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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by alemana, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. NielsenE

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    I'm also a big fan of the Gaiam Pilates videos. I have 3-5? of them (Beginner, Intermediate, + several more gimicky ones (therabands, rings, body band, etc) I wanted the props, but don't really care for those videos)

    However I do feel you need to attend at least a few classes with a certified instructor to get anything at all out of the videos. So much of it is about internal feelings and positions that you need someone to help you find what you should be doing. In my mind ideally you'ld be attending a mat group class once a week, and then using the videos 1-3 other days to supplement.
  2. Josh

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    Don't know if it's been mentioned in this thread or not, but Bob and Julia have a video through Dance Vision where they do ballet stretching -- the beginner's tape (no DVD for whatever reason) is 45 minutes, and you'll need a ballet barre or something similar to do about half the stretches (I made my own and it's very very nice :) ). I highly recommend it. Great stretches for the feet as well.
  3. Gingi

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    Bob and Julia's ballet coach, Elizabeth Roper, is awesome I've taken some lessons from her and I couldn't believe how much it helped but the video is definitely cheaper. I would think the video would be the same workout and if it is it would definitely be worth it.

    Since it's not a DVD would it really cost that much to convert it or is it just cheaper to buy a VCR/DVD combo?
  4. SexyMan2Cha

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    Unfortunately that class was canceled before I had a chance to attend. However, a few months after this post (4/06) I started taking hot yoga, a mix between power yoga and vinyasa flow, but not as hot as bikram, and have been taking that ever since. Great workout, great sweat, very very challenging, but after having taken this class for 9 something months I'm in need of something different. The teachers makes small changes to the classes here and there but I really want to try something different now. While I was looking classes I noticed the problem with pilates is that it was mostly offered as small group, reformer type classes which are very pricy. The only places that seem to offer pilates mat classes on a regular base are franchise gyms like 24hours.

    So, is anyone familiar with the yoga/pilates/kickboxing classes offered at places like 24 hours? I'm a little suspicious about the quality of instruction at these places. Anyone any experience or any new dancer's workout they've experienced and like to share?
  5. samina

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    don't know anything about classes at 24hours or the like... most of my work is done privately, at home, using vids or my own stretch & toning workouts to music.

    have started up a flexibility routine again at home. pilates almost every day. also rotating through various yoga workouts -- a kundalini yoga stretching routine is the star of the show right now. any of my kundalini workouts are great for increasing flexibility... IMO, kundalini is the best of everything i've tried. i think it's the combination of repetitive movement over a few minutes to generate heat & muscle release, coupled with the healing effect it has on the nervous system.

    i also have a lengthy anusara (john friend) yoga audio workout on my ipod, which i like for its emphasis on alignment & heart-felt grace. that with a stretching playlist through which i do various stretches ending in splits & backbend-type postures is plenty to keep me busy for quite some time...

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