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    its on soundcloud
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    Thanks for the info. Just looked him up. Great stuff.
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    Whew ... in light of everyone's responses and interest in these types of postings I have been going through the threads and collecting and gathering everyone's input into a single list. Don't shoot me if any of these are not correct Waltz songs as I myself am unfamiliar with most of them. BUT here is my accumulated list of Waltz songs:

    ? - A Moment Lost
    ? - All My Love's Laughter
    ? - Callin Na Guiage Baine
    ? - Coney Island
    ? - Distant Melody
    ? - Lasso The Moon
    ? - Morning Song
    ? - Ocean Waltz
    ? – Pianno Waltz
    ? - Story of Tina
    ? - Theme from Romeo and Juliet
    ? - Theme from The Thornbirds
    ? - Waltz for Zizi
    ? - You Light Up My Life
    101 Strings Orchestra – Try To Remember
    Aidana – A Moment Lost
    Aimee Mann – Amateur
    Alicia keys – If I Ain’t Got You
    Allison Crowe – I Never Loved A Man
    Allison Moorer - She Knows Where She Goes
    Amber - I'm Free
    Andy Williams – May Each Day
    Andy Williams – Charade
    Andy Williams – Moon River
    Andy Williams - Musetta's Waltz
    Andy Williams – The Wonderful World Of The Young
    Andy Williams – Until It’s Time For You To Go
    Anna Nalick – Breathe
    Anne Murray – Could I have This Dance
    Arja Koriseva and Jouni Somero - Kielletyt leikit
    Arrogant Worms - Carrot Juice is Murder
    Art Garfunkle - Disney Girls
    Arthur Sedrakian & Albina Hambia – New Age Armenia
    Baka Beyond - Meeting of Tribes
    Ballroom Emotions - The Shores of the Swilly
    Barbara Mandrell – Tonight
    Barry Manilow – Weekend In New England
    Barry Manilow – What the World Needs Now Is Love
    Beatles -Here, There and Everywhere
    Billy Joel – And So It Goes
    Billy Preston and Syreeta – With You I Am Born Again
    Bing Crosby – Around the World
    Black Sabbath – Scarlet Pimpernel
    Blake – Ashokan – Farewell
    Brad Paisley - I'm Still a Guy
    Brad Paisley - In the Garden
    Bruce Hornsby – Nobody There But Me
    Bryan Adams – I Will Always Return
    Burt Bacharach – Lisa
    Byrds - Hickory Wind
    Cait Agus Sean – Flying
    Cake - Sad Songs and Waltzes
    Celine Dion – (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
    Celine Dion – A New Day Has Come
    Celine Dion – Only One Road
    Celine Dion – When I Need You
    Chris Deburgh – When Winter Comes
    Chris Isaak - Blue Spanish Sky
    Cider House Rules theme
    Cirque Du Soleil – Rideau
    Cirque Du Soleil – Winter Waltz
    Clint and Lisa Black – When I Say I Do
    Connie Dover - La Fontaine
    Connie Dover - La Fontaine
    Cranberries - Dreaming My Dream
    Curtis Stigers – I Wonder Why
    Dan Fogelberg - Run for the Roses
    Dan Fogleberg – Isle Au Haut
    Dan Fogleberg – Run For The Roses
    Dana Glover – It Is You (I Have Loved)
    Dancelife – If its Over
    David Hirschfielder & The Bogo Pops – Doug’s Tearful Waltz/First Kiss
    David Sanborn - Same Girl
    Dean Martin - Under the Bridges of Paris
    Debbie Boone - You Light Up My Life
    Djordje Balasevic – Dodjoska
    Eagles – Take It To The Limit
    Edwin McCain - I'll Be
    Elvis Presley - Are You Lonesome Tonight
    Elvis Presley - Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall
    Enya – It’s In The Rain
    Enya – Once you had gold
    Enya – Wild Child
    Erkan Aki - Still Me
    Finding Nemo – Main Title: Nemo Egg
    Flying Burrito Brothers - Sin City
    Francisco Tarrega - Recuerdos de la Alhambra
    Frank Sinatra – Melody Of Love
    George Strait - You Look So Good in Love
    Gianni Pavesi - Rilassamento
    Girls Aloud – See The Day
    Gladiator Soundtrack - Earth
    Gods and Generals theme – Going Home
    Happy The Man - Morning Sun
    Helmut Licht – Devotion Waltz
    Helmut Licht – Ronne Lee
    Helmut Licht – Slow English Waltz
    Hollywood Movie Strings – Brother (theme from “Pearl Harbor”)
    Jackie Deshannon - What The World Needs Now
    Janis Ian – Day by Day
    Jay Ungar - Ashokan Farewell
    John Altman – Under the Bridges of Paris
    John Barry - Next Time
    John Barry - The Girl with the Sun in Her Hair
