear to College Teams

Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by latingal, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Miss Silly

    Miss Silly Well-Known Member

    I have some shoes and a couple costumes & practice wear to donate. please PM me :)
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  2. Hello,
    The new E-mail for the SJSU Ballroom Spartans (Now just called SJSU Dancesport Team) is

    Please Update. Also, we are still taking donations of any sort and can have paperwork filed to get a Tax ID for the items.
  3. Thank you? What idea are we talking about again?
  4. Just want to give big thanks to Miss Silly and Katarzyna for the generous donations to the SJSU Dancesport team! If you filled out the tax form provided and sent them with the donations then we will get those processed ASAP. Thank you again!
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  5. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    The University of Arkansas (Fayetteville) Ballroom Club is in need of, well, everything -- but practice-wear and shoes the most, especially men's.

    Its probably easiest to send things through me as (co-)faculty advisor for the team, so please PM me re: shipping address or for any related questions... and thanks in advance for whatever help anyone can provide! :)
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  6. raindance

    raindance Well-Known Member

    I have some ladies shoes (well used) and possibly some other items to donate. If there are any clubs able to accept donations over the summer, please send me a PM. Thanks.
  7. raindance

    raindance Well-Known Member

    These items have been claimed, thanks for the interest.
  8. I still have a few cassette tapes from Dance Vision is anyone is interested. Shipping and handling paid for. :)
  9. UPenn Ballroom

    UPenn Ballroom New Member

    This thread hasn't been updated in a while, but I am on the current board of the University of Pennsylvania ballroom team and wanted to reach out to the community to see if anyone has any items they are willing to donate. We would sincerely appreciate any shoes, costumes, or practice clothing. Please PM or contact us at askplbd [at] gmail [dot] com. Thank you!
  10. Lorelei

    Lorelei Member

    Hello, I have several ladies shoes sizes 7/7.5 UK (9/9.5 US) to donate, and practice dress for a tall girl. Some shoes are only worn to 1/2 competitions. Are any collegiate teams currently accepting donations? I would prefer New York/Connecticut are due to shipment costs.

  11. Hi Lorelei! I wanted to check in with you to see if your shoes and practice dress are still available? I just started dancing with the MIT team, and we are in serious dearth of costumes and practice wear for tall girls. I'm sure we could also use some shoes too; we always have newcomers, and I know a girl in particular who could use those shoes now. Please let me know, thanks!!!
  12. scullystwin42

    scullystwin42 Well-Known Member

    I have a few smooth and rhythm/latin costumes that I could donate - but they are not brand-name. Two have Korean stones on them. Would these be useful?
  13. middy

    middy Well-Known Member

    College teams appreciate just about anything!
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  14. scullystwin42

    scullystwin42 Well-Known Member

    Ok! I'll read through the thread about how to donate and where to.
  15. bluslu

    bluslu Active Member

    Yes! Things with stones (any stones) would be awesome. It's not uncommon for collegiate dancers to have off brand dresses, with or without sparkles. And with the change in rules allowing for stones, we have people that would enjoy sparkle but have no sparkle to hand down to members, just some of our older sparkle free costumes.

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