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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by Kitty, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. to be or not to be

    to be or not to be New Member

    where do you buy tanner?

    ok I've got a competition coming up and I usually buy a bottle from a teacher, but that is not an option right now. I live in a town that does not seem to sell any tanner that works for me so It's going to have to be mail order. The tanner I'm familiar with is Pro tan. Does anyone know who sells that or if there is another tanner that works better?
  2. chocobebe

    chocobebe Member

    Try danceshopper . com They're a very reliable online ballroom shop, and the last time I was on the site, I remember seeing pro-tan for sale. Their prices are also quite competitive too.
  3. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    I go to the Stephanie Make Up Store, the actual store and purchase St. Topaz mouse. It's instant, literally no smell and takes one minute to dry.
    If your desperate you might try mixing bronzer powder into your favorite moisturizing lotion and applying. - therefore no streaks and such when applied.
  4. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Sorry it's Sephora Make Up Store - where is my brain this morning!
  5. shimkirina

    shimkirina New Member

    I usually use Neutrogena Micro-Mist. The other tanning product I used to use gave me awful allergic reactions :( :(

    It wasn't Pro Tan though. ;)
  6. latingal

    latingal Well-Known Member

    Welcome to DF shimkirina!
  7. to be or not to be

    to be or not to be New Member

    where do you buy tanner?

    well I found some online site that had it. Funny thing is it was a health/ beauty store. I am crossing my fingers that it works out.
  8. anniep

    anniep New Member

    I've found the best price for ProTan on BodyBuilder dot com. Their shipping is pretty quick too. I haven't ordered from them in a while, but your should def query bodybuilding web sites for ProTan.
  9. ViviDancer

    ViviDancer Member

    Sorry, know this is kinda off topic but, why not get a natural tan rather than use a tanner? Seems rather better to me ><
  10. latingal

    latingal Well-Known Member

    yes, off topic...but how 'bout skin damage and skin cancer?

    now back to our original topic...
  11. debmc

    debmc Well-Known Member

    I like Sun by Gisele (?). I can buy it at my local Ulta store, but also on line.
  12. BreAna

    BreAna Member

    Competition/ Performance Makeup

    I really LOVE putting on comp/ performance makeup! It's like working with art materials, except it's on your face :D

    I'm curious to know how other people apply their makeup, what products they use, etc. Maybe I can get some new ideas!

    I'm a fan of Sugarpill Cosmetics. They have extremely bright and sparkly pigments that are fairly cheap. It's about $8 per compact of color, and this stuff is so pigmented that it would last you a year or two if you used it EVERY DAY. I love it! Hottopic sells bright pigments too, but I prefer Sugarpill (unfortunately, Sugarpill isn't sold in stores).

    I usually line my eye with black eyeliner (the best liquid I've ever found is by Body Rage, and I bought it at Spencers), and then line that with some glitter or bright pigment. I usually pick a color scheme of 3 or 4 colors, and make a gradient from my eyelid to brow-bone, and then of course dust it in glitter, because life is better when it sparkles. I also use lash glue to apply rhinestones sometimes to the outer corners of my eyes.

    I also love wacky eyelashes. If anyone is interested in some really cool ones, check out Sephora's line of false lashes. Also, NYX has some pretty cool ones too that are a bit cheaper than Sephora (you can get them at Newbury Comics or Ulta).

    Most of you guys probably use M.A.C products or something similar, but, being a teenager, I tend to shop at places like Spencers and Hottopic :)
  13. Rugby

    Rugby Member

    I also dust my eye-shadow with glitter too. Guess if we are ever at the same competition we will recognize each other. :)
  14. jjs914

    jjs914 Active Member

    On one of these older make up threads (I can't remember which one!), people were looking for pcitures of comp makeup. While looking for something else, I came across this website: http://en [dot]

    While it's not ballroom specific, there is some very crazy makeup that might spark eveyrone's imagination for color and shape.

    There's also some interesting hair dos.
  15. TinyDancer109

    TinyDancer109 Well-Known Member

    Then you should really check out the 6 or so pages of wacky eyelashes on danceshopper ;) ... i never knew people actually used eyelashes like these!... dont they impair your vision??
  16. Active Member

    I am using the Super Braun now and I am preparing myself for my tan. Is this ok or do I have to tweak anything? I am now at day 3.

    Day 1: Lotion
    Day 2: Lotion
    Day 3: Scrub and lotion
    Day 4: Free day
    Day 5: Scrub and lotion
    Day 6: Scrub and waxing
    Day 7: Nails and Tan
    Day 8: Tan
    Day 9: Tan
    Day 10: Competition day!
  17. MissKitty

    MissKitty New Member

    Wow thats so much preparation!

    All I do is this:

    Morning two days before the comp - exfoliate in the shower.
    That night apply first coat of tan.
    Shower off excess in the morning.
    Second coat night before competition
    Shower off excess in morning.
    Apply bronzer to give a nice gold sheen

    Off I go - I am naturally very very pale skinned and I come out VERY dark

    I buy bottles of solution that are used for professional spray tanning (like your mystic tan I think) and apply it myself at home with a plastic bowl and a sponge. Works like a dream.
  18. Enjouee

    Enjouee New Member

    MissKitty, where do you buy your tanning solution? What kind of bronzer?
  19. chocobebe

    chocobebe Member

    what brand do you use? And what's the price range and size of each bottle? I've been looking for a good base tanner... and L'oreal ones aren't doing the trick...
  20. canismajor41

    canismajor41 Active Member

    If anyone knows what Natalie Paramonov uses on her legs, please share! I was at OSB and watched pro Latin. Her legs were Goddess-like! The combination of good genetics and the product(s) she used on her legs made them look like sparkling rivers of gold.

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