    John Tesh – Give Me Forever (I Do)
    Johnny Mathis – Foolish
    Josh Groban - Si Volvieras a Mi
    Josh Groban – So She Dances
    Joshua Sitron - Chorshat Ha'ekaliptus
    Julian Lloyd Webber & Catrin Finch – Hushabye Mountain
    Karl Jenkins – Adiemus
    Kathy Troccoli – You’ve Got a Way
    Kenny Loggins – Celebrate Me Home
    Kermit – Rainbow Connection
    Kiko Makashima - Oborozukio Inori
    LeAnn Rimes – You Light Up My Life
    Led Zeppelin - Since I’ve Been Loving You
    Lionel Ritchie – The Magic of Love
    Lionel Ritchie - Three Times A Lady
    Lizz Wright - Reaching for the Moon
    Manuel – When Forever Has Gone
    Manuel – Women In Love
    Martina McBride - Broken Wing
    Mary Fahl – Going Home
    Matt Monro – Hello Young Lovers
    Matt Monro – In Other Words(Fly Me To The Moon)
    Matt Monroe – Charade
    Maurice Jarre – Laura’s Theme
    McLauley & Horan – A Daisy In December
    Melissa Manchester - In a Perfect World
    Memoirs of a Geisha - The Chairmans' Waltz
    Mighty Joe Young Soundtrack – Windsong
    Montovani - Greensleeves
    Moody Blues - Go Now (a bit fast)
    Rob Thomas - My, My, My
    Lesley Pike - Mystery Man
    Mystic Moods Orchestra - Come Saturday Morning
    Nat King Cole - Around the World
    Nat King Cole – Fascination
    Natalie Merchant - My Skin
    New 101 Strings Orchestra – Vito’s Waltz (the Godfather)
    Nicholas Gunn - Dance of Light
    Nikki Blonsky – A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
    Nino Rota- The Godfather's Waltz
    Norah Jones - Be Here to Love Me
    Norah Jones – Come Away With Me
    Oliver Dragojevic - Vela luka
    Oliver Dragojevic - Vjeruj u ljubav
    Olivia Newton John – Sam
    Orchestra Alec Medina – Apoogize
    Patti Austin – Someone is Standing Outside
    Pattie Page – Try To Remember
    Paul McCartney – Souvenir
    Percy Faith - My Coloring Book
    Percy Faith – The Godfather Waltz
    Percy Faith -Where Is Your Heart
    Pink - Misery
    Pink Martini - Que Sera Sera
    Prince of Egypt - River Lullaby
    Priscilla Herdman - Waltzing with Bears
    Quartango - Tristesse D’un Tango
    Rachel Portman – Cider House Rules
    Rampal & Bolling – Irlandaise
    Rascal Flatts - Moving On
    Rimini Strings – Moments
    Rod Stewart – Moonriver
    Ronan Hardiman – I Dreamt I Dwelt
    Rondo Veneziano - Antichi Ricordi
    Ross Mitchell – Watching the Night
    Russell Watson - Amore e Musica
    Sabina Helsey – It Is you (Shrek Theme)
    Sandy Scott – No Walls, No Ceilings, No Floors
    Sarah Mclahclin – Angel
    Savatage - Not What You See, The Beatles - She’s Leaving Home
    Secret Garden - Appassionata
    Secret Garden - Greenwaves
    Secret Garden - Lotus
    Secret Garden – Nocturne
    Secret Garden – Pastorale
    Secret Garden – Serenade To Spring
    Secret Garden – Sleepsong
    Sen To Chihiro No Kamikakushi – Chihro No Waltz
    Shane McGowan & The Pogues - A Man You Don’t Meet Everyday
    shao rong - a day goes by
    Sherman and Sherman - Hushabye Mountain
    Simon & Garfunkel - Scarborough Fair/Canticle
    Simply Red – If You Don’t Know Me By Now
    Stoa – Partus
    Teddy Pendegrass – If you Don’t Know Me By Now
    The Corrs - Runaway (probably too fast, but it's a beautiful love song)
    The Eagles – Take It To The Limit
    The Stylistics – Break Up To Make Up
    Tol & Tol - Recuerdos de la Alhambra
    Tom Jones – Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings
    Tom Lehrer - Werner Von Braun
    Tony Bennett – Suddenly
    Ungar and Mason - Lover's Waltz (found on James Galway's A Song of Home)
    Westlife – Queen of my Heart
    Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey - When You Believe
    Wings - Mull Of Kintyre
    Yanni – Secret Vows
    Yvonne Moore - Natural Woman
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    The version of the Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet that I have is from Manuel & The Music Of The Mountains. (youtube/watch?v=s6kHHiKCUkg)
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    Adding to the list...
    Seal - Kiss From a Rose youtube /watch?v=oc1hFhUANfw
    Mecano - Hijo de la luna. youtube /watch?v=MpItXkwKrcw
    Bryan Adams - Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman
  7. regis

