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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by Ampster, Nov 2, 2008.

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    What happens to you when that magical AT "Connection" happens?

  2. larrynla

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    Zen Tango

    There are a couple of books about Zen dancing. Anybody ever read either of them?


    I know the author of the first book but have never read it, so I can't give you my opinion.

    As for the mystical feeling, it seems to come when I'm full of energy but relaxed, and have managed to forget incidental stuff, like being pissed at the road hogs.

    HALF a glass of wine also helps. It makes me just stupid enough that I can't think very well, but can still control my body.

    It also comes easier when the music playing is something I really like.

    Hey, I know it isn't profound. Go live in the Far East if you want profundity.

    Laer Carroll
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  4. Angel HI

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    Connection can be described, but it can not be defined. It is a feeling as individual as the dance. One has it when they have it. One can have it with one partner always, and with another partner never even though they dance the exact same movements with both. It is fun to discuss, but futile, b/c what is a great connection is inate to the dancer, not the dance.

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