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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by Katarzyna, Oct 10, 2005.

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    Talking about protection, I have this very bad habit in my Latin. My partner often knocks me off my balance during our Latin. To protect myself, I stiffen up my arm so that I will not be pushed so much off my balance. Bad, bad habit. Now it is so hard to break it up and loosen.
  3. Katarzyna

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    my protection is to push, away.. or totally loosen without any tone so I cannot be moved with my frame.. both bad
  4. Chris Stratton

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    Position and force are two different things.

    Obviously you can't maintain a desired position of your arms relative to your body (ie in front of it) without exerting some force, but one of your options is to exert the force on your body and move it to match your arms, rather than exerting force on your partner with your arms. The time you don't get this option is if your partner's arms move to a position incompatible with each other, or with any additional point of connection you are using.

    One thing I've noticed is that partners with differing ideas of what a comfortable range of rotatation between feet, topline, and hips would be can have the disagreements show up in the arm positions and be mistaken for arm problems.
  5. flexi

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    No pull connection wouldn't be defined as circle behind the spine,,, but that is a tendency in a pull situation..

    Some people dance entierly pull with arms, and push with body.( ouch, very heavy and very centrifical)

    Did your teacher ever make you dance holding a hulahoop? And then dance with a hulahoop and a partner... or even better a large paper lantern??
  6. Kitty

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    my coach (you know who) told me not to have any force in my arms, arms perfectly relaxed, just like a newcomer would have them. And in front of my body.

    I am supposed to follow his center, all leads should come from the base - arms just follow what the body is doing.

    also she said the higher level the dancer is, the lighter the connection

    doing what my coach said I believe would not result in any strain in hands or arms. I am wondering what your coach believes in.

    also I know about pulling away from each otehr connection in steps such as standing spin which results in armsmore forward actually... heard this from 2 coaches.
  7. Chris Stratton

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    The arms can be light and still be the primary thing transmitting information.

    To some extent, the lighter the hold the more sensitive it is, because you can only maintain a light hold by really (both) feeling and responding to where your partner is.
  8. flexi

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    Absolutly true.. I agree.. and in a perfect partnership that's how it can be..

    But until then you have to use the frame,

    and just suppose the are changes in alignment, or something get's in the way..
    trust me, even the top dancers use the frame...
    they just don't need it as much as we do..
  9. Kitty

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    because arms and body are moving together it is difficult to distinguish what is the "primary source of info" cause all are important and should be all there giving same information.

    I remember same coach telling me that there are 3 points of connection: 2 arms and body. They should be all telling same thing. If thy tell different things all sorts of bad things happen...

    my partner tends to have stiff arms and try to pull me to go somewhere with his upper body instead of just moving himself through his center/legs...
    thats why coach asked us to concentrate on center for now - probably advice customised to our needs as a couple. arms still hang up there in the correct place and move together with the body transmitting leads, but they are secoondary (at least for us for now).

    following his center (his spine, however you call it) doesn't mean you need body contact by the way. You probably will end up having a very light one. (you won't feel much if you are pushing too hard against each others bodies).
  10. Chris Stratton

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    Before discussing this you have to agree on what specifically you mean by body.

    I tend to want to move my arms quite a bit in relation to my hips, but ideally my upper arms stay in a fairly fixed position relative to my chest, except for some slight and well balanced "breathing". I think the forearms can move a little more freely to account for promenade, etc.

    I do tend to suprise people who are less comfortable with rotation of the top relative to the hips... Some component of that is that I'm still not quite as good about keeping my arms with my upper body as I'd like, especially once things start to deteriorate.
  11. Indiana_Jay

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    It's been a couple days... has the medicine and ice helped, or will you be using the business card?

  12. Katarzyna

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    It feels fine now :) So I'm glad i don't have to worry :)
  13. Indiana_Jay

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    Hallelujah! I'm glad you're feeling better and don't require any invasive procedures.

  14. Katarzyna

    Katarzyna Well-Known Member

    Me too :bouncy:
  15. Kitty

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    Yesterday I got the same pain or pull you were describing...

    And I recall getting i before as well... overstretching something...
  16. Katarzyna

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    Are you feeling better today?

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