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    ran accross one today :

    Ronan Hardiman - I Dreamt I Dwelt
    on Michael Flatley's "Feet of Flames" album
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    Can we get a list like this for al the dances on some stickies. Could be a great resource both for when you just need new music and when you need something for a show.
  9. regis

    regis Active Member

    I have actually begun other lists ....
    if you dig a few pages in (currently page 7) there is a thread called "Music" and my lists begin on page 8
  10. regis

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    I ran accross a list with even more songs on it. If you don't all ready know of or have these - about half are available for individual download on Amazon.

    Al Martino – Melody of Love

    Al Martino – My Cherie

    Al Martino - Story of Tina

    Andy Williams – Dear Heart

    Andy Williams - Emily

    Anita Baker – Body and Soul

    Blue Angels – Our Princess

    Blue Angels – Tell Me Why

    Celine Dion –My Heart Will Go On

    Claude Blouin - He’ll Have To Go

    Claude Boulin – Allegheney Moon

    Cluck Band Orchestra – I Really Don’t Want To Know

    Cluck Band Orchestra - Jesse

    Cluck Band Orchestra – Put Your Dreams Away

    Cluck Band Orchestra – Sweetheart Tree

    Cluck Band Orchestra – The Wonderful World of the Young

    Connie Francis – I Really Don’t Want To Know

    Dan Fogleberg – Sand and the Foam

    Dan Folgleberg – Only The Heart May Know

    Des O’Connor – Try To Remember

    Des O’coonnor – The Tip Of My Finger

    Diana Ross – Turn Around

    Dionne Warwick – Close Enough

    Dionne Warwick – Somebody’s Angel

    Eddy Howard – Anniversary Waltz

    Forester Sisters – Their Hearts Are Dancing

    Fratelli D’Italia – I Will Be There

    Fratelli D’Italia - Incanto

    Gerard Joling – Stay In My Life

    Gladys Night – Forever Yesterday

    Helmet Jensen Orchestra - Sheneewittchen

    Henry Mancini – Crazy World

    Henry Mancini – Little Boys

    James Galway – Crazy World

    Jennifer Holiday – I’m On Your Side

    Jennifer Holiday – It Will Haunt Me

    Johhny Mathis – The Sweetheart Tree

    Johnny Mathis – Crazy World

    Johnny Mathis – What’ll I Do

    Johnny Mathis – You Light Up My Life

    Linda Ronstadt – A River For Him

    Madison Orchestra - Sam

    Mary Macgregor – Dancin’ Like Lovers

    Maureen McGovern – Life’s a Long Way to Run

    Max Greger – Anniversary Waltz

    Michael Johnson – Close Enoough

    Michael Johnson – It Must Be You

    Michael Johnson – Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder

    Michael Johnson – Some People’s Lives

    Nat King Cole – He’ll Have To Go

    Nat King Cole – Oh How I Miss You Tonight

    Nikki Blonsky – A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

    Olivia Newton John – The Power of Now

    Orchester Ambos Seelos – Flowers

    Orchester Ambros Seelos – Glaub dock daran

    Paradise Orchestra – Desert Song

    Perry Como – Sunrise, Sunset

    Phil Coulter - Boulavogue

    Phil Coulter – Bring Flowers To The Fairest

    Ricky Van Shelton – I Meant Every Word He Said

    Ricky Van Shelton – Not That I Care

    Roger Whittaker – Sunrise, Sunset

    Secret Garden – Fields of furtune

    Steve Wariner – The Tips Of My Fingers

    Vikki Carr – Until It’s Time For You To Go

    Vikki Carr – With Pen in My Hand

    Wenzel Orchestra – Candle on the Water

    Willeke Alberti - Spiegelbeeld
  11. regis

    regis Active Member

    anyone know where to get ahold of this one, short of transfering from the vinyl?
  12. Larinda McRaven

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  13. regis

    regis Active Member

    Whoa ... that was way to cool. Thanks.

    how on earth can they get away with that? We can all build our entire music library from youtube!
  14. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member

    You can do so at a limited bitrate.
  15. billman

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    We are planning to do a showcase to the song "Real live girl" Very nice waltz.
  16. TemptressToo

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    One of my favorites (likely already mentioned ad naseum) is "Come Away With Me" by Norah Jones.
  17. regis

    regis Active Member

    Really enjoying this one

  18. Dupont

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    The tracks do not induce such urges in me.
  19. letsdance101

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    My favorite waltz song which I'm sure has already been mentioned on here is

    Amore E Musica- Russell Watson

    I find this song to be so beautiful, plus I'm a sucker for Italian songs :)
  20. RenOrsino

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    Here's another page long list of songs in 3/4. One or two are beyond my ability if danceable at all. I decided to compile the list when looking for new songs to teach with this coming weekend. I'm teaching a group of social dancers, so was looking for more contemporary pieces. Some are from this thread, many are not. I'd be happy to take more contemporary suggestions if you can think of any. Enjoy.
    So She Dances - Josh Groban
    I'll Be - Edwin McCain
    You & Me - Lifehouse
    Daughters - John Mayer
    Blue Eyes - Cary Brothers
    Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - Lady Antebellum
    If I Knew - Bruno Mars
    I Won’t Give Up - Jason Mraz
    Cry - Faith Hill
    Once Upon a December - Anastasia soundtrack
    Amie - Damien Rice
    Back Home - Syd
    Bluebird - Sara Bareilles
    Evil Angel - Breaking Benjamin (fast, hard rock)
    Existentialism on Prom Night - Straylight Run (too fast for my feet)
    All We Are - Matt Nathanson
    Sweet Afton - Nickel Creek (One of my favorite waltzes ever.)
    Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
    Si Volvieras a Mi - Josh Groban
    Strawberry Wine - Deana Carter
    Tu Guardian - Juanes (fast)
    Walk on the Ocean - Toad the Wet Sprocket (fast)
    I Wish I Felt Nothing - The Wallflowers
    Waltz #2 - Elliott Smith
    Come Away With Me - Norah Jones
    Blackout - Muse
    Misery - Pink & Steven Tyler
    Girl in the Life Magazine - Boyz II Men
    Come Back to Bed - John Mayer
    St. Patrick’s Day - John Mayer
    I’m Moving On - Rascal Flatts
    Stealing - Gavin DeGraw
    Gravity - John Mayer
    It Is You (I Have Loved) - Dana Glover
    Once You Had Gold - Enya (subtle)
    Nocturne - D & C feat. Bodane
    Lucky - Bif Naked
    My, My, My - Rob Thomas
    Only Hope - Mandy Moore (fast)
    Dreaming My Dreams - Cranberries
    The Truth - Si*Sé (fast)
    Amateur - Aimee Man
    At This Moment - Michael Bublé
    Cry - Kelly Clarkson
    Already Gone - Sugarland
    When I Said I Do - Clint Black & Lisa Hartman
    Breathe - Anna Nalick (fast)

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